Recap-yesterday we saw friendship between ishita n raman
bhalla house is small n old n mr n mrs bhalla keep fighting which disturbs raman while ishita has peaceful childhood n stays in big mansion.ishita considers raman espl n her best friend while raman looks at her lovingly.

our child artists

Ruhaanika Dhawan-Ishita
shivansh kotia (child naksh yrkkh)-Raman(thanks lekha for reminding me )

******Flashback continues*******
Scene 1
In Ishita’ s garden Ishra are sitting on bench
Raman-Ishita please tell me one thing frankly, did u really like my gift u got so many huge n expensive gifts how could u like mine?
Ishita-Raman u made it with ur own hands u took out time for me thats very precious trust me.Money n size of gift doesn’t matter what matters is feelings

she hugs Raman, he is lost

sanam re plays in bg

Ishra are shown playing video games together, they eat icecream together
Ishita shares her icecream with Raman
they laugh, they talk, they play

Ishita-Raman what do u want to become when u grow up?
Raman-A big man having lots n lots of money I want to give all of it to my mother so that she would never have to ask from my father. what about u?
Ishita-A lawyer, I want that everybody should get justice n leas happy n peaceful life

she goes on n on n is determined

Raman gets lost in her talks n is impressed

Ishita n Raman r playing football he deliberately losses she is happy n dances Raman feels happy seeing her happy

kohi mujko yuh mila hain jaise banjare ko ghar plays in bg

Ishita-Raman y do u always like to be alone u should make more friends
Raman-no need u r there na n nobody likes to talk to me
Ishita-Thats because u dnt talk to anybody come on I will introduce u with my friends

Raman is shown talking to boys n playing with them

Ishita n Raman enter his house
Toshi-welcome Ishita putaar
come in
Ishita-Aunty where is simmi I wanted to see her
Toshi-First u eat something then u play with her

Ishita is excited to see infant simmi she holds her n plays with her

Raman eyes her lovingly

Ishita(super excited)-she is soo cute soooo soft Raman I love her

*******Flashback ends**********

Raman (who is in hospital n was narrating his past to mihir)-Mihir Ishita changed my life I was introvert she taught me to make friends, she gave me real happiness my childhood was memorable because of her but (Raman gets emotional)
she always said I was espl but never said she loved me because maybe she never loved me

Mihir-How did u both get separated? where did she go n y u didn’t stop her?

Raman (sadly)-she went to mumbai to fulfill her dream


Raman (Karan patel) is sitting in cafe
A gorgeous girl with long shinning hair wearing pink Churidhar n silver dangling earings comes she hugs him

Girl-Raman, Raman, Raman, Raman am sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy
Raman-Ishita tell me what happened

(she is our gorgeous divyanka)

Ishita-Raman I have been selected in ALMS college Raman am going to Mumbai yuppppppppppppppieee

she is hugging raman
his eyes become moist.

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  1. Amaxingggggg loved it to the core missing ur ff dil ka rishta the most if possible can u make season 2 for that pls pls pls

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    Wowwww Raman is sooo cute

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  4. My pleasure rushi …….update was awesome…..again u have chosen ideal personalities of ishra…..very cute scenes between them…..keep going…

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