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Recap-Raman was drinking n driving he meets with accident n is admitted in hospital on being confronted by Mihir he says that Ishita is marrying somebody else
Mihir forces Raman to tell him about his past.Flashback is shown A ten year old Raman is being troubled by some boys Ishita helps Raman n befriends him

Flashback continues

Raman is sitting on last bench alone Ishita comes there
Ishita-Hii Raman Can I please sit with u?
Raman-Sure Ishita

Raman n Ishita are eating Tiffin n talking

Some boys look at them
Raman gets scared he stops talking

Ishita (loudly to boys)-Dare u trouble Raman I will complaint to teacher immediately leave from here n let us eat peacefully.

Boys leave
Raman is sweating
Ishita places her hand over his
Ishita-Raman dnt worry Am there with u nobody will trouble u

Raman looks in her eyes n smiles

(Its a very small n old house just like one single room )

young Toshi is cooking something Raman is studying
mr Bhalla sits on floor
Toshi serves food
Mr Bhalla (angrily)-Toshi What is this dal is so salty do u want to kill me?
Toshi (nervously)-Bhalla ji what r u saying.I might have put by mistake I wasnot feeling well.I was feeling giddy
Mr Bhalla (loudly)-enough am tired of ur excuses I told u to abort this child we already have Raman whats need of this second child u just know to increase my burdens

Mr Bhalla leaves Toshi is crying
Raman hugs her

Raman-I hate papa he always scolds u n makes u cry
Toshi-Na putaar ur father is best beta he is just stressed beta u grow up n help him

Raman is sitting quietly he is recollecting his parent’s fight
Ishita comes there
Ishita-Raman what happened y so sad
Raman-Ishita please leave me alone am in no mood to talk

Ishita sits quietly she keeps looking at Raman

Raman-Now y u r so silent?
Ishita-Because my best friend is upset

she tickles Raman he laughs she laughs
Raman-hehe Ishita enough please stop hehe he he haa stop please
Ishita-first promise me u will not be sad n sit quietly
Raman-ok promise but please stop

Ishita gives chocolate to Raman
Ishita-chocolates make mood I love it n I share chocolates with only espl friends

Ishita n Raman are studing together
Ishita is writing something Raman eyes her lovingly
Ishita-Raman can u please please come at my home today in evening n explain me these sums please tom we have exams please

Raman nods

Iyer house
(Beautiful mansion)
Raman is stunned to huge mansion Ishita is swinging happily in garden Raman looks at her adoringly
Ishita notices him n goes running to him
Ishita-welcome Raman I was waiting for u please come in please

Raman observes the beautiful house
young madhvi (mrs iyer) brings snacks for Raman

madhvi(sweetly)-welcome beta have chakalis I made yesterday n be comfortable dnt feel shy ok

Raman helps Ishita they r studing
Mr Iyer comes he kisses Ishita on forehead
Mr Iyer-what is my darling ishu doing?
Ishita-Appa solving sums Appa meet my friend Raman
Appa-Hello young boy u enjoy ur sums I would fresh up n come

Ishita comes running
Ishita-Raman thanks alot my exam was soooooo gud thanks
Raman-Ishita we r frnds so its my responsibility anyways thanks u called me at ur home ur house is so beautiful n ur Amma Appa r so kind
Ishita-so when am I getting to see ur house n meet aunty?
Raman (upsetly)-Ishita my house is very small n old
Ishita (innocently)-so what its my best friend’s house n every house is beautiful

Raman n Ishita r playing in Ishita’ s garden they smile giggle n enjoy
Ishita-Raman tom is my bday what will u gift me?
Raman (thoughtfully)-Definitely something special

At Bhalla house
Raman-Mummy tom its Ishita’s bday I will go to her party please give me money to buy gift please
Toshi (helplessly)-putaar I dnt any extra money I just got medicines from it n if I give from what papa gave he would get angry Raman make card for her

Raman is very upset suddenly he notices a piece of cloth in cupboard he brings thread n needle n stitches he is working hard
he has made a small purse he decorates it

At Party
Raman enters dressed in simple clothes he sees a huge decorated hall many children r there all r properly dressed everybody has huge gifts Ishita is dressed in beautiful frock
she notices Raman n welcomes him with Amma appa she cuts cake all give her gifts Ishita is happy Raman feels low n takes back steps

Ishita-Raman where r u going? n show me whats in ur hand

she happily looks at purse

Ishita (excitedly)-Raman thats for me? u made? its so beautiful most precious gift I will always keep it with me thanks Raman u r best .

Friends for this ff Ruhaanika Dhawan (ruhi/pihu from original yhm) is playing role of young Ishita

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    Loving it……ruhaanika is too gud…..n reveal who is Raman tooo

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    hii lekha thanks dear, actually I had not thought abt that :p ok so let shivansh kotia (child Naksh from yrkkh ) play Raman .thanks 🙂

  5. Nivedha

    Wow cute yaar

  6. I like this storyline. It is very good

  7. This is very fantastic and ishima child ruhi playing childhood ishita was so good

  8. RUSHI

    thanks guru I was waiting for ur comment since yesterday feels good to know u r reading this ff too thank u

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