Hii dear friends
Rushi here,
Am feeling glad to present a new ff on yhm UNDYING LOVE.As friendship day is around the corner,
this ff is a tribute to friendship n love

I hope I will be able to do justice
I will present this ff in ten parts today am presenting first part hope u like it
(Fingers crossed)

True Love is a feeling that can never die,it doesn’t fade, it cannot be hidden,
True Love can stand test of time n overcome all hurdles because its UNDYING LOVE!!!!♥♥♥♥


A man is shown driving car rashly on empty roads, its dark all around
He has bottle of wine in his hand he keeps taking sips n driving
his eyes are red n full of agony, his eyes seem moist
he is driving n suddenly


His car has collided with tree n he has hurt his head its bleeding

At hospital
Man is lying on bed
Another man comes rushing and says-Raman whats wrong with u are u mad? what if something would have happened to u? u were drinking n driving how could u be so reckless? Thank god some local ppl got u to hospital n informed me.

(Man who was drinking n driving is Raman)

Raman (still in inebriated state)-Mihir Ishita is getting married to somebody else Mihir she never loved me for whom should I live? Who needs me?

Mihir is confused

Mihir-Raman now u please rest Dnt worry u r not in state to talk we will talk tommorow

Raman keeps repeating Ishita doesn’t love me she is marrying

He falls asleep Mihir looks on sadly

Mihir’s phone rings
Its Toshi Aunty calling he panics but picks
Toshi-Hello Mihir putaar Have u returned to Delhi.
Mihir-Yes Aunty I came today evening
Toshi-putaar is Raman with u?
Mihir(in tension)-yes aunty Raman is with me we are discussing about business.Aunty he will stay with me today please dnt worry
Toshi-Raman is so careless he didn’t inform me I was getting so worried anyways please take care.

Mihir in his mind
(Sorry aunty I lied but u will not be able to see raman in this state)

Raman wakes up in hospital with heavy head Mihir gives him lemon water
Mihir-Raman r u fine?
Raman-yes Mihir I hope u didn’t tell anybody at home
Mihir-No I didn’t but Raman whats all this u told me Ishita is back u met her u were going to propose her than whats all this
Raman-Leave it Mihir I guess my love was always onesided forget it
Mihir-No Raman not today u say we are best friends I ought to know everything u never told me how did u meet Ishita what was ur past tell me

Raman is sad

Raman-I met her first in my school

A young boy around 10 years is sitting alone on last bench
He opens his Tiffin box n is about to eat suddenly a fat boy takes
his Tiffin
Fat boy-Raman didn’t ur mom teach u u should share ur Tiffin

Fat boy is surrounded with other boys they make fun of Raman

Raman tries to stop but boys run with his Tiffin he runs behind them but they throw an empty Tiffin on him n laugh

Raman is crying A beautiful girl around 10 years in age comes
Girl-please dnt cry sit with me u can share my Tiffin
Raman-Thanks Amnot hungry
Girl-u should not say no to food please eat with me

They look at each other Raman hesitantly sits she gives him sandwich
they eat
Girl (put forths her hand)- Friends Am Ishita Iyer studing in Third B

Raman shakes hand
Raman-Am Raman Bhalla from Third A

Both smile

How is it friends??

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  1. Superb dear…..it is always a pleasure to read ur ff……..am happy that u r back….

  2. Superb start it is very nice to read your ff

  3. Nivedha

    Happy to see that Rushi is back…

  4. Wow….Such a cute starting
    Waiting to know more suspenses?
    Happy that u r back?

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Happy to see that You R Back……..Such a Nice start Dear……..Keep Writing………

  6. Welcome back Rushi missed u a lot the ff is superb

  7. Very nice plz continue

  8. Ruksy

    wow amazing love

  9. Ruksy

    wow amazing love it

  10. Super yaar

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