Happy Independence Day friends
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Recap-Ishita gets Raman’s diary (which simmi has deliberately kept in her room ) she comes to know about his feelings she confronts him
Raman asks her to forget all this n enter new phase of her life with smile,
marriage ritual starts
suddenly diyas which r outside Ishita’ s room fall on a wire n catch fire n fire spreads, Raman jumps in fire

Ishita is amid fire she is coughing
Fire becomes more intense abhi too tries to jump in fire but appa stops him
Ishita notices Raman n sees him struggling through fire
she faints
Raman lifts her in his arms n carefully gets her out
abhi rushes to their rescue
Raman has injured himself

Ishita is unconscious doc is doing her check up
another doc is treating Raman’s burns
Raman’s complete focus is on Ishita

Doc comes out from room
all anxiously approach him
Abhi-ishu kaisi hain
Doc-Relax she is fine may be she got very scared so fainted due to trauma she will come to senses soon I have given her injection

Ishita is unconscious but some flashbacks of her n Raman’s conversation are shown
her lips move
she remembers seeing Raman struggling with fire
she screams

Nurse comes out
Nurse-who is Raman please come inside patient is repeatedly taking ur name

Raman rushes in
Ishita looks at him n smiles
she looks at his bruises
Raman assures her he is fine
he holds her hand
with tears in their eyes they look at each other

Abhi comes in
Abhi-ishuuu are u alright?
Ishita- Am fine

all come in amma hugs Ishita

Amma is making Ishita eat
Amma(sadly)-I dnt know y such a big hurdle came in Ishita’ s marriage
Abhi-Because god wanted to stop us from committing a big mistake this marriage was a mistake

All r shocked.

Abhi sits near Ishita’ s bed
Abhi-ishu n Raman love each other alot .since I saw ishu for first time in train I fell instantly in love with her but I have been searching for love in her eyes I saw that love but not for me it was for Raman

he takes Ishita’ s hand n places on Raman’s
Abhi (with smile)-For this birth u can have her Raman but in advance I reserve her for next six births

ishra cry Raman kisses her hand
Tear falls from Abhi’s eyes
Tere dil ka mere dilse rishta purana hain plays in bg

One Year Latter

Ishita has wet mehendi on her hand

Ishita-Raman help me please I need to get ready my mehendi is wet
Raman-Ishita am also getting ready after all its my sister-in-laws marriage

Ishita-Raman it my best friend’s marriage too

Raman comes he touches Ishita’ s bare neck from behind he kisses it Ishita shivers Raman ties dori of her blouse he sits on his knees n lifts her lenga little up he makes her wear payal
he takes her hand n kisses it n makes her wear bangles
they have eye contact
Ishita is all red n blushes he holds her by waist
Raman (with naughty smile)-n my thank u mrs bhalla
Ishita (whispers in his ears )-Thanks mr Bhalla I love u she kisses him on lips they have intense lip lock

Mrs Bhalla n Mr Bhalla r playing with small baby they giggle
ishra look on
Raman-Ishita thanks for making my family complete happy family thanks for coming in our life n giving us Ruhi
Ishita-thanks for loving me continuously from so many years
ishra hug

Bhalla’s reach a hall
Iyer s welcome them
a board reads
Abhishek weds mihika

Raman hugs n congratulates Abhishek
Abhi-so finally today I make ishu my aadi gharwali

all laugh
a family photo is clicked with newly wed in centre

N this love keeps increasing with every passing day because this is UNDYING LOVE

I hope I have dne justice to all Ishra fans
Am sorry for any mistake dne
please feel free n let me know ur opinion criticisms are most welcome as it helps to improve

Tata bye bye take care.

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  1. Ruksy

    love this soo much and theres no vilans this was so perfect.

  2. Nivedha

    I am Sorry Rushi… I was not available for few days.. I will update my Epi and will run away… Today I got shocked that you ended… You know… Cuteeeeeeeee Ishra…

    I am finding a new Ishra in your FFs… Hats off to you…

  3. Purna

    So here it is………the couples of dance are actually exchanged!!!!!
    Really touching ending………….and wonderfully written………..
    I would like to say that u are an amazing writer and this was a beautiful script……will miss ur ff a lot………..I hope, u soon come up with a new one!!!

  4. Silent reader

    Ur ff is really awesome. Pls don’t stop it. Waiting for ur new ff. But one more request pls add shagun in ur ff. The is no fun without her jealousy part.

  5. Superb as usual yaar………but am sad as it us last one…..plz come up with new one ASAP…….

  6. Veronica

    Dont stop na plzzz….I am a.silent reader and lovd ur ff aaaaaaaaa loooooooot…..And start a New ff ASAP

  7. Hai dear, I have come across this story just today as I have stopped reading yhm fan fictions as many were not continuing the stories and I have no idea as to whether they will write further or not. But just like that I came on this page and I have seen it as your last part I have read all the parts. It’s awesome yar and I like you as you have updated the story Alamost regualrly.

  8. Akshata

    Happy Independence Day you too!!!!! loved it, 😀 you have ended it so soon. come back with new ff

  9. Hey plz don’t stop ur ff….its a request plz plz

  10. Neethu

    Awesome ff Rushi dear!! I’ve read all the parts but unfortunately I couldn’t comment.. THIS ONE WAS SUPERB!

  11. Simply loved it dear…
    Keep writing,ur way of thinking is different from others☺
    All the best for ur future writings??

  12. Loved it although I don’t comment mucho I love ur ffw it was too short but LOVED it

  13. Amazingly written ❤️❤️❤️ Will miss u and ur ff a lot???

  14. Khushiarvind

    Hi rushi,
    Sorry for not commenting since few days… Superb climax.. Ur attempt was indeed appreciative.
    I luv the ishra reunion
    Keep writing.. Nd entertain us with outstanding stories

  15. Awesome dear….. Again I m speechless… No words to define ur brilliant imagination… U r……….. u r just……. just………………………………..U r just awesome dhi how do u get these ideas u r really super dhi hatsoff 2 u super loved d episode a lot I am astonished with ur ideas…..no words to express am speechless…..Just fantastic and really wonderful update.I was just enjoying the whole epi…Dear u r really amazing…. Episode was too good… Lovely…. Loved d story a lot

  16. RUSHI

    omgg yashu am so so touched thanks a tonne, khushi please dnt say sorry n thanks, neethu, kv, maanvi, elinor, ipsita, akashata,bhargavi, veronica, lekha, silent reader, purna, nivedha, ruksy thanks alot thanks a tonne friends each comment means alot n is very precious!! yes will definitely think of something new hope to meet u all soon

  17. Jigaysa

    Oh my god Rushi it was awesome sorry I had not commented earlier as I am not a daily reader I read these ffs only when I get time sorry but it was really awesome thanks for uniting Ishra and please start Dil ka rishta season 2 please

  18. Hi rushi I read of your whole undying love story right now…so so so superb..really awesome.I’m unable to read before because of my exams sorry ..

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