YHM Mera Rajkumar one shot


Hiiii friends
Rushi here author of dil ka rishta
friends was missing u all alot
thanks for all ur love n best wishes I was very touched so I have come up with a one shot on ishra I hope u guys will like n enjoy it

This story is very different
its a story about a princess rajkumari shanaya raichand (divyanka tripathi)
her father’s role will be essayed by Ayub Khan he will portray role of Raja Amar Singh Raichand

A beautiful castle (mahal) is shown.
some preparations are going on
some decorations are being done
A man dressed in royal clothes (Ayub Khan ) is giving some orders
Raja-Its my princess’ s bday everything should be just perfect n as per her likings
chef make all 45 dishes I told u yesterday my darling will eat what she feels like
cakes of all 3 flavours should be ordered she will cut what she likes
shanti tai u help her in dressing up
all members nod to raja’s

A beautiful girl gets up to find many bouquets n greetings n gifts around her bed
she rushes down stairs

girl hugs raja

raja-rajkumari shanaya happy bday my princess god bless u always

Rajkumari-Thanks papa I love u so so much so many gifts u r the best papa

Raja-princess I can bring moon for u darling

They hug eachother

Rajkumari is getting ready
A party is shown
raja welcomes guest

one girl-Jasmine u too came to shanaya’s bday party
jasmine-what to do it was Raja’s orders who likes that spoilt brat shanaya she is just so annoying but afterall her father is raja so he has forced so many ppl to attend this party.

shanaya overhears them
with tears in her eyes she rushes to her room

raja notices her tries to stop her she doesn’t wait she locks her self in room n cries raja goes n ask her to open door she asks him to request everybody to leave as she isn’t in mood to celebrate

raja is worried
Raja-somebody suggest me what should be done to improve my rajkumari’s mood to get back smile on her face
Shanti tai-Raja, shanaya baby wanted to learn painting if we can arrange for someone who can teach her painting her mind may get diverted raja if u dnt mind my nephew Raman Bhalla is a very good painter he stays in delhi but currently he is here for his office work I can ask him to teach baby
Raja-Good Shanti tai call him

Raman comes to castle he is dressed in simple white shirt n jeans he meets shanti tai

Raman-Bhua do u feel I can do this I mean teach a princess
Shanti tai-Raman baby is very sweet by nature she is just a little pampered but she behaves nicely after death of her mother raja has always fulfilled her every wish Raman just be her friend she has no real friend n dnt be scared

shanaya is sitting in big hall Raman nervously enters
she looks at him she gets lost n keeps looking at him

Raman nervously says Rajkumari am Raman bhalla ur…….
she interrupts n says
Raman is dumbstruck
shanaya-I mean u will teach me painting right please dnt be so nervous am also human like u Amnot ghost
Raman smiles she gives her hand n says friends
Raman hesitantly shakes hand
Raman asks Ishita to draw anything she sketches a heart
Raman tells her to shade it
he does it she likes it
he holds her hand n teaches her to sketch she eyes him adoringly

Rajkumari is in her room she recollects her moments with Raman n shyly smiles

next day
Raman-rajkumari painting becomes more beautiful when feelings of heart are depicted so what would u like to paint
rajkumari-my mother

she has tears in eyes Raman places his hand over hers she looks at him lovingly

Raman n rajkumari together paint rajkumari is happy to see her mother’s face

Raman-rajkumari what is ur favorite color
rajkumari-pink n urs?
Raman-orange, so today we will make different shades of pink

Raman shows something n rajkumari watches with keen interest

rajkumari has wore orange dress she applies make up thinks about raman n blushes

Raman-Rajkumari orange color suits u
she blushes
they are shown talking n laughing
raja looks on n smiles

rajkumari is waiting Raman doesn’t come she is upset
rajkumari-shanti tai Raman didn’t come today
shanti tai-baby his mother is ill so he left urgently for delhi

rajkumari is worried she is upset she misses Raman
she cries
she is shown telling something to to raja n he gets shocked

Raman returns
raja-Raman welcome I hope ur mom is fine
Raman-thank u raja she is fine this money was not required please take it back
raja-comeon Raman we are family now my rajkumari has choosed u as her rajkumar

Raman is dumbstruck

rajkumari is elited to see raman

Raman-Rajkumari what is all this I cannot marry u I always wanted to marry a simple girl who would love n care for my family u r used to all luxuries which I cannot afford in my dreams u can never be happy with me forget me n move on I know raja can ruin my life but he cannot compell me to marry u
he leaves she cries inconsolably

Six months latter
Toshi is in hospital a worried Raman rushes to meet her he hugs her
Toshi-Raman beta am fine thanks to that girl she brought me here on right time Ishita she is very sweet she is new pg of iyers

Toshi points outside

Raman goes to meet Ishita he says Ishita jii n is stunned

she looks like rajkumari but is dressed in simple orange Salwar Kameez Raman is confused

ishita brings soup of toshi she makes her have it Raman looks on
Raman follows her she broads bus she is shown teaching in school

she gives simmi some novels simmi is happy

Mrs iyer brings breakfast at Bhalla house n says Ishita made it for them

Raman goes to meet ishita
he is shocked to see her sketching shaded heart

Raman-I knew u are rajkumari shanaya
Ishita-u didn’t like her for u I became Ishita a simple girl who loves ur family I have learned cooking also I need no luxury just need ur love I felt in love @ first sight with u ur simplicity u r my rajkumar but dnt wry nobody will force u

Raman’s eyes r moist he hugs her

n they got married n lived happily everafter.

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. Amazing Rushi…..your oneshot was ming blowing, i have no words to describe it. I request u to write more oneshots and ffs ….u r really good in writing. Love u dear?

  2. Ohhh this is the best story and finally u r coming back…thank u

  3. Hii rushi and thank to wright new story nice start

  4. Hey wow….Really superb yaar..,All ur stories are awesome..This story is different and I loved it?
    I request u to start another Ff.,if possible.
    B’coz I am missing ur Ff a lot dr,?

  5. Superb dear…….enjoyed a lot…

  6. awwsome ……….

  7. Radhikaji

    Good. ..felt happy reading your ff. …

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