YHM love during marriage (part 6)

Part six
Hi guys Ankitha here with her ff – YHM love during marriage.

I think most of you have forgotten my ff since it’s a long time and I am really very very very very very very very sorry guys .
So these is the for the previous episodes. If this doesn’t work then copy and paste it or type Yhm love during marriage.

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Ok now let’s get on with our next part .

A small recap –

Ishu and Raman have started as enemies but end up falling in love with each other.Their marriage is fixed and their engagement is over , and should not meet each other for 5 days till their Haldi and sangeet which is on the same day.

Now into the story

Next day after the engagement.

Ishu is sitting in her clinic seeing a patient.

That time her phone rings and Mihika is calling her.

Ishu picks the phone and

Ishu – hello Mihika tell me what’s the matter.

Mihika – Akka that is Periamma said that she is gonna take us for shopping for your marriage.

Ishu – oh but I am busy today .

Mihika – Akka but ……

The phone was snatched by someone and

Madhu – Ishu you are coming that’s final
Ishu – but Amma

Madhu – no buts you are coming Ok.

Ishu – Ok Amma

Madhu – good , be here by 3 pm

Ishu – ok

She cuts the phone and finishes her work fast and reaches home by 3 pm

Iyer mansion

Amma – Ishu come fast we have to go

Ishu – coming Amma

Mihika , Ishu , Madhu , Mr. Iyer and Vandu reach the shopping mall.

Fortunately or unfortunately Raman , Romi , Toshi and Mr. Bhalla reach the same mall.

First Mihika noticed them and told Ishu and Vandu about it , they made a plan so as not to make Toshi and Madhu meet each other or else they will create a big scene because the engaged boy and girl should not see each other as per traditions .

Suddenly Mihika told Madhu that she wanted ice cream and she wanted to eat it now.

Madhu – Oh Mihika why are you behaving like a small child

Mihika- I want ice cream

Madhu – ok fine come let’s go.

They are going to the ice cream shop when the Bhalla family are also coming in the same direction .
Precap – surprise

Sorry guys actually my mid term exams had started so I did not get time but today it has ended and I have done very well in it . So guys plz comment below and sorry once again for the short update.

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