YHM love during marriage (part 5)


Part 5

Hi guys , Ankitha is back with the 5th episode of her ff.So enjoy.

After 2 days,

Bhalla mansion is fully decorated because it’s the engagement of Ishitha and Raman.

All are down and the Bhallas are waiting for the Iyers to arrive.

Raman is in a red colour sherwani, with a brooch.

Iyers arrive there and everyone are getting down from their cars.

Ishu is in a red colour lehanga with heavy stonework and is looking extremely gorgeous.

Raman can’t take his eyes of her. Ishu blushes slightly because of his gaze.

Mihika and Vandu started teasing her.

Mihika – Vandhu akka see who is blushing.

Vandu – arey Mihika I can’t see anyone.(wantedly , she knew it was Ishu.)

Mihika – someone near us in a red lehanga is blushing.

Hearing this Ishu hit Mihika on her head.

Ishu – Mihika shut up.

Mihika and Vandu- oooooooooo our sister has fallen in love.

Ishu (blushing heavily)- no not like that.

Before they could say anything else Toshi called Ishu for the ring ceremony.

Ishra went upon the stage and Raman told Ishu ,

Raman – madarasan you are looking breathtaking and gorgeous.

Ishu – Ravan kumar you are looking handsome too and cute.

Raman made his face expression like what-I-am-cute?

Ishu laughed silently seeing his expression.

Mihika came to Ishu and said

Mihika – enough of ur romance akka , first put the ring in his finger.

Ishu glared at Mihika warning her to keep quiet.

Ishu put the ring in his finger and Raman put the ring in her finger , they both smiled happily at each other and others clapped. After the ceremony when others were dining Raman pulled Ishu’s hand and took her to a room.He pulled her inside the room and he locked the door.

Ishu – Raman what did you do , why?

Raman- I want to take revenge from my Madarasan for calling me cute.
Ishu (nervously)- what will you do ?

Raman did not say anything and came close to her.He went to her lips and kissed her , Ishu was shell shocked , she stood numb . But after sometime her responded . She bit his lower lip and he bite her upper lip, the kiss turned into a passionate one and the urge to have each other. After some time they broke up for the need of oxygen, and looked at each other. They hugged each other but they did not say anything.

Ishu – I think we need to go every one will be waiting for us.

Raman – ok come let’s go.

They went out and Mihika asked Ishu

Mihika – akka why did u wipe away ur lipstick?

Ishu – I did not like the lipstick so I wiped it of.

Mihika – did you wipe or……..

Her words trailed of when Ishu gave a death glare to her and she kept quiet.

Madhu – ok now engagement is over, so till the haldi bride and bridegroom should not see each other .

Ishra – what!!!!!! No way.

They had bewildered expression, seeing which everyone started laughing.

Toshi – arey what will happen if you don’t see each other for 5days till the haldi.

Ishra agreed unwillingly .

Scene ends on their upset faces.

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode , plz leave ur comments behind.

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  1. Tvfan1

    yep enjoyed it alot! sad we will not see ur ff for 2 days unless u update nxt part today..!
    keep rocking!

    1. Ankitha

      Thank you Riya.

  2. Lisa

    It was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… Loved the romance and the teasings which ishra got…keep updating

    1. Ankitha

      Thanks lisa

  3. wow superb romantic update ishra kiss was nice poor ishta can’t meet till haldi pls update soon

    1. Ankitha

      Thanks Jyoti dhi

  4. arrey wow ishra romance……………..its a lovely

    1. Ankitha

      Thanks sowmy dhi

  5. Veronica

    Awesome yaar loved it…. Update soon…. Oh ya i forgot TU is not taking Articles for two days na… I will miss it dear

    1. Ankitha

      Thanks vero dhi

  6. Awesome n ishra kiss was superb

  7. Ioved it…..ishra romance really superb….

  8. Kumud

    Lollllllllllllll very funny love their expression when they aren’t allowed to meet each other

  9. superb loved their romance

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