YHM love during marriage (part 4)


Part 4
Hi guys Ankitha here , with the part 4 of YHM love during marriage.

Mrs Bhalla gifted Ishu a diamond haram as a gift. Bhalla family have come to Iyer house to fix Ishra marriage date.

So the story goes

Panditji comes there to fix Ishra’s marriage date.

Pandit- there is good muharath after 3 weeks or after 4 months only, so when can we have the marriage?

Both the families spoke for some time and told him that after 3 weeks we can have the marriage.

Toshi- ok so we should start all the preparations from tomorrow itself.

Pandit- but will this marriage happen in Tamil style or punjabi style .

Toshi and Madhu looked at each other and

Toshi – what is the doubt Panditji, marriage will happen in Punjabi style only.

Madhu – no no , marriage will happen in Tamil style only.

Toshi- arey tenu Kya problem hai , marriage will happen in Punjabi style only.

Madhu – unakku ennai prachana, kalyanam Tamil style la Daan nadakum (what is ur problem this marriage will happen in Tamil style only)

Toshi-oy! ennai prachana wali Madarasan , it will happen only on the basis of Punjabi culture.

Madhu- nahi Tamil

Toshi – nahi Punjabi

Madhu – Tamil

Toshi – Punjabi



None can tolerate their fight and at last Ishra came in between their fight and shouted STOP!!!!!

Ishra – we can do the marriage based on both the cultures.

Toshi and Madhu- ya it’s a nice idea. They saw each other and turned the other side.

Mihika (to mr.bhalla and Vishwa) – are they always like this.

Both nodded their head and counted 3…………2………..1……….0..
Toshi and Madhu hugged each other and told “sorry”

Mihika – wow uncleji and periappa you understand them so well.

Vishwa – what can we do beta after all we saw so many fights like this we got used to this.

Mr Bhalla too nodded yes

Romi – see bhaiya learn something from them.

Raman – shut up Romi.

Mihika started laughing seeing Raman and Romi conversation.

Romi silently admired her.

Panditji says ok as you wish .

They fix the engagement date after 4days , sangeet six days after engagement and haldi four days before marriage .

Mrs Bhalla – Raman putthar take Ishu beta on a dinner date today.

Raman – ma but …….

Mrs Bhalla – no but but you are going that’s it.

Raman – ok

He looks at Ishu and told him that she’ll get ready and come.

She goes up and gets ready in a white long frock and white butterfly earrings and a butterfly necklace.

She comes down and Raman is just staring at her and Ishu seeing Raman staring at her blushes and looks down. All others are outside in the veranda.

O jaana
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ye kehta hai
Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah
O jaana..

Raman comes near her and Ishu moves backwards
Ishq hai aansu ishq hai naghma
Ishq sukoon hai raahat hai
Ishq hai sehra ishq hai dariya
Ishq junoon hai zahmat hai (x2)

Ishu hits the wall at the back
And Raman comes near her and stands close to her

Tanha adhoora sa
Khaamosh lamha sa
Tehra hua hai dil yahaan
Mehsoos kar le tu
Jazbaat ki khushbu
He smells her fragrance and both their heart beats are raised.

Khud se karun kya mai bayaan
Dard hai jo halka sa
Khaab khaab chalka sa
Tu muskuraaye har jagah
O jaana..

Ishu- Ra..Raman wha..what are you do….doing

Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ye kehta hai
Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah
O jaana..

Raman comes very close to her and they are inches apart. Ishu’s breathing becomes irregular.

Kis pe karun zaahir
Hain dard kya aakhir
Kyon sukoon mujh se khafa
Betaab lamhon mein
Benaam aashqon mein
Yeh aaks kis ka ban gaya
Ghum ko aazmaane de
Dil ko chot khaane de
Kya h chale kuch to pata
O jaana

Raman goes to her ear and says “Ishitha you are very beautiful like an angel.”

O jaana
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ye kehta hai
Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah
O jaana.. O jaana o jaana.. plays as bg

He moves to her and puts a sting of hair behind her ears , Ishu gets a shock down her spine. He then moves closer to her lips, when Mihika comes

Mihika – Ishu akka and Raman jiju where are you?

Here her both compose themselves.Raman thinks what I try to do just know.

Ishu – yes Mihika tell me what is the matter.

Mihika- don’t you think you should go for your date.

Ishra – ya ya we just leaving.

Raman – come Ishu let’s go , and he gives her his hand and she keeps her hand on his.

Mihika to Ishu – all the best Akka enjoy your romantic dinner

Ishu – shut up.

Raman and Ishu go to the car and Raman opens the door for her and she gets in and he too gets in.

When they started there was silence in the car.

Ishu – which hotel are we going

Raman – hotel Radisson (it’s my personal favourite)

Ishu – ok and thanks for the compliment

Raman- which compliment

Ishu – the one which you said , hmmm before Mihika came to call us. Saying this she blushed.

Raman smiled and when he saw her blushing.

They reached the hotel and went inside.

They went to the dining area and sat on a table reserved for them.

Raman – Ishu what do want .

Ishu – Hmmmmmm you order something.

Raman – ok 1plate of chicken lollipop, dragon chicken , chicken noodles and …

Ishu- hey wait wait chicken cheeeeeee,I don’t eat chicken .

Raman – ok then mutton or pork

Ishu made her face like ewwww-why- are-you-asking-me-to-eat –this.

Raman laughed seeing her face.

Raman – ok then veg noodles, panner tikka, veg dumplings,etc.. and at last two watermelon crush

Ishu smiled happily .

Their order came and they ate contently.

The table near them had ordered two alcohol drinks.

The waiter switched the orders.

Ishra drank the alcohol in one gulp and

Ishu (taali mode) – Raman what did u order han is this watermelon crush, tasting so bitter .

Raman(taali mode) – Haan Ishu I’ll complain and come .

But due to over drinking he was not able to get up.

Ishu – leaveeee it Raman let them go, it’s ok

Raman – ok

Ishu – I want to ask u one thing

Raman – ask

Ishu – when ever I come near you , my heart beat is raising.why????

Raman – it’s because you love me.

Ishu – hann na na I can’t love u

Raman – why why I am indias best CEO, the handsome and dashing Raman Bhalla behind whom all girls are running behind. What is wrong in me?

Ishu – Raman I love you .

Raman- Mrs Ishitha Bhalla I love you too, three and infinity

Ishu – mai ishitha Bhalla nahi hun, mai Ishitha Iyer hun,
Mr.Raman Bhalla Ka fiancé , par thum mujse phele Ishitha Bhalla ko shaadhi ki
Raman I hate you.

Raman – nahi nahi mai future Mrs Ishitha Bhalla ke bhare me bhaath kar raha hoon.

Ishu – vo kon hai ?

Raman – thum, who else

Ishu – awwww Raman I love you

Raman – I love you too.

Both hug each other in taali .

Raman calls a waiter and tells him to book a room in the Raman Bhalla.

Ishu – Raman should we do this ?

Raman – your wish Baby

Ishu – ok but we should that only after marriage.

Raman – ok Baby

Waiter comes and gives room keys to him. They go to the room hand in hand.

Ishu goes and sits on the bed.

Raman – I’ll go and fresh up and come ok

Ishu nods yes.

Raman goes in the shower and comes back to his sense.

Then he remembers their conversation , he goes out and finds Ishu singing like a small kid. (He is fully dressed) . He takes to the bathroom and makes her stand under the shower. Ishu starts shouting

Ishu – why are you doing this , this water is very chillllllllll.

Raman – Ishu look into my eyes .

Ishu stands there looking his eyes and had an eye lock.

Both comes closer to each other no breaking the eye lock.

Raman held Ishu by her waist and Ishu held his shoulders, and they were inches apart. Raman whispered “I’ll complete what we left adhura in your house.” Ishu closed her eyes giving him the permission. And he closed the gap between their lips.

It was a slow kiss which turned into a passionate one filled with love which they had for each other. They parted unwillingly for oxygen. Ishu regained her old self by this kiss.

Ishra in their minds – OMG!!!! , what did we do just now.

They saw each other and muttered Sorry

Raman (naughtily)- so you said something when we were down.
Ishu (nervously)- no I don’t remember anything.

Raman(sad) – oh ok , no problem leave it.

Ishu in her mind – I will confess my love to you only during our marriage, love may happen before or after marriage, but our love is during marriage.

They dry themselves and go home.


Engagement function

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  1. Tvfan1

    awesome episode! i loved it..i love ishra’s fights, but romance is also good, the script is up to u ankitha.. keep writing good job!

    1. Ankitha

      Thank you so so much

  2. Shalu

    Ankitha it was really nice dr…………

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      Thanks Shalu dhi, I am so happy that You commented

  3. Zaira

    Mmmmmm… Ankitha just now read this ff ..my friend suggested me this ..she is a silent reader but love ur ff ..n after reading I m shocked u know its just amazing !!!full jealousy, feelings n romance I really love it a lot u know???
    Can I get first fight then romance ???or its upto ur wish ..

    1. Ankitha

      Thanks Zaira , you made my day special dear. Can you ask your friend to open up and comment dear. It’ll be encouraging for me. And I’ll do just as you said.

      1. Zaira

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  4. Kumud

    Superb and yes please if u can update both their fight and romance that will be very interesting

    1. Ankitha

      Thanks so much for commenting. Ya sure I’ll have it the way you like.

  5. awesome i can find all type of emotions u know i cant find words to describe u r ff i can say its simply awesome
    i want romance first its upto u

    1. Ankitha

      Thanks so much , I’ll do it the way you all love it to be.

  6. Veronica

    Superb yaar loved it

    1. Ankitha

      Thanks Vero dhi

  7. what an episode yaar…really amazing…every thing was just perfect…but end you shocked me by your question how I select one option…I want both…

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      Thanks I’ll do the same

  8. Episode is awesome n their romance is fabulous
    N I love both their romance n fights
    So I want both

    1. Ankitha

      Thanks I’ll give both

  9. romantic and cute update ishra marriage is after 3weeks their mothers were fighting in which ritual marraige will happen ishra said in both culture raman was memrised by ishita he was going to kiss her their restaurent scene was nice in talli mode raman kissed ishita

    1. Ankitha

      Thanks Jyoti dhi

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