YHM love during marriage (part 3)



Hi guys Ankitha is back with her bak bak ,to irritate u all. So let’s begin with part 3.


Ishra on a coffee date . They are confused of their feelings.

The story

Ishu – so Raman let’s leave and meet u today evening in my house.

Raman – in ur house for what ?

Ishu- didn’t mummyji inform you?

Raman- no she didn’t and nods his head no in a childish way .

Ishu secretly admires him and thinks what will I do with this kiddish husband. She then comes out of dreamland when she heard him calling her “Madarasan “ and shaking her. She was then got to her Jhansi ki Rani mode , and said

Ishu- hey how dare u call me madarasan , you Ravan kumar .

Raman – how dare u call me Ravan kumar . I am Raman not Ravan, I am Raman kumar Bhalla , the best CEO of the country, watch what you are talking Madarasan.

Ishu – you called me Madarasan, I am Ishitha Iyer , the best dentist of the country,if I think na I can pull out all your teeth leaving not to speak. Understand.

With this she left out angrily saying this and Raman did not get the answer to his question.
And he too left home. After reaching home he went straight to Toshi and asked her

Raman- ma are we going to Ishu’s I mean Iyer house today evening?

Toshi – yes beta , I want give a necklace to my bahu see this is the necklace and also to fix your marriage date.

She shows a diamond haram to him it looked like this http://www.southjewellery.com/2016/08/diamond-long-haram.html

Toshi –so how is it , my bahu will be beautiful in this na

Raman – yes ma , she will look gorgeous in this.

In his mind – she is my would be wife na my lovely wife and my life. Wait Raman beta what are you thinking , don’t think like that you are marrying her just for family sake, don’t fall for her.

Toshi –ok puttar, go and get ready we have to leave in 15mins go .

Raman – ji mummyji.

After 15mins they leave for Iyer house.

At Iyer house

Ishu got ready in a beautiful churidar it looked like this

She put light makeup and was looking very beautiful and she was restlessly walking here and there.

That time our Mihika came there.

Mihi- Ishu akka why are you so restless ? (keeping an innocent face)

Ishu – mihiku I don’t know how to face him?

Mihi- whom are u talking about akka, wait wait I know , about my jiju right?

Ishu (absentmindedly)- yes, I mean no why should I think about him.

Mihi- I know akka , my jiju is so handsome and aapko kuch kuch hota hai na?

Ishu – no no , bakwaas band kar . I think they have come.

Mihi- ok come let’s go.

They go downstairs and wait for the Bhalla family to come inside.
First Mr Bhalla then Mrs Bhalla , then Romi , Simmi, Rinki enter but Raman was not to be seen anywhere. Ishu was continually looking for him and did not know why.
Then our hero entered , he was dashing in this dress http://www.filmyfolks.com/latest-news/10-interesting-facts-about-karan-patel.php (only the white top dress)

Ishu was mesmerised seeing him and Raman was mesmerised seeing her.

O jaana
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ye kehta hai
Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah
O jaana..
Ishq hai aansu ishq hai naghma
Ishq sukoon hai raahat hai
Ishq hai sehra ishq hai dariya
Ishq junoon hai zahmat hai (x2)
Tanha adhoora sa
Khaamosh lamha sa
Tehra hua hai dil yahaan
Mehsoos kar le tu
Jazbaat ki khushbu
Khud se karun kya mai bayaan
Dard hai jo halka sa
Khaab khaab chalka sa
Tu muskuraaye har jagah
O jaana..
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ye kehta hai
Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah
O jaana..
Kis pe karun zaahir
Hain dard kya aakhir
Kyon sukoon mujh se khafa
Betaab lamhon mein
Benaam aashqon mein
Yeh aaks kis ka ban gaya
Ghum ko aazmaane de
Dil ko chot khaane de
Kya h chale kuch to pata
O jaana
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ye kehta hai
Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah
O jaana.. O jaana o jaana.. plays as bg

Both came out of their trance when mihika and romi were tapping Ishra’s shoulders calling them Akka/Bhaiya respectively.

Romi – see bhabhi bhaiya, see how gorgeous she is .

Mihika- see jiju akka, how handsome he is.

Ishra – shut up.

Mihika and Romi had a puppy face and giggled.

Madhu- come come sit down , Panditji will come in 5 mins.

Bhalla family came and sat down.

Madhu asked Ishu to bring juice and give them.

Ishu gave juice to everyone, when she was giving Raman , by mistake his fingers brushed against her hand which sent shivers down her spine.

Ishu (in her mind) – why is my heart beat rising when I am near Raman have I fallen in love with him. No no Ishu don’t be like that stupid Mihika saying about this love and all that, you have not fallen for him.

Mrs Bhalla asks Ishu to come her and gives her the diamond haram . Ishu looks at her mother whether to accept it, and Madhu nods her head.

Ishu – thank you auntyji ,(sees Raman looking at her angrily ) I mean mummyji.(Raman smiles). She smiles at Toshi.

Toshi – arey puttar thank you math kaho tum mujhe mummyji maanthiho na , tho quin tum thank you bol rahi ho. (Don’t say thank you, you consider me as your mother right so why are you saying thank you)

Ishu smiled with happiness and hugged Toshi . Raman felt happy seeing their bond.

Scene ends with Raman’s happy face and Ishu hugging Toshi.

Precap Ishra’s dinner date and alcohol masti.

Sorry for the same precap , as promised I tried to post a long episode, plz leave ur comments behind.

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