YHM love during marriage (part 2)

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Ishra agree for their marriage and are gonna go on a coffee date.

Let’s get into the story

Raman is waiting at the entrance for Ishitha

Raman- arey ye madarasan aanae me ek ganta hojayega.(it’s taking one hour for this madarasan to come)

At that time Ishu comes in a peacock blue kurti and dark blue palazzos and peacock feather like thread earrings and light makeup.

Our hero Raman is just mesmerised seeing her.

Ishu comes in front of him and

Ishu- arey Raman chalk lets go , Raman Raman where are you lost ?
Raman(dreamingly) – lost in you.

Ishu – what ? I did not hear you?

Raman(normal)- nothing nothing come let’s go

They go inside the café

Raman – what do you want?

Ishu – hmmm an espresso

Raman – ok bhaiya 2 espressos please.

Waiter – ji

Raman – so Ishu tell me more about yourself like did you have any crush in your school or college or any boyfriend.?

Ishu- no no I did not have any crush or a bf because I spent my time in studying as I wanted to fulfill my dream. But many boys in college were behind me and Ashok, Mani and Raghav also proposed me(hearing this Raman folded his fist in anger) but I rejected them because I wanted my parents to choose someone for me. You tell about yourself

Raman- just like you I did not love anyone and many girls were always behind me and even Shagun and Nidhi proposed me (hearing this Ishu folded her fist in anger) but I too rejected them because I wanted to focus on my career and wanted my parents to choose.

Now both looked at their folded fists and thought why did I do this , am I starting to like him/her no no it’s not possible. What if I have fallen in love with … no no control ur emotions (both thought the exact same thing)

Their silence broke by the arrival of their order .

Ishu – so tell me about ur family.
Raman- mummyji, Papaji, my sisters Simmi and Rinki, my brother Romi and me.
(In his mind ) Soon you will be in my family too and our child. What wait Raman what are you thinking? Iss pagal madarasan se main Nani Nahi uss tharah Socho math.tume koi pyaar nahi hua hai . (Am I falling for this mad Madarasan no no don’t think like that. You are not in love with her.)

Ishu- in my family Amma , appa, mihika, vanditha akka,bala jiju and me. (In her mind)you will surely love me and my family Raman, wait wait what did think he will love u no no Ishu don’t think like that he is marrying u just for the sake of our family.

Scene divides into both of their faces confused seeing each other.


Marriage preparations and a dinner date and some alcohol masti.

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  5. cute and superb one….

  6. cute and superb one….

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