YHM love during marriage (part 1)

Hi friends Ankitha here. Thanks so much for your support. And don’t forget to comment. Here goes th story starting from the balcony scene
Raman-see I don’t want to marry you now .

Ishu – even me I am not interested in marriage now but look at our family. How happy they are knowing that we are getting married. Amma had promised auntyji that she will get me married to her son . So……………

Raman – you want us get married right. Ok but On one condition.

Ishu – what condition?

Raman – you should my mom mummyji and my dad papaji ok.

Ishu – yes sure.

Raman – come let’s go.

He gives his hand to Ishu and she keeps her hand on his . They both feel an unknown connection between them and stare at each other and share an eye lock. Dil kahin Ruktha nahi plays.

Their eye lock breaks by Mrs Bhalla calling them down . They go down hand in hand.

Down everyone are waiting for their answer.

Ishra – we are ready to get married.

All are very happy and Madhu hugs Ishu and says

Madhu – paaru Ishu I told u no that you will like Raman.

Ishu – yes Amma

Toshi – now tomorrow both of you will go on a coffee date .

Raman – but ma that is not needed .

Madhu – yes Toshi is right you must go on a date tomorrow.

Ishu – but Amma

Madhu – no but but you are going that is it .

Ishra – Ji Amma

Madhu- very good . Here Toshi take our Shagun .

Toshi – Ishitha beta come and sit here .

She puts the lehanga shawl on her head and gives the Shagun to her.

Ishu takes Toshi s blessings and mr Bhalla s too.

Iyer family then leave from there .


Ishra ‘S coffee date, crushes , bfs and gfs, families.


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    great episode! can u write a bit longer plz? and also what was the condition because i thought the sentence was not complete..? also loved the eye lock! anyway..keep on writing!

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