YHM love during marriage (intro)


Hi guys . This is Ankitha here. With a story on our favourite couple Ishra. So plz enjoy. This my first time writing something on telly updates and I am extremely nervous. So keeping my fingers cross . I would like to say TV fan1 for the support which was given to me. So enough of my talk lets start with the ff

Madhu– Ishu how long will you get ready ? Aiyyo Vishwa enge erukkae where are you come fast. We have to go to Bhalla house. Come fast .

Ishu – Coming Amma. (To Madhu)Amma why are you forcing me into this marriage I am not interested. (To herself) This Raman kumar Bhalla nahi nahi Raavan kumar Bhalla will go over. Aiyyo Murugan plz save me.

Madhu—what did you say ? And Toshi is my best friend and I promised her that I will get my daughter married to her son . I must keep up my promise.

Ishu – but why me ? Amma but……………

Madhu – no but vut now come Vishwa already is waiting for us.

( they get into their car and reach Bhalla house )

In Bhalla house

Toshi –come come (hugs Madhu) hey Madhu you got more white hairs , you are becoming old .

Madhu- arey Toshi you got wrinkles on your face , you are also becoming old.

Toshi- enough enough , now where is my bahu, I want to see her.

Madhu – yes yes Ishu Ishu come here .

Ishu comes gets blessings of Mr and Mrs Bhalla.

Toshi(Mrs Bhalla)- hey hey my bahu is very beautiful. Nazar nah lage . And see this is my son Raman . Arey Raman where are you?

Then comes our handsome hero Raman kumar Bhalla. While Ishu muttered under her breath Ravan kumar Bhalla.

Raman- namasthe auntyji and uncleji

Madhu – namasthe beta and don’t call us aunty uncle call us Amma and Appa.

Raman – ji Amma

Madhu – you have a well mannered son Toshi.

Toshi – thank you, so can we start with the rituals .

(Note this it’s not a marriage it’s just they go to see the bride and groom to their house.)

Madhu –ha ha sure

Vishwa –can we let the bride and groom talk to each other.

Mr Bhalla – yes yes sure Raman beta take to Ishu to the balcony and you both talk for some time go.

Raman and Ishu go to the balcony.

In balcony

Raman – see I don’t want to marry you . I am not interested in marrying you now .

Ishu – even me .

Now what would happen. If you wanna know this watch Ankitha’s yhm love during marriage


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  1. Ankitha

    Hey guys this is not just the intro but also part 1 . Sorry i forgot to mention it.

  2. Nivedha

    Good start Ankz waiting to know the surprise

    1. Ankitha

      Thnks nivithanks nivi dhi

      1. Ankitha

        I mean thanks nivi dhi

    1. Ankitha

      Thank you honey

  3. superb start yaar…eagerly waiting for next update…

    1. Ankitha

      Thanks Ishan

  4. Tvfan1

    woah..such a nice start..glad to see madhu and toshi being friends..keep on writing..good work !

    1. Ankitha

      Thank you so much for ur support and I’ll post the next part today itself

  5. nice story ishra don’t want to get married pls continue soon

    1. Ankitha

      Thanks jyoti


    1. Ankitha

      Thanks meethi

  7. Well start Ankita … you write well

    1. Ankitha

      Thank you vp for the compliment

  8. i am eagerly waiting to know the surprise

    1. Ankitha

      Thanks for commenting. And be patient to know the surprise

  9. Veronica

    Nice yaar waiting for next

    1. Ankitha

      Thanks dhi, i think itbwould be updated tomorrow

  10. Lisa

    Its awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. Ankitha

    Thanks lisa

  12. Good start plz post soon

    1. Ankitha

      Thanks Riddhi

  13. Kumud

    Lovely good start

    1. Ankitha

      Thanks kumud

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