YHM – Love After 10 Years (Intro – Episode 1)


Hi guys! I’m new here & I wanna share some of my ideas with u all so I’m gonna write a ff on YHM. As the title refers there will be a 10 year leap in the story instead of 7 years. In my story Ruhi was 10 yrs when Nidhi kidnapped her & all presumed that both Ruhi & Nidhi died. IshRa r still united as before, Shagun & Manoj r married & had a son Mayank and r staying with Bhallas, Romi & Mihika got married & adopted Rohit officially though Romi stays with his family but is still at odds with Raman. Bhalla & Iyers live together in a big mansion, it is big as a royal palace. Pihu is not a look alike of little Ruhi.

Nidhi took Ruhi to London & treat her like her own child. She loves Ruhi a lot. She had a son (from a past relationship) named Swayam Chabra. Swayam is 2yrs younger than Ruhi. He loves his Ruhi Di a lot as he always yearned for a sibling either older or younger. Nidhi discovered Ruhi’s singing talent & help her to become a rock star. But neither Ruhi nor Nidhi wanted the Bhallas & Iyers to know that they r alive so Ruhi changed her name to Riya & now she is known as Rockstar Riya to the world except few people. After some time Nidhi while in London adopted 2 boys Reyansh a.k.a. Rey (at that time he was 8yrs old) & Abhimanyu a.k.a. Abhi (at that time he was 6yrs old). Both Rey & Abhi got love from Nidhi, Ruhi & Swayam in fact Rey & Swayam were brothers cum best frnds. The 3 brothers were extremely protected abt their Ruhi Di it one can say that Ruhi was their life line.

There will be some new characters in the story. Nidhi will not be a major part of my story as it will be abt Ruhi, how she will handle her future & past relationships & whether she will be able to forgive her old family especially IshRa.

So guys c’mon chop chop drop off ur comments.

Credit to: Swati

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  1. Wow what a nice intro good luck n pls don’t stop it half way

  2. Great story but why so many characters?

  3. it is very nice , continue and update soon . actually how old is pihu

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