YHM – Love After 10 Years (Intro – 2)

In London, Nidhi met an old frnd of her named Vikas Malhotra. He was married to Sneha & had a son Kanav (at that time he was 12yrs old). Vikas too had a younger brother named Danish Malhotra. Vikas & his wife died in a car accident so Danish took over the responsibility of his brother’s business & Kanav. Years later Danish married a British Indian girl Nora & they had 2 children, a son named Aarav ‘Aaru’ Malhotra & a girl named Ashneet ‘Ashu’ Malhotra. Aaru is 3 yrs older to Ashu. The Malhotras aided Nidhi a lot & with their help only Nidhi made Ruhi the Rockstar Riya. Ruhi & Kanav share a beautiful relationship (which will be a surprise to readers). When Nora was pregnant with Ashu, Danish & Nidhi died in a plane crash & she was not able to take this shock so the doctors were able to save only either the mother or the child so Nora insisted to save her child. Minutes before dying Nora gave the responsibility of her 2 kids to Kanav & Ruhi b’coz she knew they both will give her kids the love they both need.

Now Ruhi & Kanav r the only adults remaining in the family. Kanav is handling his family business & Ruhi takes care of the young ones & side by side she also enjoys her stardom as Riya.

In Delhi, Ruhi has a all age club called ‘Sing & Groove’ & inside it she is building a studio called ‘Music – The Soul’ Company. Ruhi with her current family is returning to Delhi as she doesn’t wanna live in London anymore & wants the kids to know & grow in their country. So how will be the encounter b/w Ruhi’s past & future. To know abt it drop off ur comments.

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