YHM FF: Because you are the one – episode 3

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Ishu and Jannat are on their way….
Ishu : Where are we going jannat ????
Jannat: My second home…
Ishu was totally confused so she asked Jannat to explain
Jannat: When I was young ammi, I mean my mom used to take me there everyday after school… I used to study there, eat there, play there… It was so good….
Ishu: But where is that place and u never told me about it last 2 years?????
Jannat: Actually I had totally forgotten about the place…. Obviously I was so small when I left this city… Yesterday only ammi reminded me…. And see we are here…
She points towards a building
Ishu: Orphanage..???
Jannat: Yups come let’s go
They both go inside and the head of the orphanage allowed them to meet the kids… They went in the garden where few kids were playing.. They went and joined them.

Raman and gang reached the same orphanage. They went in the study room of the kids where some kids were studying. The moment they saw Raman, Mihir, Vidyut and Shagun they ran to them and hugged them.
They started playing with each other.

After sometime Shagun went on a round of the place when see saw Ishu in the kitchen…
Shagun(thinks): this is ishita but what is she doing here???
Shagun goes in the kitchen and ishu sees her..
Shagun(smiles): Hii..
Ishu(smiles back): hiii..
There was an awkward silence between them for sometime when shagun thought to break the silence.
Shagun: Hey its so funny na we know each other since four years but none of us is talking right now…
Ishu(smiles):Actually….So let’s start fresh….I mean let’s be friends…
She forwards her hand to which Shagun happily accepts her as friend…
For sometime they were talking standing in the kitchen. They were so much into their talks that they didn’t realise the curtain near the gas stove caught fire. It was only when the fire spread in the room they realised it and were hell shocked and terrified. They tried to leave the room somehow but the fire didn’t allow them.
While suddenly Shagun fainted due to the smoke and fear and Ishu was more terrified would be an understatement..
Meanwhile the news of the fire spread around and everyone gathered outside the kitchen. Raman, Mihir, Vidyut and Jannat were also there unaware of the fact that Ishu and Shagun are inside…

After five minutes Ishu came out struggling to hold Shagun and be away from the fire..
As soon as Vidyut saw Shagun he ran to her and held her. Tears were already flowing from his eyes. He made shagun sit on a nearby bench… At the same time Jannat hugged Ishu and was crying trying to remove the bad thoughts which were coming in her mind.
All this while Raman was just admiring Ishu when his eyes fell on her burnt hand.
Raman came to Ishu and held her hand and took her on the bench where Shagun was resting and made her sit down.
Raman(shouts): Ishita look at ur hand its so badly burnt…
He took the first aid box and was applying cream on her hand. And Ishu… She was totally surprised by his behaviour. She was just staring him when she realised he had tears in his eyes… She was happy from inside to know that the man she loves is so much concerned for her.
Her trance was broken when Jannat came to her and hugged her. That was when Raman realised that what he just did… But somewhere he was feeling good that he helped his Lady love. He just kept looking at her and she kept looking at him.
Jannat took her from there with a smile on her face. She was happy for her friend. But at the same time was worried for her injury.

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