YHM FF: Because you are the one – episode 2

Hiii everyone Thank u so much for ur comments they made my day… Hope u like this part…

In the college canteen two girls are talking. They are Ishita and Jannat.
(I’ve imagined Asha negi as Jannat)
Jannat joined the college two years back and since then she and ishu are besties…They share a very special bond…
Jannat: Why were u so late ishu??? Is everything OK ???
Ishu: Actually I got a call from home in the morning and I was so busy talking to everyone that I didn’t realised the time…
And i missed my first class….
Jannat(teasingly): Not only u there r some OTHER people also who missed their class…
Ishu(blushes): Why u always want to tease me???
Jannat: Because its my birthright
Ishu: U r unbelievable….
Jannat gives a victorious smirk and ishu rolls her eyes….
After few minutes,
Jannat(a bit serious): Ishu when are u going to talk to him????
Ishu was a bit shocked as she wasn’t expecting this question..
Jannat: See ishu its high time…I also know and u too know very well that only 3 months are left and then u’ll be back in Mumbai….What will u do then ??? I am not telling u to propose I m just telling to talk to him once….before its too late…
Ishu: I understand but….u know na what happens to me when he is near me… I am not able to speak in front of him….
Jannat: I understand but think about it once…
After few minutes of awkward silence,
Jannat: Ishu come I’ll take u to a place u will love it and u will relax… Come…
Ishu: Please not now I m not in the mood…
Ishu pleaded but Jannat being Jannat took her with her but did not tell where exactly they were going….

On the other hand Raman and his gang were going somewhere.
Shagun: I am so excited….
Vidyut: Finally we are going there…
Mihir: We will meet them after two months…. Wow…
Raman: I am also very happy…. I just love that place….

Please tell me how it was…if u didn’t like be Frank to tell me I’ll try my best to improve…

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  1. Pari21v

    I really liked
    jannat is cute
    but obviously our ishu is super cute
    excited to read ahead
    curious where they r going
    are they all going at same place n gonna meet
    ohh too many questions
    but loved it so ishita also loves raman but do not talk to him
    ishu chak de phade go and talk to him n propose too (wink)

    1. Fangirl

      Let’s see who will propose whom…..

  2. beautiful update loved asha negi as jannat loved ishita and jannat talk where all are going

  3. lovely update…plz try to make it little bit longer…

    1. Fangirl

      Thanx… Next one is longer…

  4. Rashita

    Are they going to meet ?????
    Plz maje it a bit longer

  5. Zaira

    Hey yaar I know it’s ishita only …I m 200percent sure of it ??????
    N very excited to know the place …
    Ishra r always ishra izhaar mein Hain bohut Sharmile ??? ..
    .It was a nice episode
    Plz make the episode longer ….
    Waiting for the next …

  6. Superb dear

    1. Fangirl

      Thanx isuri…

  7. write long episode it will be interseting.. good job keep going

  8. Fabulous updates.

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