YHM FF: Because you are the one – episode 1

Hii guys… I m here with a fan fic on yhm… This is the first time i am writing a story i hope u all enjoy…

A college is shown. Four friends are standing near the gate. They are Raman, Mihir, Vidyut and Shagun.
Mihir: Bhai its very late now. Only 15 minute are left. If we don’t go none of us will be allowed inside the class.
Vidyut: Leave it Mihir he is not gonna listen. He is so stubborn.
Shagun: Raman I think we all shud go now. She is never so late I think she will not come today.

Raman: Wait…..she will come. My heart says she will come.
Mihir and Vidyut roll their eyes
Shagun: Awww Raman u r so sweet…. I wish I had her number I would have called her and said “Come fast ur Romeo is waiting”
Everyone started laughing except Raman.
Raman I thinking something when vidyut breaks his thoughts
Vidyut:(seriously) Raman I know what u r thinking….
Raman: what????
Vidyut: Mere Sapno ji rani kab aayegi tu

Chali aa tu chali aa….
The three of them started laughing which irritated Raman.
Raman(thinking): Where is this girl yaar….. She never gets late….is she OK????? What I’ll do now….
Shagun: Raman what are u thinking???
Raman: I m worried she never gets late whom shud i ask about her…??????
Mihir: On the serious note I think u shud tell her what u feel for her…
Vidyut: yes Raman he is right…. See its last year for both of u.. If u don’t talk to her now u will have to forget HER

Shagun: For the first time in their life my brothers are right
(Yup mihir vidyut and shagun are siblings)
Mihir: What do u

Vidyut: mean?????
Shagun: Shut up u both… Raman see don’t directly tell ur feelings… But u can at least start with a friendship…. At least u will have a friend… She is a very gud human being Raman I knw her…. Though we are not friends we are in the same class for the last 4 years… You shud give it a try….
Raman knew that they were right but he didn’t had the guts to open up his feelings which he suppressed for the last 4 years I front of HER
Suddenly his eyes fell on her who was walking inside the college….He started blushing and thinking how to talk to her…….

Thank u for reading… Please give ur views and suggestions…


  1. Pari21v


    |Registered Member

    superb yrr
    loved it
    I think she is ishita and she is a popular bindas and bubbly fun loving modern girl
    n raman is a quiet silent little shy boy and love her silently without her knowing silent admirer n lover type

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