YHM FF: Because you are the one – episode 1

Hii guys… I m here with a fan fic on yhm… This is the first time i am writing a story i hope u all enjoy…

A college is shown. Four friends are standing near the gate. They are Raman, Mihir, Vidyut and Shagun.
Mihir: Bhai its very late now. Only 15 minute are left. If we don’t go none of us will be allowed inside the class.
Vidyut: Leave it Mihir he is not gonna listen. He is so stubborn.
Shagun: Raman I think we all shud go now. She is never so late I think she will not come today.

Raman: Wait…..she will come. My heart says she will come.
Mihir and Vidyut roll their eyes
Shagun: Awww Raman u r so sweet…. I wish I had her number I would have called her and said “Come fast ur Romeo is waiting”
Everyone started laughing except Raman.
Raman I thinking something when vidyut breaks his thoughts
Vidyut:(seriously) Raman I know what u r thinking….
Raman: what????
Vidyut: Mere Sapno ji rani kab aayegi tu

Chali aa tu chali aa….
The three of them started laughing which irritated Raman.
Raman(thinking): Where is this girl yaar….. She never gets late….is she OK????? What I’ll do now….
Shagun: Raman what are u thinking???
Raman: I m worried she never gets late whom shud i ask about her…??????
Mihir: On the serious note I think u shud tell her what u feel for her…
Vidyut: yes Raman he is right…. See its last year for both of u.. If u don’t talk to her now u will have to forget HER

Shagun: For the first time in their life my brothers are right
(Yup mihir vidyut and shagun are siblings)
Mihir: What do u

Vidyut: mean?????
Shagun: Shut up u both… Raman see don’t directly tell ur feelings… But u can at least start with a friendship…. At least u will have a friend… She is a very gud human being Raman I knw her…. Though we are not friends we are in the same class for the last 4 years… You shud give it a try….
Raman knew that they were right but he didn’t had the guts to open up his feelings which he suppressed for the last 4 years I front of HER
Suddenly his eyes fell on her who was walking inside the college….He started blushing and thinking how to talk to her…….

Thank u for reading… Please give ur views and suggestions…

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  1. Lovely! Keep writing! Post the next part soon! I am WAITING!

    1. Fangirl

      Thank u so much dear….

  2. Varun da fan

    buhut achaaa…ab kab woh aayegii in bicharuu ki class miss hogayi!!!

    1. Fangirl

      Hehe…. Woh toh honi hi this…

  3. Superb dear update next part soon

    1. Fangirl

      Thanx… I’ll post it tomorrow…

  4. superb start…eagerly waiting for next one..

  5. Zaira

    awesome dear !!!loved it!!!…continue soon…..i think the girl is ishita ….

    1. Fangirl

      Let’s see who is SHE….

  6. Superb pls continue soon

  7. Nice plz i m wating next epi

  8. Pari21v

    superb yrr
    loved it
    I think she is ishita and she is a popular bindas and bubbly fun loving modern girl
    n raman is a quiet silent little shy boy and love her silently without her knowing silent admirer n lover type

  9. Rashita

    Very nice dear…super track……plz continue…,want to know who’s that girl…..

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