Yhm Fan Fiction.. IshRa Forever

Here i am writing ishra’s story. I wil try to write better. If you guys want plese support in comments.
So episose starts with ishita getting tensed after knowing that raman is the father of the child in shagun’s womb. She didn’t tell to anyone in the house and wants to confront raman over this
Scene 1
Ishra room.. raman came with flowers calling for ishita. She was packing her bags along with adi and ruhi bags. Raman said hey madrasan kaha ka program h ( hey madrasan..where are u upto ). Ishita looked up..full in tears.. nd says raman..raman got boggled.. he kept the flowers on the bed..hold her face in his hands and said ” what happened, why are you sad..i have a good news for you. But first tell me..what have hurt you.and if its my behaviour..i apologise from bottom of my heart” ishita paused and then said.m” raman..shagun.its about you and shagun” raman said exactly i wanted to tell u that.. suddenly the phn ring..ohh its shagun here..raman took the call..and get panicked..leaving ishita there..crying..

Scene 2
Shagun is in hospital. Raman came there tensed. Shagun hugged him and cried. Raman tensedly asks repeayedly what happened. Just then manoj came in saying ” raman she needs a family ” for betterment of child.. raman says now shat can we do. Shagun says take me to home.. i want to be there.. please. Ramam thought in mind.. i will tell everything to ishita today and she will be happy to experience the full 9 months of baby through shagun. Raman says ok shagun.. come with me.. manoj get teary eyed.. and then gifted a ring to shagun as a remembrance of their relationship.

Scene 3
Raman and shagun are in car. Raman says shahun today i will tell everything to ishita. She will be very haply. Shagun sees raman..hold his hands and says raman i love u. Raman says what and car comes to a halt. Shagun composes herself and says but i don’t want to come in between you and ishita. All i want i your happiness with this new child and for me i want my kids back..ruhi and adi. (She have started showing her real colours). Shagun smirked.. Raman shouted are u out of your senses..shagun says no don’t shout raman..your baby will be frightened..amd smirks again. She said take me right to your home and if you try to tell anything to ishita i will abort this baby. Raman slept her hard. She laughed with tears ans said.. now i have the key to your ishita’s happiness mr raman bhalla. I have no problem with you both just gomme my kids and i will give you yours. Raman drives car to home seeing no other option left.

Scene 3
Ishita waiting impatiently for raman. Just then the dorbell rang.m she hurriedly went to the door..and saw raman and shagun stNding there..shevsaid what is this raman in anger. He said let us come.. i will explain you everything. Just then shagun acted being dizzy and is takem to room by ishra. Ishita went to her room crying and shut the door closed not letting raman in..She wept and remembered..her getting pregnant and miscarriage..she wept her heart out and slept on the chair weeping.

In the morning mrs bhalla saw shagun there and created a scene there. She said hdy shagun what are tou doing here. Go from here. Don’t try to interfere in my children’s life. Raman came there and said manoj went out of country so for some time she will be here. Mrs bhalla went angrily saying raman and ishita get ready for puja kept for shitija.shagun gets an idea and smirked.

Scsne 4
Shagun came to ishita and asks for a saree to wear in pooja. She amgrily replied i don’t have. Raman came there and says give saree to her ishita. Don’t create a scene. Ishita looks at raman with tears and says sure and throw all hrr sarees on floor and ask her to take whole and leave. Shagun says raman i can’t bend down and smirks..raman says ok i will get it nd gives her the one. Shagun speaks in her mind and says first you snatched my husband ans kids from me..now juat as i took your saree i will take my husband and kids back too along with your kid too.

Scene 5
All are in vandus home. Shagun made a plan to fall unconcious so that everyone come to know about her pregnancy. Ishita came wearing a red nd golden silk saree. Looking damn pretty. She got boglled seeing shagun wearing the same saaree. She felt crying. She stands there folding hand and praying to god to give her strength to leave raman. On the otherside shagun started yo count in mind to perform her acting.. she says time have come 1 ,2 and just then every one turned around shocked to see ishita on ground.. unconcious.. shagun made angry face to see her plan got flopped. Doctor come checked ishita and said have she not eaten anything.. she is so weak.. mrs bhalla said today was pooja that why.. doctor says i agree but in this condition she should not fast. This condition what do you mean by this condition raman asked the doctor. The doctor said mr bhalla.. don’t you know your wife is pregnant and u better take care of her. Whole family shocked in happiness with ishita sleeping on bed and shagun sleeping in her room. Shagun son’t know anything about ishita’s pregnancy.

Precap : ishita wake up nd see ramam sitting by her side.m caressing her face.. as she woke up.. he planted a kiss on her lips.

Credit to: Heer

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  1. Yar ye bacho k bat ho rii hai koi mazak. Niiii

  2. First how ishita allow shogun to enter the house n how ahr still waited for Raman jab WO use chor kar shagun k pas cala gaya tha

  3. Wow !!

    Waiting for next part…

  4. Sure janvi..i will update second part soon

  5. Hey siddhi its like ishita is gentle..and she knows now shagun is pregnant with raman child..ita s ssnsitive issue.. but if u don’t like it i will try to write better dear..thanks gor you guidance

  6. Wowww yr awesome story..

    1. Thankun ranjha for your support. .i will write next part soon

  7. Tnks very much,i think this will happen next in yhm

  8. priyanka agarwal

    Nyc one..I hope the story to be continued in the way writtn above

  9. Durga Devi Ramesh

    very nice story if this is to be continued in yhm then sure i will again see the yhm madly,for past three weeks i had stopped seeing yhm.

    1. you can continue it reading here .. i hope you will enjoy it

  10. It wss fine story you can do better

    1. Thnku i will try doing better in its third part and onwards 🙂

  11. The most expected track. It should that way. The most sensible person would chose this track.

    1. Thanku vid for your support

  12. Wowww yr really i lv ur story … plz keep writing.. 🙂

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