Yhm Fan Fiction.. IshRa Forever (Part 8)


Hi guyzzzz!!!! Its been a long time since I have posted… I was very busy with my exams and being honest….the current YHM track literally sucks.. here I post my 9th part

A month passes by and Ishita is one month pregnant…
Scene 1: Ishita and Raman are going to the hospital to check Ishita’s reports…
Raman: I wish it would be a single baby
Ishita: But no matter Raman, this baby would be the third star of our eye…
Raman: Yes Ishita, u don’t take stress
They both reach the hospital and meet the doctor
Raman: Doctor, how is my wife??
Doctor: Calm down Raman, its a single baby for u and keep her away from stress and feed her a fruit and a glass of milk everyday… and she should not be travelling for the first three months
Raman: Ok, now u explain her doc, she is a superwoman… don’t understand how does she manage all, See Ishita , u need to take care of urself
Ishita: Haan ok… I will take care of myself..

Doctor: U r a good husband Raman
They both leave the hospital and they talk …
Raman: Tomorrow is our second marriage anniversary Ishita…. I am very excited about this
Ishita: Yes Raman, it has been two years since we got married
Together: for the sake of Ruhi
Ishita: I am reaching the first month of my pregnancy…
Raman: u and the baby matter to me a lot
They both reach home, just then Mrs Bhalla sees them both
Mrs Bhalla: Raman , how is Ishita??? What did the doctor say??
Raman: She is all fine and its a single baby for us
Mrs Bhalla: Take Ishita into the room, I will send her a glass of milk..
Scene 4:
Raman: Ishita, who is ur favourite actor
Ishita: Obiviously Sharukh Khan and DDLJ

Raman: Same as me
Ishita (gets emotional) : Before Subbu left me, I and Subbu were like SRK and Kajol Jodi in DDLJ
Raman: Ishita, calm down don’t cry don’t stress..
Ishita: I love u only Raman and I hate Subbu….
Ishita hugs Raman
Ishita wipes her tears and Raman makes her sleep
Raman: sleep now
Raman: Happy anniversary Ishita(Pehli nazar mein plays)
Ishita: Happy anniversary Raman
They both hug each other, just then Ruhi and Adi enter
Ruhi and Adi: Happy anniversary Ishima and Papa
They all four have a cute family hug
Scene 6:
Mihir and Mihika are discussing about the surprise for Ishita and Raman
Mihir: Its Raman bhai’s and Ishita bhabhi’s anniversary and we didn’t plan any surprise fir them
Mihika: Arre buddhu, let us book a suite for them…they need some privacy and no champagne
Mihir: Why???

Mihika: Arre buddhu, don’t u noe that Ishu akka is pregnant and she doesn’t drink
Mihir: Yaa…choclates would go good…remember their first anniversary, bhabhi misunderstood bhai for spending with a belly dancer
Mihika: Hahaha Mihr…good joke
Raman: Mihir, can u do me a favour???
Mihir: Bhai, tonight u and Bhabhi go to Marriot…I booked a suite for u both…
Raman: Before I said, u booked… thanks a lot Mihir… I’ll call Ishita and tell her
Raman calls Ishita and asks her to come
Scene 8:
Raman: Happy anniversary Madrassan
Ishita: Happy anniversary my dear Ravan Kumar
Just then other waiters get a big cake
Sooraj ki baahon mein plays

Raman and Ishita arrive home and Raman takes Ishita into the room
Raman: Have a glass of milk Ishita
Ishita hesitantly drinks the milk and Raman makes her sleep
Ishita: I love u Raman, u r the best husband in the world
Raman: I love you too Ishita

Precap: Ishita and Raman having romantic time
Spoiler: Ashok and Sarika plan to get Romi and Romi to come to know about Sarika’s truth

Credit to: Prithvi

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