Yhm Fan Fiction.. IshRa Forever (Part 7)

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Scene 1
Ishra room ..ishia sitting on bed..staring at the wall.
Raman entered the room in a hurry and saw ishita. He looked at her and held her hand. As ishita saw Raman, she immediately hugged him and cried hardly saying raman i lost my baby..i lost my unborn baby. Raman became shocked and said ‘ what are you saying ishita, this cannot happen’ . He reminds how sarika called him and told about ishita’s condition but he haven’t thought that this can go so far that ishita suffers a miscarriage. He was still not able to belive it and was in utter shock, he asked her how did this happen. Ishita sobbed while toshi ji came in. He asked Raman to let ishita sleep as tension is not good for her now, as she has already suffered much and handed over the soup to Raman and asked him to feed ishita. Raman nods. Then he caresssed her hairs and said Ishita this is not gonna happen, how can our child, why god is doing this to us saying this he put his hand over ishita’s stomach and reminded the previous moments when they were happy thinking about the baby, the kisses, the cuddles and he felt like breaking down but then he looked at ishita who was completely broken by then. He again hugged her and said Ishita, i will give you your biological child. Don’t worry, our other baby in shagun’s womb. Ishita immediately broke the hug and looked at him saying ‘Raman, you know very well thar she was demanding my kids for that baby, i have heard everything, at that time i was standing by the door. How can you even think i am gonna loose ruhi and adi for anything in the world and for your knowledge Raman. I have already lost my child that was in shagun’s womb. And this baby is all safe as it have love of u all, but my other baby, i have lost him and she broke down again.
Flashback starts … Doctor coming. All family is there along with shagun too. Doctor said ishita not to take much stress now. As it was only a small bleeding but further stress can worsen the condition but now you have to be extra carefull otherwise you may loose the baby. Ishita nods putting a hand in her stomach. Then after some time shagun came to ishita’s room and said ‘ ishita bhalla, are you sure you won’t give me my children. Ishita gave her a hard look and said they are my children shagun dare not you call them yours. Shagun said think again as you may also loose the baby in your womb as doctor have said. Ishita said shagun this baby will be fine as he have the love and blessings of all. Shagun said then bad luck for your this baby, how selfish mother you are, you are giving up you own baby. And i will leave this town today with your baby ishita so think once again. Ishita turned her face other side closed her eyes and said ” i love my kids ruhi and adi a lot and can give even my life for them and cannot leave them for anything. Shagun said fine and left saying now you will also suffer for your this baby as i am suffering for my kids. I will leave this home, even this town today, even the surrogacy papers are with me. You will not be able to do anything.’Tears rolled down from ishita’s face…Flashback ends

Raman came in a deep shock hearing this. He have never thought of that. He said please forgive me ishita, due to me you are suffering all this. Neither have i taken the surrogacy step without your knowledge nor you would have suffered thus much. Ishita looked at him and then kissed his forhead saying Raman u did all this for my happiness, your way was wrong but your intentions were wrong, how would you have known that shagun will do this one day. And Raman you were facing all her threats yourself alone only for my happiness. You haven’t even bothered me once. I am lucky to have you in my life. They both hugged. Ye hai mohabbatein plays.

Three months have passed with ishra taking care of each other, their love, sweet nok jhok but they both have not forgotten thw the wound given by Shagun. Still they share happiness with glomminess deep buried down in their head.

Scene 2
Shopping Mall
Ishita is three months pregnant now. Her glowing face tells the happiness of her heart and the glory of being a mother.
The four, ishita , raman, adi and ruhi were in mall. All were shopping different items fir ishita would be baby. Ruhi and adi came with a milk bottle. Ruhi said ishimatake this my sister will like this, while adi hold the other one saying no ishima this one, my brother will love it. Ishita smiled and said lets take both saying this her voice shivered a bit, a shiver that only his love, his husband Raman can understand. He held her hand and told the kids to see other items taking the two milk bottles. The kids went happily running. Raman said to ishita ‘ ishu, i can understand your pain and also the reason why you always take two similar things alike each other. Ishita nods and said ‘ Our relation is such that we can understand each other without even saying and yes i believe somewhere in my heart that my other child will also come to me one day and i will show him all the things, i will tell him how much i missed him..how nuch i love him. I will tell him i am not a selfish lady but i can not loose my kids. Raman hugged her, ishita wiped her eyes and said you too cannot hide from me that you too wait for other child otherwise you wouldn’t have brought two cradles saying ishitai was confused about the colour. Raman laughed and said so you caught me. But surely our other child will come to us too. Ishita nods , both know they are comforting each other wuth a dream that have a very least possibility to occur but still it is love to comfort each other even with hopes. πŸ™‚
Then they finished shopping taking everything two times. They bought clothes, toys, prams and many other things. On the way to home the four had icecream, ruhi took some icecream and put it on ishita’s stomach that have started bumping a little and they all laughed heartily. The happy family they are with lots of love.
Scene 3
Bhalla house
All family is sitting in hall. Toshiji announced about god bharai of ishita day after tomorrow. All became very happy. Toshiji gifted a red saree to wear ishita and a set of diamond necklace. Happiness was all around their life. Ruhi said see will wear lehenga, adi demanded for coat pant. Raman laughed and said the third one who will demand later is inside now once she comes then you three will make me mad by your demands. Toshiji said so what, children are pride if the father and mother. To fulfill their demands parents can go to any extent. They all laughed..ye bandhan toh pyar ka bandhan h plays.
All are very excited for tomorrow’s function and toshiji said i hope my Rinki will return in form of Ishita’s baby. Sarika’s face paled hearing name of Rinki. Sarika said to toshiji ‘ mummy ji, day after tomorrow is very big day, so shouldn’t we help the needies’ . Toshi ji said why not sarika, we will distribute clothes and money to the beggars and neefy ones. Sarika said not that type of help, actually i know a lady. She is helpless and poor. Her family has left her and she is pregnant. She works hard for survival of her children. Toshiji said ‘ ohh that’s the matter..no problem we will give her clothes and money.’ Sarika interuptted again and said ‘ mummy ji you are not getting it, she doesnot want any money help, she wants to nurture her children with her hardwork money. She only want blessing for her child and tomorrow is ishita bhabhi’s god bharai function so if we will do her god bharai too in that function , her child will also get blessings of all. ‘ . Hearing this toshi ji said ‘ are you out of your senses Sarika, how can i allow a road side lady to get an equal status as of my daughter-in-law and that in her god bharai function’ . Ishita said ‘ mummy ji, let her come na, my child will get immense blessing due to her. Just think the blessings of that lady will directly feom god and if due to my child anyone get happiness than its good fortune of my child. ‘ Raman said i agree maa. Toshi ji said ‘ i am glad to have you two aj my daughters-in-law sarika and ishita. They both smiled. Toshiji said sarika to bring that lady in the pooja.

God bhatai function is going on, sarika comes with a lady whose face was covered with a veil.

Guys reay sorry for late update. I know its too late. Special sorry to neha as she said to update it but i was unable to update. But guys i will give one more update. Just keep commenting whether you are liking it or not, also your views and suggestions. Your support means a lot and comments really boosts me up πŸ™‚

Credit to: Heer

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