Yhm Fan Fiction.. IshRa Forever (Part 6)


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scene 1
scene started with shagun saying the father of this child is..then she looked at raman and said its of manoj. Toshiji said, ” bina vyah te bchha” ( a baby, without marriage).. shagun said ‘ so what, its a symbol of love and a sign that i can bear a child,saying her last line she looked at ishita as if taunting her. Raman fumed and was about to say something to shagun but ishita stopped her by signalling him with his eyes and nodding her head as no..then she said to shagun come and have the thread tied . shagun went there and sat and forwarded her hand and got the thread tied. the puja was completed.all were happy and toshi ji said to ishita that soon we will be blessed with a little baby and kissed on her forhead. shagun smirked and said in her mind yes baby will come but not from ishita,from me, either i will get my position back in this family or my kids back then she smirked.

scene 2
all are sitting in hall and are very happy dicussing about the new baby.. ishita was sitting there and pampered by all..raman was in his room when he gets shagun’s call..she called him to her room..raman went there.. shagun said to raman, now u must be thinking why i didn’t tell the real father’s name of child, its because, as i have told u earlier ‘i have no problem with u and ishita, i just want my kids back. raman just look at me..shagun was in tears.. raman sat on bed beside her and said what happened shagun..shagun said ‘ raman,think of me, you want to give ishita a baby,and whats about me, i am also a mother and i just want my kids, the day i became pregnant. i don’t know why but the motherly love had taken place inside me..saying this she cryingly hugged raman, raman who wad also in tears till then consoled her and then parted her and said its upto ishita whom she will choose and wiped his tears while standing and turning back to go..shagun held his hand and said, if ishita choose this child, then will you be with ruhi and adi, raman turned and looked at her without any emotions and then he freed his hand and went from there.
ishita comes to shagun’s room and sits beside her. shagun looked at her and said ‘go from here,why have you come here ishita, don’t ever think of controlling my way of living just bcoz i am bearing your child, you can have control on your child but not on me, and its 9 months now, so have patience, its my child till it is in my womb and i will hand it to u after 9 months then u can have control over it and show to your family members that you are not infertile by lying to them that its your baby. as you are lying now to everyone about your pregnancy. meanwhile sarika heard all this and got shocked saying ‘ishita is faking her pregnancy, then she smirked and said, i will also keep my mouth shut and use this when it comes to my favour’ thinking this she went from there.
in the room ishita was listening shagun silently, shagun said ishita bhalla,go from here and wait till i hand over the baby to you’ ishita looked her hardly and said handover the baby to me and then cowmplete it.. shagun said what in surprise..ishita in a firm voice said, i said complete it, u will give me the baby and then,you will take my ruhi and adi from me. shagun raised her one eyebrow and said ohh so u know everything. well its good for us both..lets sign the deal. ishita slapped her hard and said my children are not a deal.. shagun angrily looked at her and said’ correctin ishita, your child and my children..adi and ruhi belongs to me. ishita said’ only giving birth cannot decide it and i don’t need anyones aprooval..they are my children and always be mine,and this baby in your womb..i love him too but i cannot give my ruhi and adi to you..u know what shagun, i want my child but i will never loose ruhi and adi for him.. you called me infertile and u think after getting the baby i will become fertile and you are correct too after getting a baby a lady becomes complete but the pride of being a mother, a complete self is given by ruhi to me,i am her and adi’s ishima , i am complete and i can not loose my family. and one thing more, raman was afraid to tell you that i am also pregnant as he thinks u will harm the baby..but i am tellling you this and i challenge you try harming my children and you will she the other side of ishita, and you know what i can not give up ruhi and adi for this child too putting her hand in her stomach, and lastly shagun they are your children wait a correction you have given birth to my children so you can meet them whenever you want but leave the thought of separating them from me, saying this she went from there to her room.
scene 2
she burst into tears in her rooms,but then she composed herself and went to adia nd ruhi’s room. she hugged them tightly and cried, adi asked what happened ishima, ruhi wiped her tears, isshita clutched them tightly and said i can’t loose you.. i saw a bad dream that u both are going away from me..they both hugged her and said ishima its just a dream..ishita parted them and said promise me you both will never leave me..they both hold her hands and ruhi said ishimaa promise. she again hugged her..kissed her forhead, cheeks again and again..then she caressed adi’s face and said beta i love u lott..u too love your ishi maa na..promose me..u will never leave me..adi hugged her and consoled her..he said ishimaa come to bed..he made her lie downon the bed and caressed her head ruhi caressed her stomach..adi said ishima,,i love u and i will never leave you,,how can a son leave his mother,,,i cannot live without you..and he slept by her side hugging her..ruhi also hugged and said ishimaa i too cannot live without you,please don’t cry..otherwise my sister will also cry..ruhi also hugged her and slept by her side. the three slept.. suddenly ishita saw in dream that shagun is dragging adi and ruhi and she is helpless… ishita wake up with a scream..nooooooo… toshiji sarika and simmi came there and adi and ruhi woke up..all consoled her and asked what happened..suddenly ishita twisted in pain putting hand over her stomach..seeing this toshi ji signalles romi to take adi and ruhi out of the room..they went out..toshiji called the doctor..then she saw some blood on the bed..toshiji got frightened nad sraika consoled her making the call to doctor,thinking in her mind that what drama is being done by ishita now..ishita saw the blood and cried hard hugging toshiji..toshiji calmed her down and asked sarika to call raman from office.

precap: ishita hugged raman and cried hardly saying raman i lost my baby. i lost my unborn baby..raman in shock.

Credit to: Heer

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  1. O very emotional episode waiting for next part

    1. Hey siddhi..i will upload it soon..keep tuned dear 🙂

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  3. But please keep writing as you r a good writer…?

    1. Thank you neha..yes i will keep writing..as a support of all of u means a lot 🙂

  4. Eagerly waiting for the next part…Please update it soon..

    1. Yes neha dear.. i will try to update it as soon as pssible 🙂

  5. heer not again the miscarriage drama pleeeeease

    1. Kajal..stay tuned..its the story line for now..sorry if it hurts your emotion.

  6. How to write a fanfiction

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      And if u still have confusion tell me
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  7. no heer plz no miscarriage again and plz update next part soon.

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  8. Nice BT no mscrg pls….

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  9. very nice story than the one shown on star plus.
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