Yhm Fan Fiction.. IshRa Forever (Part 5)


hello guys..this is 5th part ready..hope u like it..as always i say please share your views in comments 🙂

scene 1
all bhalla family is sitting in hall. amma with mihika comes to meet ishita. amma tells loudly so tomorrow morning ishu you have to take leave as its puja for you and your baby. shagun hears this when she was coming inside the house. raman eyes shagun and remembered her threats. he thinks if shagun comes to know she is pregnant then she may try harming the baby, so i have to talk to her. so he stood up atonce and hold shagun by arms without being noticed by anyone and took him out the house. shagun who herself was impatient about getting an answer of what amma said just now. raman said shagun see mom have seen the pregnancy papers in which it is stated that i am baby’s father, so in that fuss i told everyone that ishita is pregnant and i have told ishita about surrogacy too and it was all done in a fuss so please calm your mind and don’t harm the baby. u will get what u want just don’t harm the abba y please,raman was himself wondering over the last sentence he said and shivered with the thought of loosing ruhi and adi. them he controlled himself and said i willmake everything fine..just come inside and relax and please don’t say anything about this matter inside the house. shagun gave an angry look to raman then went inside the house. all were talking happily about puja but seeing shagun there became a complete silence,,she fumed in anger goes inside the room. seeing this ishita becomes sad thinking about her other baby.

scene 2
ishita sitting on bed with her back relaxing on the bad comfortably with a pillow.she has covered herself half with the blanket and ruhi and adi were sitting either side of her. ishita was narrating a story about a princess adressing the princess to be ruhi..ruhi was asking uestions again and again in between interuupting in the story..adi said to ruhi..why are you asking so much uestions,,ruhi inoccently replied after some time i have to narrate story for the little baby..raman too heard it while entering the room..ishita kissed ruhi and they all shared happy moments together.then raman said adi and ruhi go to your room and sleep..ruhi said no,i will sleep with ishima and baby..ishita clutched her and said said yes we will sleep together together with adi and ruhi on my either side,,and u sleep on couch..ruhi and adi giggled. raman said ok masking faces and was going to sleep on couch just then shagun came in and said i am not feeling sleepy alone..ruhi and adi u come with me..ishita and raman get tensed..ishita said shagun if u are not feeling well..i will sleep with u..shagun said so now u know everything thats why you are being sweet with me,i don’t need your sympathy..ishita eyed raman..raman nodded seeing ishita. shagun said adi to come with her..adi stood up to go..then she asked ruhi..ruhi refused and clutched ishita,,shagun dragged her..ishita held her hand and said shagun u can’t take her like this..if u want u can sleep here but u can’t bother my daughter ruhi..shagun leaves with adi in anger. ishita consoled ruhi..make her sleep..raman hugged ishita and narrated the entire conversation of his and shagun..ishita said i can’t do anything for my other child but why shagun is acting weard. raman thought about shagun’s threat and hugged sobbing ishita..then he asked ishita if you have to choose between adi,ruhi and your baby to whom shagun will give birth then whom will you choose,, ishita immediately stopped sobbbing..looked at raman and said raman what type of uestion is this,are u out of your senses..then she looked into raman’s eyes and said is there anything you are hiding from me.. raman hugged ishita and broke down in tears..ishita senses something wrong..she consoled raman in hugging position..ruhi wakes up and said papa ishima what are you doing,why are u both not sleeping with me..i should be in middle..understanding thes situation ishita said we will talk in the morning buttalk definietly..raman nods..the three lied down..ishita was not getting sleep..raman caressed her hairs made her sleep,,and after some time he was also lost in sleep..the three slept peacefully.

scene 3
its morning and ayyer house..all are ready for the puja..ammma is seeing all the arrangements..just then bhalla family comes.. ishita beautifully dressed in pink kanjiwaram saree with thick yellowish golden border downside and the similar pattern on the side of saree..her hairs beautifully tied with gajra all around her hairs, along with raman,adi ruhi mrs bhalla and all bhalla family. the rituals starts and mrs bhalla make ishita sit on chowki and panditji started the rituals. shagun came there ans stood with all of them..mrs bhalla taunts her saying only family members are invited in pooja..shagun fumes..then pandit ji said this thread is for safety of mother and child..ishita forwarded her hand and thought about her other baby and its safety,,he looked at raman..when panditji was tieing thread shagun said its my right to sit there and get the thread tied..all looked to her with surprise and mrs bhalla asked her to leave and not to create a drama here..raman looked at ishita and then said that sahgun is also pregnant and tahts why she is saying so..all family comes in shock..then shagun herself tells that the father of this child is……..

ishita confronting shagun about her demand of ruhi and adi in place of her child.

Credit to: Heer

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  1. fun of de show

    i loved it,dey shouldnt have killed shagun your script is amazin,i wish de writters of yhm had ur brain,with shagun death n dis spirit tamasha has ruin de show,i used love yhm,so please keep writting dear!

    1. Thanku fun of de show..u motivated me a lott 🙂

    1. Thanku parvathi 🙂

  2. Nice job….

    1. Thanku jhanvi

  3. Its awsome yaar plz continue writing and update next part as soon as possible. I am curious to know what is going to happen. Plz update next part soon.

    1. Thanku divya. .yes i will upload it soon 🙂

  4. Waise yaar heer tum itne dino se kaha chali gyi thi.

    1. Hey divya..mai mela ghum rhi thi dusshera m..haha..i was just enjoying the festival 🙂

  5. Please add some more ishra seen like their sweet nok jhok…

    1. sure :).. i will try my best 🙂

  6. Nice nice nice epi..much more nice then that real horror crap..
    Well heer nai fan fiction any my kitni der lgy gi..I mean naya epi kb tk ajata h..i m eagerly w8ing for nxt prt..plz update soon..thnx for this..:-)

    1. Hey alishba..sry for laye to update and rply..but noe its updated..please have a look

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