Yhm Fan Fiction.. IshRa Forever (Part 4)


guys thanku for your support..its 4 episode today,,tell your views in comment 🙂 it has some adult content.. if you don’t like such scenes please mention in comments 🙂

scene 1
ishra bedroom
ishita and raman were sleeping. the sun came out and birds start chirping. ishita woke up and saw raman. she said” thanku raman for being a part of my life.” then she said to herself i should take a bathe now and i have to go to clinic otherwise i will get late. she stood up and covered raman with blanket properlyand went to freshen herself. after getting fresh she waschoosing her clothes from almirah..just then raman awoke and said ishita what are u doing?. she said i am going to have bathe..then i have to rush for hospital. he said ok please can u bring newspaper first from hall. she said sure raman, ishita brought newspaper and said take it raman. she saw raman again fallen asleep covering himself fulyy. she said morgan whats wrong with this raavan kumar. then she took her clothes..yellow saree with golden border,she kept the clothes on table thinking i will wear it in the room..till then raman would have gone out. she took her towel and inner wears with her along with matching blouse and peticot. she went inside the bathroom..locked the door and unpinned her saree. just then raman put his hand across her stomach from backside. she turned her face in surprise and said raman..u here. he said yes darling. she asked then who is sleeping on the bed..he said piloows. she said what raman..go out now..u r very shameless. raman said why should i.. you are my wife. then he turned her and hugged her. raman the parted her and took out his shirt. ishita covered her facer with her hands..raman removed her hand and hugged her. he opened her saree and took her ddown the shower. the shower was pouring luke warm water. ishita hid herself in the arms of raman. raman took her face up an kissed on her lips. she closed her eyes and kissed him back. then he opened her blouse…ishita shivered and turned.. now her back was in front of raman.. raman kissed her on her back..she clutches her fist tightly holding her peticot and moaned.. raman unhooked her bra and hugged her from back taking her bra out..ishita held raman tightly and he turned her..she clutched him and they kissed..raman took body wash and massaged ishita’s back and then in front..ishita breathed heavily..raman opened her peticot kissed her stomach and massaged her legs..ishita says no raman,, raman says let me do it my love..after hi finihed puttong body wash on all her body ishita took the command. she massaged raman’s chest and back..then she pulled raman pant signalling raman to open it..raman opened it and she massaged raman’s legs. then they both hugged and walked to the bath tub hugging.then they both went into the bathtub..full of luke warm water..raman resting his back on the wall of tub and ishita resting her body on raman. raman kissed ishita’s shoulder..she moaned softly. after finishing in bathing in tub they took a little shower again..hugging each other. then raman dried ishita body..wrapped towel around his waist and then hold her on his arms and brought her in the room. then he made her wear the clothes. ishita asks raman to get ready too and went to the dressing table..she took a bindi and put it on her forhead. she put the sindoor and went out saying raman come soon..i will see araangements of breakfast,,she was so nervous and shy that she was not able to make eye contact.

scene 2
all were in breakfast table..ishita said sorry i got late and started to putting the dishes on table..mrs bhalla said ishita no you will not do annything just sit and have healthy food. shagun said..why what happened to her..ish she ill. mrs bhalla said to shagun nothing happened and if you want to work then work but don’t bother about ishita s, saying this mrs bhalla served fruits, lentils and beans to ishita. ishita said what is this shall i have to eat this..mrs bhalla said yes its healthy have it. just then raman came and sat beside ishita. ishita signalled raman to give same breakfast to shagun as hers. raman asked for the same food as ishita and handed it over to shagun saying shagun eat this. this is very healthy.. she happily complies. mrs bhalla got angry and asked raman if shagun wants omlet too..shagun says no..i will not take anything non veg. i don’t feel like eating non veg. mrs bhalla taunts yes no non veg but she will eat our happiness,,ishita got sad thinking about her baby and shagun, after finishing breakfast raman said to ishita..u will not go to clinic alone..i will drop u there and i will pick u in the evening. ishita said there is no need of..raman said in middle it is needed. ishita complies and brought her purse and fil.es. raman asked adi and ruhi to come as he will drop them to school. they all four left. mrs bhalla taunts seeing mshagun sayin my child familyb is full lof happiness hope any black shadow doesnot touch there happiness. shagun fumes and thinks whats the matter..why everyone is taking care of her..is she ill or the matter is something else..raising her eyebrow.

scene 3
raman leave the kids in school..adi and ruhi said bye papa..bye ishima and ran away..raman turned the car and saw the kids comin back runnig..ishita asked what happened..they both said we forgot something..ishita asked what..ruhi asked her to open the door..as ishita opened the door..ruhi touched her stomach with her hands and then kissed her hands and said bye bye baby..adi says bye bye baby too and then thry both ran away happily.raman drove the car and said whole family is very happy ishita..i got happiness of the world..ishita holds his hand and said raman if anything went wreong then..raman said no..nothing will go wrong,,just trust me..i will not let anything go wrong and he thinks about shagun,s threat. raman then lowered the seat and asked her to sit comfoetably till he drive to clinic. then he dropped ishita to clinic waved her bye and said”i will come to pick u up” she nods smiling.

scene 4
amma come to bhalla house with sweets and asked about ishu..mrs bhalla said she has gone to clinic… amma sees shagun who was sitting far away from them and said lets put a pooja for ishu as she have suffered much..we will pray to god to not ruin her happiness..mrs bhalla said its a great idea..we will keep the pooja tomorrow. shagun who was seing them from far couldnot listen them but thought why amma have brought sweets. what are they hiding from me.. have raman told them about suroogacy..no,if raman would have told then mrs bhalla have given me healthy breakfast instead of ishita. it means ishita.. ohh my god is ishita pregnant. she got tensed and thought now its time to talk to ihshita.

precap: pooja is going on..ishita is sitting on chowki..shagun comes and said its her right to sit there..all see her.

Credit to: Heer

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  1. Since it’s a family show I don’t agree with the part in bathroom. It should be decently casted. For the rest it is good.

    1. Sure vid i will go through your suggestion..thank you 🙂

  2. Readers have imagination,I think.Sometimes 1-2 hints are enough.You don’t need to brief those adult scenes so much.It’s awkward to read.

    1. Yes trisha..actually it was awkward for me too while writing..i wrote deeply so that readers understand..but thank you for your suggestion..i wil use hints method in upcoming episode 🙂

    2. Yes trisha sure..infact it was awkward for me too while writing this scenes in detail..i wrote deeply for the readers to undersrand but from next episode i will use your suggestion og hint method..thanku 🙂

  3. I respect your writing you wrote very well !?

    Adult content Is little lethargic which greatly suggested in my previous comments…

    Rest all things are applauding…?

    1. Thanku rachit for youe suggestion..i will be more comcious in writing such scrnes..and thanku for support 🙂

    2. Thank you rachit for youe suggestion. I will be more concious in writing such scenes and thanku for your support 🙂

  4. Omg its tooo much

  5. What a nice thought yr gud very Nycc

  6. If it is a epi …no. BT it’s a only reading update so it’s OK ….

    1. supportive 🙂

  7. Shanike mallawaarachchi

    Now yhm showing the same scenes . Because of that it came to boring place of fans heart..so however shagun’s iffectivity should come to the end soon
    .If anything will happen to bhalla house from ishitha, it will highly threat to his character .and all the good work that she done for everyone will destroy.if this will happen fans will do not love to ‘ this is love’ further .
    So think about this status of yhm

    1. sorry but i coulnot understand you..plz be some more clear

  8. Ooooo odd yrrrr plz stop this disgusting

  9. all scenes are good except
    the bathroom scene..
    it is Lord Murugan
    not Morgan

    1. Thanku dora :).. and yes i will be more concious in writing such scenes and yes thanks for telling lord murugan..i will take care ahead

  10. All scenes are boring except s*xy bathroom scene, keep writing them please. Thanks.

  11. Please post next part…. ?❤

  12. plzzz forget say bathroom scenes was so cool and s*xy i want to see its video too

  13. I think the adult content wasn’t needed. We fans have a concept about the lead actors in our mind. Reading the adult content leads to a different view of the actors coz the readers automatically visualize that part. So its better to avoid that.
    Rest all, very good

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