Yhm Fan Fiction.. IshRa Forever (Part 3)


hey guys here is third part of my fiction..sorry for late update

scene 1
ishita feels sleepy and raman makes her sleep by singing a song..koi mujhko yun mila h jaise banjare ko ghar..ishita holdds raman’s hand and was going to fall asleep just then raman’s phone rang..it was shagun on the phone..ishita woke up uncomfortably..raman shows its shagun and pics the cals ..he caresssed ishita face and make her sleep on his lap.raman says in the phone “shagun i will come after some time..right now i have an important work to do “. ishita sat and holds raman’s hand..raman looked into ishita’s eyes and ishita said looking straight into his eyes, “raman go to shagun..may be she needs something..that is also our child,and the child needs us,i know i can’t go there as u don’t want shagun to know that i know abt surroggacy so u should go now to her..for our child..till then i will take a nap.” raman kissed on ishita’s forhead..made her lie down and went till the door then he came back an said “i love u ishita and tell our child i love her too ‘ . ishita sais you tell yoursef and smiles with eyes full of love for her husband. raman leaned down over ishita stomach and said i love u my baby..ishita smiles..ye hai mohhabatein plays. raman then leaves after planting a kiss on ishita’s stomach..ishita blushes.

scene 2
shagun was impatient in the room just then raman came,,shagun says thank god raman you are here..i am not feeling well..i need u now..raman got worried and said what happened,,is everything fine.. shagun says i am shivering,,i am not feeling good..raman says i will call the doctor..shagun nods..sudeenly shgaun starts shivering and becomes pale..raman was on the call with the doctor with his back to shagun so he was not able to see that condition of shagun..suddenly shagun felt something and kept her hand on the stomach and cried out loud..raman’s turns in shock and saw shagun in extreme pain twisting. he says doctor to come fast and discconnected the call, he ran to shagun..till then whole bhalla family reached there except ishita who was sleeping peacefully in her room. raman started rubbing shagun’s hand and asked simmi to do the same,,simmi along with adi started rubbing her hands and legs. adi startes crying,,raman asks him to calm down. shagun becomes stable, doctor stuck in jam..shagun says she is feeling sleepy..all leave from there and shagun slept. raman saw her sleeping on the bed froom the door of the gate and prayed the god for the safety of the child and left from there.

scene 3
raman sitting in the hall recieved the call of doctor who tells it will take about an hour to reach their due to jam as there is some rally going there and asks raman to give her the medicine till then . doctor tells the name of the medicine raman noted it down and went to take it, after 15 minutes he came home with the medicine and the icecream that was ishita’s favt one. he first gave shagun mediine. she refused to have icecream,. he asked simmi to serve icecream to everyone and he took himself for ishita. he wakes her by putting cold icecream over her hand. she awakes and says raman..u r a kid. raman says “wanna have icecream?” ishita says..”raman wow you have brought for me my favourite icecream,how much you care for me ” raman says ” hey madrasan you are mistaken..this icecream is not for you but for my daughter and touches ishita’s stomach, she says then don’t say me to eat it and feed my son yourself showing fake anger.. raman says its my daughter..ishita says no son..raman says first have the icecream and then we will have a poll for it..they both laugh heartedly. raman feeds ishita icecream. just then ruhi came in with the bowl of icecream..raman says “so you are here to have some more icecream from ishimaa’s share right ” ishita says come baby and have some icecream as i know my daughter loves icecream”. ruhi comes to bed and says” i have come here to share my icecream with the little baby” raman and ishita becomes surprised and raman said” how come are u sharing the icecream..u never share icecream right” ruhi says “yes i never share icecream but i will share my icecream with this little baby and i will share my all toys with the baby too” ruhi feeds ishita icecream and hugs her..ishita kissed ruhi.. just then adi comes and says” ishima i have brought icecream for the baby”..ishita says “everyone is caring for the baby not me” adi says” you are best mom an i love you..this icecream is for both my mother and my brother.” ishita says “woww my son is on my side its a baby boy”..ruhi says ” no sister..a sister to play with me..both sharvan and adi bhaiya fight with me” raman says my daughter and kissed ruhi.. adi feeds ishita icecream. ishita says “this baby is so lucky to have this much love” then she reminds of her other baby in shagun’s womb and becomes sad.. raman said” what happened ishita” nd caressed her face. raman says ” i understand ishita what are you thinking..i will make every thing fine soon ” the four hugged with ishita on bed,her head resting on raman’s chest..ruhi and adi on other side hugging ishita. ye din laya h bahar.apno ka pyar kya kehna plays.

scene 4
doctor enters in bhalla house.. mrs bhalla get worried seeing her.. doctor said the pregnant lady who suffered pale sickness..doctor clarified as the head doctor is strucked in traffic jam..she sent me for the checkup..i live near by..toshi ji “said i don’t know about it but please make my daughter-in-law and the baby fine please”..toshi starts crying and take the doctor to ishita’s room. raman stands seeing doctor worrying if the doctor says anything in front of ishita about shagun’s condition. doctor comes to ishita and says the kids to go out. then she asked ishita “how is she feeling now”..ishita says “fine”. doctor says” shivering this much is not good for the baby.. have some healthy food..and take the medicines properly”. ishita doesn’t understands anything and sees raman. raman didn’t say anything due to toshi ji’s presence in room. toshiji leaves saying she will arrange tea for the doctor. ishita says “doctor what are u talking about” doctor narrate the whole story..ishita understands its about shagun and start panicking..she says” my baby..no..please go to shagun doctor..raman why didn’t u tell me..my baby is in problem” raman worries for ishita and calmed her down saying “everything is fine..she is sleeping after having the medicine,let the doctor check now..please don’t panick ishita” .. ishita says ” that’s my child raman..how come will i not panick..take me to shagun now please.” raman says” its our baby too with you..take care of yourself and baby..i will take doctor to shagun”.. raman leaves with doctor.. ishita sits tensed.

scene 5
doctor checked shagun and says have wrote the prescription and told her to take rest. ishita also came there and asks shagun about her health. shagun says” i am fine,, you don’t worry and please leave i am feeling sleepy”..ishita went out and saw doctor and raman talking,,she hears their conversation.. doctor asks for father of child..raman says “it’s me”,, doctor said “don’t make your wife feel lonely adressing shagun..a woman needs love this time..and conssumation is good for the baby..your wife will feel happy from mind and body and this will effect your baby’s health positively”..ishita hears this and cries. doctor says she will come for the checkup reguraly and leaves..raman turns and sees ishita crying,,he understood that she heard what doctor said and hugged her..he says “ishita things are complicated..i hope you will understand me and the situation” ishita nods yes and says” i understand you raman but my heart..i can’t loose you.” raman says i am with you always..and he rubbed her tears..” raman carried ishita to bedroom by carrying her in his arms.. whole family smile seeing this..while ishita feel’s shy and blushes.ye hai mohabbatein tune plays.

precap : raman and ishita having shower.

Credit to: Heer

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  1. Wow… Its awsome yaar.

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  4. thanku divya, parvathi and jhanvi 🙂

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    1. Thank you dear dora for your appreciation

  6. episode was nice…thanks for updating

  7. Can any one tell me is this only in writing or lyk a episode somwhere

    1. Hey rohan..its my own self made story that i am continuing as part 1,part 2 and today part 3.. its my own self made story after ishita comes to know that raman is father of sjagun child..kindly read its first part..ishra forever..part 1.. and if u like it please support ib comments 🙂

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