Yhm Fan Fiction.. IshRa Forever (Part 2)


Thanks for your support guys..here is second part..hope you guys like it..share your views in comments:
Scene 1
Ishita sleeping peacefully..raman caresses her face..saying ishita i am very happy today..It’s a great day for both of us..Thanks for giving me such a big happiness..i love u ishita and he holds her hand..just then ishita wakes up..and looks at raman..raman planted a kiss on her lips. She pushed him aside saying raman don’t do this..and tries to sit..raman holds her and said ishita stay here..first eat something..i will have something for you..she atops him but he goes out..he comes with ishita’s favourite dosa..ishita says i am in no mood to eat..we have to talk raman..he says let me talk first..he made her sit and put a pillow behind her so thqt she sits comfortably and then feeds him a little bite of dosa..first she refuses but on raman insistence eats it..raman says..ishita i am very happy that i am going to be a father..ishita thinks he is talking about shagun and his child..she says raman so this news is true that..raman kisses on his cheek and says yes my madrasan.. sjebsays raman are you not ashamed of what u have done and you are telling me this news without any regret..raman said madrasan what is it ro regret about..its the symbol of my love.. ishita says raman i can’t believe this..u r having no shame on what you have done..raman says why shame yar..ishita says raman what a man you are in front of your wife you are accepting all this that you are the father of the child..raman says madrasan have you gone mad.. if i should not be the father of the child then who is supposed to be the..and why should i shy..am i only responsible for this. She says enough raman and starts crying..raman in a confused state looks at her. Just then whole family comes there with a choclate cake except shagun..raman asks fir shagun and mrs bhalla says she is sleeping..ishita eyes raman angrily and then looks at everyone.. toshi ji kissed on ishita forehead and said i am going to be grandmother..simmi says i am bua..in the same way romi said he is going to be chacha nd sarika chachi..ruhi and asi hugs ishita..ruhi tells ishima..a small baby is coming..i am very happy. Ishita in shocked says you all know about this..and are supporting this..mrs bhalla says why should we not support..are u not happy ishita?? Ishita says mrs bhalla do you all think this is right.. mrs bhalla says beta we know you have suffered a lot in past but this time it won’t be like that..this baby will bring happiness and mrs bhalla feed her cake.. ishita says if you all are happy then i know what i have to do..all congratulate ishita and go out except toshi ji..she sats ishita take these bangles..i got this from my mother in law when raman was born now i am giving it you..ishita says why me..toshi ji hold ishita’s face and says..you are getting your biggest happiness then why you are not happy..You are going to be a mother why are you behaving weird..is everything ok between you and raman..ishita says you want me to accept this child as mine..mrs bhalla says beta thus is your own child..and puts a hand in ishita stomach..ishita puts her hand in her stomach and with surprised and confused mux expression she looks at raman and says my child..raman makes face as if saying obviously.. ishita says i am..raman completes yes your are pregnant my love.. toshi ji says u both have some talk..i will prepare special food for ishita.
Raman makes ishita sleep on bed..wipes her tears and kissed in her forhead..then he caressed her stomach and kissed on her stomach..ishita shivered with raman’s touch and hold his head there..he smooched in her stomach ishita closed her eyes in immense pleasure..raman kissed over her eyes..ishita opens her eyes then and then looked at him..raman says thank you ishita.. ishita says raman i have to talk to you..he says say my madrasan.. she says shagun..i mean i heard doctor filling your name in the form as the father of shagun’s child..whats all this raman. Raman gets shocked and says ishita when and how you have heard all this. Ishita says raman it doesn’t matter where i heard it..The thing which matter is that are you the father of that child..raman asks what do you think ishita..ishita says i trust u raman..and hold his hand and says my trust will never be shaken..i just want to hear it from you..raman says and if i say yes then..ishita says raman..i will let you live you life..ramam says look straight into my eyes..he says ishita thata my child..ishita remains shocked..raman added thats my child whose mother is you..i am sorry i hid the fact from you..do you remember the whole surrogacy time..that time i had done this..ishita says why raman..raman says for you ishita..to get you your biological child. Ishita says why you care so much for me..raman says because i love you..ye hai mohhabatein tune plays..ishita says then it is twin joy for us mr raavan kumar..raman hugged her and remembered last night incident witj shagun in car and wept..ishita breaks the hug and says you crying..raman says its of happiness dear..raman thinks not to tell anything to ishita about shagun’s threats so that she doesn’t get tensed. Raman says but ishita don’t tell to anyone about shagun and never discuss it with shagun as there are some complications now. Ishita hugged raman an said i will not tell to anyone but i know notjing will go wrong now..Its double joy for us.. raman caresses her hair..dhire dhire meri jindagi m aana song plays

Precap : raman feeds ishita ice cream.. doctor came for routine checkup

Credit to: Heer

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  1. Wao very nice this is our ye hain mohabbatin

  2. Thanks for making such a lovely episode

  3. Sorry making nii writing

  4. Kindly also write some ishrudi scenes

    1. Yes shiddhi..surely there will be scenes of ishrudi too..but first it was important to cleae misunderstanding between ishra..so i wrote full episode on them

  5. Woww sch a very nyc story.. i lv u it

  6. Great yar ….I loved it…

  7. Thankj for your support sidhhi ranjha and janvi

  8. nice story yaar i luv it

    1. Thank you for supporting

  9. Its really cool i loved it

    1. Thanku for supporting

    2. Tthank you for supporting

  10. I love it..

    The more romantic scenes the more beautify the serial

    Send this to ekta then she will know how bad a writer she was..

    1. Thank you vry much..i will try to write better

  11. Nice ,I liked it,yea,high tym Ekta ji avoided stupid plots..

  12. This is what we are expecting. The actual track is a real bakwaas. As Ishita is a sensible woman it is expected that she will understand but her anger should be of course vented on the stupid Raman who did all those things without her knowledge. Moreover they have to bear with Shagun’s complications.

    1. Thnku vid for supporting

  13. heer when will the next part come
    I am waiting for precap

  14. heer you are a good script writer ya
    I loved it very much
    when will you post the precap?
    we are waiting..

    1. Thanku dora..i will give the third part today only or tomorrow for sure

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