Should YHM end or drag


Hello guys this is Lisa and I wanna know ur opinion that should YHM end with a happy ending or drag like aliya adi love story ishra romance shagun villain

I think it should drag adi aliya love story ishra romance after marriage and many more coz I don’t want that yhm should end coz I’m a die heart fan of ishra and divan and we don’t know when we will be able to see divan together again …..and now rubi will start liking her ishima …Raman will try to express his feelings

And ya adi and aliya will be suberb but don’t know what CVS are doing a news also came that aliya will confess adi that she loves mihir but how can mihir and aliya have a relationship he is so elder than her too much may be coz when old yhm was there before leap mihir may be 30 or more and now he might be of 37 and aliya of 20 or less

So this was all about drag and now let’s go to happy ending…… So if yhm ends then then ishra fans will might also think of that it should drag but I don’t have any idea of end

So I want to know what you all think ……reply as fast u can coz I also wanna know what you all think

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  1. Varsha

    I luv ishraruadipihu together, again shagun is becoming villian so it’s better to finish it off… but will miss them

    1. Lisa

      Thnx for ur comment ….

  2. I never want to see this show ending!!! Love it too much n in whichever rubbish situation…i just want ishra onscreen and together!!❤️

    1. Lisa

      Me too !!! In whatever situation it is in I love to watch it I too don’t want it to end love ishra and divan

    2. Sarayumane

      same shreya

  3. Ruksy

    definitely drag it can’t just end like that

    1. Lisa

      Ruksy i too want it to drag

    1. Lisa

      If it ends after aliya and adi’s relationship then its ok

      1. Varsha

        Ya even I want alia and Adi to join soon?

  4. It’s called a father syndrome. It’s not real love.
    Subconsciously people like Aliya are insecure because of their upbringing.

    1. Lisa

      Ya !! Right ……thank u for ur comment

  5. Amrita

    Adi and Aliya should get married or atleast be in a relationship then YHM should end or not I don’t care but just Adi and Aliya should be together. Pls Pls Pls.This is my wish.

    1. Lisa

      Yes !!!!!! U r right if adi and aliya will have a relationship then I also don’t have any problem with it

  6. Amrita

    Adi and Aliya should get married or atleast be in a relationship then YHM should end or not I don’t care but just Adi and Aliya should be together. Pls Pls Pls.This is my wish.And pls CVs do it in this way.Pls Pls Pls

  7. It should never end its too good

    1. Lisa

      Yes !! I also don’t want it to end I can’t think that what will I do after yhm ends

  8. Lisa

    I forgot to add that if yhm will drag then we will get a different end but if it ends it will end like a family drama

  9. No…………… Please don’t end the story.

    1. Lisa

      Yes me too want this

  10. Sarayumane

    it shouldn’t end

    1. Lisa

      Yes !! It should not end

  11. first of all thanx for the poll . ya they should end it on a good note , like ishraruhadipihu getting united and adi and Aliya getting married and ya shagun should get settled wid manoj , because she did so much for bhalla family , she should also get a good life is it not . the show should end wid proper pairing and happy relationship between each and everyone

    1. Lisa

      Thnx I have posted I more poll plz comment i have submitted just now so it will be posted as soon as possible

      1. Sure

  12. I Don’t Know that it should end or drag. I just want to see Adiya (Adi + Aliya) & Ishra together. I don’t want to see Shagun as a vamp again. It’ll be good if Dr Manoj come back to show & get paired up Shagun.

    1. Lisa

      Yes !! Right

  13. Plsss i dnt want end yhm so soon. Want ishra cute moments and adi aliya love story. After that they should end in good note.

  14. Reshma Pradeep

    I Wish it should never End…….Bcoz I Really Love ISHRA…….Their Chemistry is Just Awesomeeeeee!!!!!!!I want to see them Onscreen Together………

    1. Lisa

      I too just love their chemistry

  15. I feel it’s better to finish it so ending up with good msg is better than dragging it too long so that all fans fed up with the track. YHM should be finished.

    1. Lisa

      Ya!! But after adi and aliyas love story

  16. Pls I really wanna know the way your ending this PLS CONTINUE ❤️?❤️??

    1. Lisa

      Thnk u thank u so much for liking it

  17. Pls continue
    I really want to know how you think yhm should end
    PLS CONTINUE ❤️❤️?❤️???

    1. Oops I sended the same one twice ??

    2. Lisa

      Thnx I have posted one more poll plz read it

  18. I don’t think yhm will end soo soon..still ruhi ..her future..her marriage…then pihu…god ..lotes left..they will definitely drag it for a longer time..?
    We ll never miss it..?

    1. Lisa

      Yesssss it should not end

  19. Arshi

    If it gets dragged .. it will become another kumkum bhagya… ????.. aftetall its ekthas show… but watever… i like the current track also grown up ruhis acting… all r fabulous… also i love shagun a lot …. even she becomes villian no one can beat her… her plans and plotting.. s just wow…

    If there s not villain like shagun… we wint be able to see ishra romance.. or ishra cute scenes… i guess.. wats ur opinion guyz…

    1. Lisa

      Yesss i love shagun too

  20. It’s all time pass. There is not even a percentage of moral lesson from all these stupid serials. Waste of time

    1. Lisa

      OK that’s what u think thnk u so much for commenting and giving opinion

  21. I like it being dragged as I will miss it so much if it ended

    1. Lisa

      Yes I should not end

  22. Continue no matter what! I don’t want this to end…it’s soo damn good…

    1. Lisa

      dont want it to end

  23. I like very much Shagun’s Villian role, but raman and ishita should not be separated and continue to romance, still very closer. We can enjoy the drama for another one year or more also with Alliya and Adi love romance.

    1. Lisa

      Ya right

  24. Megha123

    Want it to be continued whatever plot is it should continue love ishra ???

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