YHM Dil toh Pagal hain (promo)


How r u guys doing????

Rushi here friends I missed u all alot so am back with new series

Dil toh pagal hain

This ff is adapted from 1997’s Bollywood epic movie Dil toh pagal hain, I will add some spices n twist to the story.

This will be a romantic Ishra ff.

So today I will present a small promo

please let me know ur opinion of this ff

so here we goooooooooooooooooooo

A young boy is sleeping in some hall
He is dressed in denims n yellow t-shirt

Another boy throws water on him

Boy in yellow t-shirt wakes up with jerk

yellow t-shirt boy(still half sleepy)-Romi, what the hell is ur problem, I was about to hold
Dance Champion’s trophy Remo sir was giving it to me
n u idiot u woke me up that too by throwing water
u have actually spilled water on my dreams
Romi-ohhhhhhhhhhh Mr Raman Bhalla to make dreams turn to reality we need to work hard by just sleeping n dreaming nothing happens
Dance Championship is just 2 months away n we haven’t even started with practice

(so friends Another boy was Romi that is Aly Goni n the boy who was sleeping is Raman that is our Karan patel in this ff Raman n Romi aren’t brothers but are good friends)

Raman yawns
Raman-Romi relax everything will happen, I cannot let my dream break our troupe will win yes we will win dance championship
btw where is shagun
we need to start from today

Romi (irritated)-she might be busy with make up these girls I say are most most most

A beautiful lady dressed in pink long skirt n black top interrupts romi
Lady-are most hardworking n smart n intelligent n
Romi interrupts
Romi-ohhh just shut up shagun u are never on time I just dnt know what Raman saw in u that he made u part of this troupe

(Friends that young lady is our shagun )

An angry shagun holds romi’s collar
Raman comes in between n tries to stops shagun he holds her hands they have eye contact n shagun is lost in his eyes

Dil toh pagal hain dil deewana hain plays in bg

Scene 2

A southindian couple is shown
Man is reading newspaper
Lady is cutting vegetables
A gorgeous girl dressed in orange anarkali brings coffee
Girl-Aunty, uncle good morning wali good good hot hot coffee
Lady-Thank u ishu beta
man-Ishita beta u make best coffee in world
Girl-I have to make best coffee after all aunty has taught me

Girl hugs lady

Girl-I should wake up mihika orelse she will get late to college

Girl leaves

Lady-vishwa, my all responsibilities are taken up by Ishita so nicely, she is perfect sister to mihika
Man-yes madhvi u are right but I dnt know y god has been so
unfair to her, she was just five when he took away her parents
Lady-Because god wanted her to stay with us he wanted us to have privilege to adopt her n take care of her

(Friends that couple is Amma n Appa from original but in this ff they aren’t real parents of Ishita they have adopted Ishita n brought her up as Ishita had lost her parents in car accident when she was 5 years old
mihika is real daughter of Amma appa for this ff)

So did u all like it??
Any suggestions

I will eagerly wait for ur comments

Thank u

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  1. Nice one rushi…..dil to pagal hai is one of my favourite movies……I love sharukh and madhuri chemistry in it…..n songs of the movie are awesome………am expecting that u will include new scenes between ishra……waiting for next one……n yeah even I were missing you……

    1. RUSHI

      Thanks lekha will try to make it unique

  2. Nice start but make couple of Ishra not Raman with that ugly shagun plz ??

    1. RUSHI

      Thanks payal I hope not to disappoint

  3. Nivedha

    Happy that you are back Rushi… Wowwww I m waiting

    1. RUSHI

      Thanks nivedha dear

  4. Nice start…waiting for ff eagerly

    1. RUSHI

      thanks ipsita

  5. Veronica

    Awesome dear…Loved the intro

  6. Purna

    Hi…..Missed u Rushi!!!…….wonderful start……….loved it…….waiting eagerly for next updates………..

    1. RUSHI

      Thanks dear

  7. Pls continue

    1. RUSHI

      yes I will thanks please keep reading 🙂

  8. I think karishma’s character is done by shagun and madhuri’s by ishita and srk raman and akshay’s probably by mani

    1. RUSHI

      Anu dear please keep reading u will come to know shortly

  9. nice intro……. continue it…………..

    1. RUSHI

      thanks dear please keep reading 🙂

  10. RUSHI

    thanks dear

  11. Wonderful starting but I did not see the movie (dil toh pagal hain)..but this is very different story line ..

    1. RUSHI

      Hii guru,
      was missing ur comments alot
      thanks no problems if u have nt watched the movie
      I will ensure that I write everything clearly 🙂
      please kp reading 🙂

  12. Yes friend rushi, I’m big fan of divyanka and karan also your ff…today I read your undying love story that is fabulous finished… I’m not able to read your story early because my exams…

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