YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 9


I guess u all r getting a lil bored with my ff so today more emphasis on Ishra’s chemistry 😉

Recap-Raman is upset due to Mr Bhalla Ishita explains him imp of parents Raman is sad to know abt Ishita’s parents he feels guilty he cheers her up by dancing n singing koi ladki hain.Romi asks Ishita to tie him rakhi sent by his sis

Epi starts with simmi n mihir dancing others look on
Raman-Yaar synchronize nai ho raha
Romi-Mihir u r lifting simmi properly
Mihir-She is so fat
simmi (angry)-Mihir what u just said am fat
Mihir-Baby I meant…….
simmi-shut up just shut up u have no strength n say am fat always put blame

Mihir makes puppy face they argue

Ishita-please stop please dnt fight we need to rehearse

Romi-If u all dnt mind can I say something

Simmi-yes Romi Bhai

Romi-I think we should make Raman n Ishita main centre couple atleast lets try once

Raman ke maan mein ladoo futaaa :p
His eyes sparkle

Mihir-Great idea bhai

Ishita-Romi I, how come no no I dnt dance that good centre couple no

simmi-Ishita fact is among all of us u, n Raman r strong dancers n I guess unlike Mihir, Raman has strength to do lifts

Mihir-simmi mind u Ishita is thinner

they start again

Romi-Ishita u can give one try for us please

Raman (gives his hand to Ishita)-Ishita if u r comfortable I feel we can try once
Ishita gently keeps her hand over his
Raman holds her by waist slightly
Ishita is shy

Raman-Dnt worry Am sarif dance par chance nai marunga

Ishita-I know I know u r my friend n I trust but am
sorry all this is new for me I may behave a little weird

Raman-Dance as u dance please dnt bother about anything n trust me I willnot let u fall

Ishita smiles

Raman makes his grip lil firm
Ishita holds him
They start with salsa

Arre re Arre yeh kya hua maine na yeh jana arre re arre banta hain toh ban jaye afsana

They look in each other’s eyes
Raman lifts her
she does a perfect flip n lands in his arms

Arre re arre yeh kya hua maine na yeh jana arre re arre banta hain toh ban jaye afsana
They do some fusion n its all in perfect synch
He again holds her n they are lost in eachothers eyes

All clap

Romi-Perfect, u ppl have awesome timming I guess u should be centre couple
Mihir-We too agree kya chemistry hain, I meant co ordination

Ishita blushes
Romi pats her back
simmi-u were best

Romi-so decided Ishita n Raman will be centre couple
Ishita n Raman look at eachother

Ishita is doing some solo steps
she is about to trip
Raman notices n holds her
they have eyelock
arre re arre plays in bg
Raman-I said I will never let u fall Ishita smiles but is little upset
Raman-what happened?

Ishita-I feel I have got sprain in my right feet its paining

Raman makes her sit
He sits on his knees n places her feet over his knees
Ishita-Ahhhhhhhhhhh ouchhhhhhhhh
Raman applies balm lovingly ishita looks at him
Raman’s Room
Raman is studing Ishita gets coffee for him
Raman-How can u be so caring
Ishita-I care for only those who have spl place in my heart
Raman-I love u n kisses her hand
Mrs Bhalla-Love u too putar

Raman realizes that he was imagining

Raman’s pov-Ishita first u used come in my dreams when I used to sleep now u r every where

Practice Hall
Ishra r rehearsing Shagun enters
she is dumbstruck to see them dance so comfortably
Her face becomes pale
n eyes moist
Romi-Loo aa gayi mushibat shagun

Raman notices shagun
He thinks something
He hugs shagun
Ishita looks on

Raman-I missed u so so much
Shagun-liar when did u last come to meet me in hospital?I just came to cheer u all but I guess Am unwanted here

Shagun leaves Raman tries to stop

Raman to Mihir-How did Ishita react when I hugged shagun

Mihir-Hmmmm bhai she was little jealous

Raman has a wicked smile

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  1. Oh God Meri ma!!!!!

    Raman always played with 2 women heart.
    I think that Raman want Ishita to confess her feeling for him.
    Raman always get daydreaming about Ishita.
    Shagun come back to see Raman and others a visit then get jealous to see Raman and Ishita dance.
    Shagun get hurt by seeing Raman and Ishita then Romi love it and see Shagun then make jokes and traunt on Shagun and everyone stop.
    Raman then ran to hug Raman but Raman is uncomfortable to be close to Shagun.
    Maybe Raman is testing Ishita feeling.
    Ishita doesn’t care and only be friend with Raman.
    When the dancing competition is over then Ishita will leave the group and Shagun will return back that will make Raman, Romi, Simmi and Mihir sad.

  2. Jasminerahul

    ishra dance n eye lock was damn romantic.Ishita’s leg sprained n raman applied balm.wow.their confessin n raman kissing her turned out to be a dream.ha ha.Arre re arre yeh kya hua as bgm 4 ishr was very effective.must say mihir simi were very cute.i was imagining their scene.

  3. Wow dr…Really superb
    Plz make Raman’s love confession soon
    I am waiting for that??

  4. Kumud

    love their romantic dance ad the percap is nice as well

  5. This is best treat of ishra fans…I also want their confession ..superb part

  6. RUSHI

    Guru thanks dear some more romantic moments upcoming stay tuned
    kumud thanks alot
    kv thanks very soon wd make that in spl way dear
    jasmine thanks I hope u will enjoy more in upcoming track
    nisa thanks dear
    parichary thanks dear
    please keep reading

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