YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 8


Recap-Romi n shagun argue over mihir’s dance steps Romi gets hurt by simmi’s talks Ishita explains them
they reconcile
Ishita keeps ganpati’s idol on stand
Raman keeps admiring Ishita
he says with every passing day he is falling more n more in love with her

Bhalla house
over breakfast table

Mr Bhalla(sternly)-Raman fill the form for bank entrance exam only two days are left
Raman-Papa Amnot giving this year I have to practice willnot be able to focus on studing
Mr Bhalla(shouts)-Fill it
Raman-I willnot its my life,I will……
Mr Bhalla-It would be better to be childless rather than having son like u, u r useless Raman keep dancing like woman

Mr Bhalla leaves in anger Toshi feels helpless

In practice house
Raman is sadly sitting in corner
Mr Bhalla’s words r echoing in his ears
Ishita notices him
Ishita(gently)-Raman is everything ok
Ishita-Tell me I guess we r friends u seem disturbed

Raman-Nothing had arguement with dad .He wants to make all decisions of my life
Ishita-Raman he has right to
Raman (upset)-What about my dreams he wants me to give bank entrance exam, its scheduled next month how will I prepare I need practice too but who cares
Ishita-Raman. ..
Raman-Let it be Ishita u will never understand because I guess ur parents support u n never stop u they never intervene in ur life
Ishita-I wish they could I wish, Amnot as fortunate as u

Raman is confused
Ishita-They passed away when I was 5 in an accident
Raman is dumbstruck(speechless some how manages to open his mouth)-sorry sorry extremely
Ishita(with lump in throat )-u neednot be sorry, Raman understand his love for u all he wants is secured future for u.Championship will end after that whats next Raman? if u get good job what advantage uncle will get? Its for ur good.Please never take ur parents for granted

Ishita’ s eyes r moist she leaves excusing herself
Raman is embarrassed tears fall from his eyes

mihir, simmi, romi r rehearsing but Ishita is upset sitting in corner Raman notices
Raman’s Pov-I have hurt her alot she might be missing her parents All because of me Am so stupid really stupid I need to do something

Raman, Mihir, Romi n simmi r talking something

Romi-Ishita we have spl performance for u

Ishita looks on

Raman n Mihir come crawling Raman sings”Ghodhe jaisi chaal haathi jaisi dum
chak dhom chak dhom dhom chak dhomdhom”
Raman makes symbols of elephant n walks like that n hits Mihir on his bumps
Simmi n Romi throw water on them Raman continues singing
”ohhh sawan raja kaha se aye tum chak dhom chak dhom dhom chak”
Ishita laughs loudly
Raman continues
”Koi ladki hain jab woh hasti hain baarish hoti hain chan chan chak dhom chak”
Ishita sings
”koi ladka hain jab woh gaata hain savan ata hain gumad gumad gum gum”

ishita joins them All dance together spill water on each other

chakdhom dhom dhom

Ishita to Raman-hehehe thanks I have never laughed so much Hathi u r so cute
she pulls his cheeks
Raman smiles
Raman-Maybe u never got that upset am sorry I will fill form

Ishita smiles they have eye contact

Next day
Romi to Ishita-Will u please do me a favor
Ishita-yes what happened?
Romi Gives Rakhi to Ishita
Romi-Today is Raksha Bhandan My sister has sent it from Australia u resemble her in many ways please tie it

Ishita ties Rakhi
Her eyes r moist
Ishita-sorry actually I tied Rakhi to somebody for first time
Romi-Now onwards u will tie me every year
Mihir-Bhai her gift
Romi-Tell me what u want Ishita
Ishita-ur smile keep smiling

Raman looks on admiringly

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  1. Wow superb and now romi became ishita bro that’s great….

  2. Super nice episode

  3. Nice story. love it.

  4. Jasminerahul

    Ishita making raman understand abt respecting parents was lovely.they cheered up ishita by dancing n throwing water.cute.Romi considers ishita as his sis n wants her 2 tie rakhi on him n ishu did it.they have becme bro sis.s nice.who wil b romi’s luv interest?

  5. Kumud


  6. RUSHI

    Guru thanks alot dear
    kumud thanks dear
    parichary thanks dear
    jasmine thanks dear actually I haven’t planned any love int for romi yet :p
    nisa thanks dear

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