YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 7


Yesterday we saw Ishita comes to RSM’ s practice hall after being encouraged by mihika
Ishita is fan of Romi
Romi is polite towards her
shagun who is expecting Raman will not find a replacement for her soon is hurt to receive Raman’s sms that he found perfect replacement for her in form of Ishita

Rehearsals are going on

Romi-Raman get the changes made in our form.replace shagun’s name with Ishita
Ishita (nervously)-Can I really do this
Romi-Ishita do u trust me? I mean my dancing? Do u believe I have some skills then do u think I will make mistake in judging a good dancer
Ishita-Romi I didn’t intend
He interrupts
Romi-Shhhhhhhhhhh u r participating n thats final
U r part of our group.From today RSM is RSIM Am I clear

Ishita nods cutely

Mihir-welcome bha …Ishita welcome

Raman smiles he is on cloud nine

Simmi comes
Simmi (in excited tone)-Welcome Ishita so happy to have u as a member of our group
They hug each other

Mihir is showing some steps Romi isn’t happy
Romi-Mihir yaar this isn’t different its very common

mihir shows something different

Romi-no no mihir no

simmi is irked
simmi-Romi bhai then y dnt u show u just pass comments

Mihir tries to stop her
but she continues
simmi-u r expert agreed but we also know dancing
Romi-Amnot saying that but its an international comp we need to be innovative
Simmi-Mihir is working hard but u just criticize him always thats really unfair
Raman-simmi calm down
simmi-Raman bhai now enough is enough since twenty days all this is going on
Romi-simmi I cannot praise if its not worth praising am just saying truth
simmi-one truth is if u r real genius u might have not won dance plus, fact is u r a looser so u just keep removing ur frustrations

Romi is hurt he leaves, Raman Mihir n Ishita look on worried while simmi is still angry

Ishita goes to Romi
Romi is sitting in corner
his eyes are welled up with tears she sits besides him

Romi-ishita please go from here leave me alone or I will remove my frustration on u
Ishita (politely)-If u feel better by doing that u may do I dnt mind
Romi-I didn’t intend to hurt simmi, mihir is like younger bro I just dnt understand y I get so harsh am …….
Ishita-Dnt blame urself u just want us to improve u r harsh for our good

Raman looks on n smile

Ishita sees simmi she sits next to her
Ishita-simmi please dnt mind but I ask u one question
simmi nods
Ishita-cannot elder bro be little arrogant to younger bro for his improvement?
simmi’s eyes r moist she feels guilty

simmi goes to romi

simmi-bhai sorry I dnt know y I became typical possessive wife Mihir is ur bro first n u have right to scold him sorry I shdnt…
Romi-Am sorry I shd have explained politely
Mihir-Am sorry I shd have shown some better steps
They smile n emotionally hug each other
Ishita claps Raman adores her

Ishita-if we remain united nobody will perform better than us RSIM will win ONE TEAM ONE DREAM

All smile n hold each others hands Raman n Ishita r holding hands they have eye contact
Ishita-Can I please something ? I find it missing here
Raman-What Ishita?
Ishita takes out a ganpati idol places it on stand n folds her hands
Ishita-can ganpati bappa we part of our group can I keep it here
Romi-Ofcourse Ishita

All pray to lord
Ganpati Bappa Morya!!! Mangal murthi morya!!

Raman stares Ishita with affection

Ishita brings food for all
she serves food to all
she puts roti in Raman’s plate
Mihir (whispers in Raman’s ears )-Roti wali perfect wali bhabhi hain na

Raman smiles n starts eating plain roti
Ishita-Raman r u so hungry sukhi roti kyu kha rahe ho wait I will give u sabzi

Raman’s pov-Sukhi roti made by u tastes wonderful i can eat stone also if u give it by love u r an angel ur presence has brought lot of positive vibes everything seems so complete n beautiful with every passing day am falling more n more in love with u

arre re arre yeh kya hua maine na yeh jaana arre re arre kuch hogaya meine na yeh pechaana arre re arre bantaa hain toh ban jaye afsaana arre re arre .

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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    LOVED IT?????

  2. Jasminerahul

    Romi becomes strict wen it comes 2 dance.Simi gets annoyed n gives him tough reply n romi is hurt.Ishita consling him n uniting mihir simi n romi was very nice.simi romi scene was also gud.Is Romi going 2 fall 4 ishita?Raman is lost in luv.he wil eat anything prepared by ishita

  3. Serious Jasmine!!!
    Ishita will not get to know who she is in love with.
    But I notice when Raman and Ishu hold their hand and share an eye contact.
    I think that Ishita can see Raman love for her in his eyes.
    Oh Mihir teasing Raman about Ishita and foods while Raman smile.
    Oh god Raman can’t stop eating Ishita handmade foods.

  4. RUSHI

    Thanks reshma
    dear jasmine thanks u will get to know about Romi in today’s epi
    n dear parichary thanks alot
    please keep reading

  5. Kumud

    really jasmine this is perfect

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