YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 6


Yesterday we saw Raman visited iyers he was impressed with Ishita’ s cooking.He asked her to join their grp At first Ishita thought Raman was kidding on making out he was serious she said she cannot participate in an international comp her skills r not that good Raman praised her dancing n kept ppr having add of their practice hall

Mihika sees Ishita dancing.
mihika-Ishita u must go tom, please join troupe
Ishita-But dancing in front of mirror n so many ppl that too in international comp r two different things .Raman’s grp has dream to win trophy I cannot I just cannot break their dream am

mihika-u r perfect Ishita n u know wat u will help them achieve their dream n also ur dream
ishu to make dreams turn to reality u have to conquer ur fears
think about it

Romi n Mihir are practicing some steps while Raman’s eyes r glued to door He is desperately waiting for Ishita

Mihir-Bhai u think she will come
Raman-my heart says so
Romi-Btw where is simmi
Mihir-She has gone to meet shagun in hospital
Romi-Let shagun be in hospital or here she manages to create hurdles for us without simmi how can we do next step
Raman-Relax I will take up her role u imagine me to be simmi n we can practice

They start
Raman has a duppata wrapped around waist
Mihir is doing some lifts n salsa with Raman

suddenly loud laughs r heard

its Ishita

Raman is embarrassed
Ishita-sorry sorry sorry I haha he heeeee sorry u were dancing so cutely as a girl hehehehehehe

Raman silents admires her
Raman starts laughing seeing her laugh

Raman-Ishita welcome u have brought laughters with u
thanks thanks for coming let me introduce u to troupe members
He is Romi
Ishita interrupts
Ishita-Romi Lutra Participant of Dance plus I used to watch on tv ur steps were so so wonderful

Romi smiles
Raman is impressed

Mihir- Bhaa (He was abt to say bhabhi ) Ishita am Mihir Arora
Ishita shakes hand
my beautiful wife simmi arora is also part of this troupe u will meet her soon
Btw what will u like to have tea, coffee, soft drink

Ishita-please dnt be so formal I would love to have dance I mean Romi Sir am a big fan of ur steps please if u could please

Raman-Romi please show Ishita our signature steps

Romi dances Ishita watches in amusement

Ishita-woooowww sir
Raman I willnot be able to match this standard u all r champs

Romi-u dance well n if u r willing to learn I will teach u n please call me Romi not sir

Mihir to Raman-Bhai for first time am seeing romi bhai in this polite avtaar that too wd girl
Really bhabhi is magician

shagun-simmi did u all find someone? btw am asking such silly question how will u find someone so soon Raman willnot like anybody

simmi nods she recollects how Raman had said Ishita is perfect

Shagun sms from Raman
”so happy found perfect replacement bt miss u”

Her eyes become moist

Ishita dances on Dil toh pagal hain Dil deewana hain All look on impressed Raman adores
He imagines Ishita in black dress he holds her hand they dance
Dil toh pagal hain Dil deewana hain pehli pehli baar milata hain yeh sine mein aag lagata hain yeh dheere dheere pyaar sikata hain yeh
His imagination ends as all applaud for Ishita.

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  1. Neethu

    It was so nice! Loved the episode very much Rushi!
    I just wanted to suggest u something, could u please increase the length of the episode?

  2. Wowowowowowowowowowowow love it.

    Can’t stop reading.

    I can’t even expressed that Raman glued his eyes on the door to wait for Ishita.
    Cute Raman wear duppata and dance with Mihir.
    Cute Ishita laugh so hard on Raman avatar that embrassed him.
    Raman did not get angry by see Ishita laugh but admired her then joined her laugh. How cute!!!!

    Shagun get sad that Raman found the new person to dance with him. Ishita like how Romi dance and will learn the moves.

  3. Jasminerahul

    liked mihika convincing ishita 2 join d troupe.yep…romi is polite 2 ishita.So romi going 2 teach her dance.r wil raman teach her dance?ishu dancing on dil to n raman’s dream couple dance with ishita in black dress was damn romantic.

  4. Superb one dr

  5. Reshma Pradeep


  6. Radhikaji

    Wow…just lived it

  7. Fantastic part…romi’s politely attitude and Raman cool character superb….I think next part we will see ishra dance

  8. Shalu

    Grt Rushi……the dream part waswas nice………don’t tell me that Romi ll have a soft corner for Ishu……. (Cause I have not seen the movie…)

  9. Nivedha

    Loved it to the core

  10. RUSHI

    Nivedha thanks alot dear,
    Shalu thanks alot dear, lets wait n watch dear
    Guru thanks yaar, I hope u will enjoy upcoming parts

    Radhikaji thanks dear
    Reshma thanks dear
    kv thanks dear

    jasmine thanks dear I hope u will like upcoming parts
    thanks neethu will definitely try to make it longer
    parichary thanks alot dear

    please keep reading friends thanks alot

  11. Kumud

    nice one dear

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