YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 5

Dear friends thanks for ur lovely comments

In last we saw Raman helped Amma reach hospital on time
everybody thank him
Amma invites Raman for lunch
Mihir asks him about Ishita
Raman says she is perfect he describes his feelings

Its morning
Raman n Mihir r thinking something
Raman-Mihir suggest me what should I take for them
Mihir-Bhai purchase some fruits good for aunty’s health will leave good impression
Raman-Thats ok yaar but what for her
Mihir-Bhai I hope u meet her Does she stay with them

Raman(sadly)-please Mihir dnt say this

Raman is shown riding his bike
(btw he looks dashing in pink full shirt n trousers )
He purchases some fruits n then flowers

Raman reaches iyer house
Its a small row house with beautiful garden

Raman Pov-please please lord please please make me meet her please

Ishita comes from behind

Ishita-Ramanji what happened whom r u talking to please come in
Raman smiles n gestures thanks to lord

Iyers welcome him
mihika sees flowers n thanks Raman

Over lunch table
Ishita n mihika serve food
Raman feels awkward
appa-please eat Raman n feel comfortable
Raman eats
Raman-Aunty food is delicious
Amma-ishu has made it she is awesome cook n makes all variety
of cuisines

Raman is impressed
Appa-So young man what do u do?

Amma n appa look on

Raman’s pov-no yaar cannot let impression die

Raman-I mean I have passion for dancing but currently am doing internship with ios bank

Raman’s pov-lord forgive me for lie but I guess everything is fair in love n war

Amma (thrilled)-our ishu also is very passionate about dancing bt very shy

Ishita shyly smiles
n Raman admires her

Mihika shows Raman garden Ishita brings icecream
Amma calls mihika
Ishita n Raman r alone

There is silence
They eat ice cream
Raman-must say u make yummy icecream
Ishita(laughs)-Its readymade
Amul icecream

(Bichara Raman chop hogaya)

Raman’s pov-Bol de beta phir aisa chance nai milenga

Raman- But trust me Ishita jii u are multitalented
u dance so well n u cook so good
Ishita (smiles)-thanks alot but please call me Ishita I dnt deserve that much respect
Raman-neither do I please call me Raman
Ishita jii

Ishita looks on with smile

Raman (continues)-sorry Ishita
actually I I (he fumbles )
Ishita-please say
Raman-we have troupe RSM N we are participating in dance championship

Ishita interrupts
Ishita (eyes wide open)-Dance champion ship that international event woooowww I watch it on tv its amazing woooowww
Raman-so u will definitely not mind being part of our troupe
Ishita-Raman please Dnt crack jokes
Raman-Am serious our one member is injured n we came dat day to event to find somebody suitable to replace her n u r perfect
Ishita (laughs)-Raman I cannot Amnot trained dancer,Raman dancing in event n in international comp r two different things
u haven’t seen my dance its nt that good u will get somebody much better .Am fit to only watch it on tv

wind blows Ishita’ s hair fly Raman looks in her eyes

Raman-Dnt underestimate urself dance in front of mirror n see u will realize u r amazing .I have come across many dancers in last 5 YRS but nobody was so perfect u r best person to replace shagun u will definitely help us win trophy
Here on this ppr I have written add of our practice hall n my contact no hope to see u there tom

Ishita is in her room she recollects Raman’s words she dances in front of mirror n blushes

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  1. Shalu

    Very good…….nice……??

  2. Jasminerahul

    raman is naughty n trying hard 2 impress them.ha ha.dialogues were humrous.hope ishita agrees.raman wishing 2 c ishita n ishita appearing suddenly was very nice.
    I saw dil to pagal hai many yrs back.So I dont remember all scenes.R u changing the scenes n writing ur own scenes or putting the same scenes of the movie?
    this is my fav ff now n thx a lot 4 updating daily

  3. Sweet dialogue between Raman and Ishita.
    Amma is smart to call Mihika to leave Ishita and Raman alone and let them spend time together.
    Cute Ishita when she dance in front of the mirror and start to blush. And she will feel her glow on her face and knowing that Raman is right.
    Hopeful that Ishita will agree to Raman dance.

  4. Kumud

    Very nice

  5. Reshma Pradeep


  6. RUSHI

    kumud, reshma, thanks dear
    parichary thanks dear u will see that in today’s epi thanks dear
    shalu thanks
    jasmine dear basic story is taken from dtph but rest scenes are created by me, thanks dear so much fr ur encouraging comments
    please kp reading dear

  7. Super frnd

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