YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 4


In last part we saw Raman n troupe go to dance event where Ishita is dancing to find some replacement for injured shagun,
Raman is very impressed with Ishita n her performance he wants to make her part of their grp
Amma gets ashtama attack no taxi or car stops to take them to hospital so Raman drives a taxi n askes them to sit

Raman-So Bhole so nihalll sashrikaar dnt wry I will make u reach hospital on right time aunty nothing will happen please relax

Raman is shown driving
on backseat Ishita is sitting with amma Ishita makes amma rest her head on her shoulder she caresses her mihika is sobbing
Raman drives fast

Raman doesn’t stop at signal n breaks the signal
Ishita is worried

They reach hospital

Ishita takes amma

Doc checks Amma
Doc makes her wear oxygen mask

Doc-Maybe due to excess crowd mrs Iyer was unable to breathe
good u got her here on right time dnt wry she will get fine we have kept her under observation

Appa folds his hand n gestures thanks to Raman
Raman feels awkward n holds appa’s hand n asks him to just give blessings
mihika n Ishita look on

Raman is strolling outside Amma’s room Ishita comes there
Ishita-excuse me, thanks thanks alot
Raman-please dnt make me feel low I did all this for sake of humanity
Ishita smiles
Raman looks in her eyes
Ishita put forths her hand
Ishita thakur
Raman shakes hand
Raman Bhalla

Raman keeps looking at her Ishita breaks silence
Ishita-Btw seriously u did a really big favor u took so many risks for us I mean if I could return this favor in some way

Raman’s pov-By being mine forever I mean atleast a part of our grp but this would sound so selfish I cannot talk about dance championship now, impression ki vaat lag jayegiii

Ishita keeps looking

inspector comes there with taxi driver Mihir also comes

Inspector to Raman-u robbed his taxi n u broke signal tooo come to police station

Ishita tries to explain but inspector doesn’t listen
appa comes there
appa-ishu u go madhvi is calling u I will handle

Appa is shown explaining inspector

inspector-Mr Raman considering this case am leaving u but dnt repeat these things

Raman apologizes to driver

Mihika-Raman ji please come in room amma wants to talk to u

Raman looks from outside he notices Ishita giving medicines to Amma lovingly he admires Ishita

Raman enters room
Raman-how r u now aunty?
Amma-Beta because of u am absolutely fine thanks thanks alot
Raman-please aunty u r calling me beta n saying thanks nt fair at all
Amma-so I willnot say thanks on one condition come home tom for lunch
Amma-Amnot bad cook dnt wry

All smile

At night Raman is looking out of window n smiling

Mihir-Bhai tell me truth today u have lost ur heart
isn’t she the one bhooli si surat
Raman (still smiling)-Her face has that innocence her eyes are not naughty but beautiful
Mihir-Ahhhhhhhhh so I was right
Raman (blushes)-Dnt know but she is special her looks, her dance, the way she talks, the way she cares
I just met her today bt feels like I know her since ages, there is some deep connection

Bhooli si suraat ankoien mein masti plays

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  1. Veronica

    Cute and lovely yaar

  2. jasmine Rahul

    I luv movie based ffs.liked how u r writing DTPH in ur style including YHM characters.Raman has entered d gud books of Ishu’s family.will ishu agree 2 dance 4 his troupe?raman has fallen 4 her.wil shagun turn -ve?I hpe shagun dosnt becme -ve.Mihir Simi is a unique pair.i’ve never read them as a pair in any other ff.ur imagination is gud.guess abhishek is akshay.if so his luv interest at d end will be Shagun or mihika?plz add all the songs of DTPH in ur ff.

    I think Kuch kuch hota hai too suits YHM team.so after ur current ffs plz try 2 start ff on kuch kuch.

  3. Shalu

    Grt yaar……sry I was not able to comment as I had exams……..as always u have nailed it……lovely……??

  4. You have nailed it, Rushi!!!!!

  5. Reshma Pradeep


  6. RUSHI

    Reshma thanks dear
    parichary thanks dear n also thanks for ur comment in my last epi it was wonderful
    jasmine dear I myself love each n every song of this movie will include all as situation thanks alot dear
    veronica thanks dear
    shalu please dnt be sorry n thanks
    keep reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. RUSHI

    jasmine thanks dear for ur suggestion will try aft this ff

  8. Kumud

    nice its really dil toh pagal hain

  9. Superb move

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