YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 3

Hii Friends sorry for delay in updating I was occupied with janamastmi celebrations sorry

Recap-In part 2 we saw that Mr Bhalla isn’t happy with Raman’s passion, his talks hurt Raman
mihika convinces Ishita to dance in fund raising event.
Shagun injures herself while rehearsals n is advised bed rest.

Shagun is resting on hospital bed
she is in pain
Raman enters her room with flowers
shagun smiles n looks at him

Raman (guilty tone)-sorrrryyyyyyyyy shagun I should have been careful because of me

shagun interrupts

shagun-Raman not ur fault I should have been careful

Raman places his hand our her shagun looks in his eyes

Romi enters
Romi(arrogantly)-Raman yaar dnt be guilty its all shagun’s fault she keeps doing stunts basically she doesn’t know to dance. Good for us now we can win as she is not going to perform rather I must say ruin our ………..

Raman shouts

Romi enough enough.shagun is already injured it must be so painful pl dnt increase her pain with ur talks .Dnt forget winning dance championship is also her dream n nobody knows better than me how it feels when dream breaks

Romi smirks n leaves while shagun is smiling

Shagun’s Pov-Raman winning dance championship was my dream but now I have only one dream to have u always with me, if u r with me I just dnt want anything

Dil toh pagal hain dil deewana hain plays

Romi, Raman n simmi r sitting in their practice hall
all r worried
n thinking Mihir comes rushing

Mihir-Raman bhai I confirmed with dance championship authorities we need minimum 5 members in group orelse our group will be disqualified
they said we can replace shagun

Raman (worried)-But how will we get her replacement so soon

Raman is very tensed n starts strolling

simmi-Today there is a dance event in Als college to raise funds for cancer patients, we can go there maybe we will find somebody suitable

Raman-Nice idea we can atleast try

Ishita is getting ready
she looks at ganpati idol nervously

Raman, Romi,Simmi, Mihir sit in big auditorium

Performance start
The lady loses her balance, in next performance girl forgets her steps, in next girl falls

Raman is disappointed

Raman-Guys performers here aren’t professionals lets leave n not waste time

Romi-Wait Raman its last performance

Ishita comes on stage her back is to audience
Ishita is nervous
mihika signals her all the best
appa, amma cheer for her
Ishita is standing still

Raman-Look at her Romi she is unable to move forget dancing
lets leave

Raman is about to get up
Ishita closes her eyes music starts Ishita dances
she is graceful, she is perfect,

Raman is lost
He stares her

Ishita’ s expressions are fantastic
Raman’s mouth remains open

Ishita gets standing ovation
mihika, amma, appa are proud
Ishita smiles

Raman-I wish she cd be part of our troupe she is just perfect forget troupe she is perfect my dream……

Mihir-Bhai wat r u saying lets go n talk to her orelse she will leave

Raman (with naughty smile)-I will never let her leave

Raman goes back stage, he sees Ishita worried
Ishita is holding amma’s hand she takes her out amma is unable to breathe, mihika makes amma sit, she makes her have water
Ishita-somebody pl pl help my aunty has got ashtama attack we need to take her to hospital immediately

Ishita n appa try to stop taxi, car Raman notices an empty taxi he starts driving

He signals Ishita to get amma

They sit

The original driver who was urinating comes behind

Appa-This is wrong

Raman-uncle ji wrong dne for something good isn’t wrong

so friend’s did u like ishra’s first meet?

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  1. Veronica

    Cool yaar

  2. Nice update I liked it

  3. Awesome episode

  4. Radhikaji

    Was waiting. ..nice one….raman. ..love at 1st sight

  5. First meet was superb, Loved it??

  6. Super yaar

  7. So superb..but still ishita does not see raman…I’m waiting their meeting….

  8. Purna

    Hey…rushi update was great!!! Waiting for next update. I

  9. RUSHI

    Guru dear friend thanks u will see that in today’s epi
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    Radhikaji sorry for making u wait n thanks
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    thanks all please keep reading 🙂

  10. jasmine Rahul

    IS IT BAsed on the movie dil to pagal hai?

  11. RUSHI

    thanks purna dear
    yes dear jasmine its adapted from movie I had mentioned this in promo with lil spices from my side good to see u after so long I hope u like this thanks n pl continue reading,

  12. Oh god!!! Raman didn’t notice the last girl.
    Thank to Romi who stop Raman to see who is the last girl.
    Raman almost say bad about last girl.
    When Ishu shows her moves that stop Raman leaving.
    Raman stare at Ishu while she dance. I knew it coming. Hahahahahaha.
    And Romi truant Shagun, also knowing it coming, hahahahaha!
    Raman get concern by seeing Ishu amma ill and goes to help them.
    Raman is in love with Raman. Hooray!!!!

    1. Raman is in love with Ishu, Hooray! Sorry guys.

  13. Kumud

    really nice

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