YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 26


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Recap-Raman confesses his feelings for Ishita to shagun in drunk state thinking shagun to be Ishita, Ishita gets sick abhi feels guilty
Raman n Ishita utter eachother’s names

Ishita opens her eyes, Abhi smiles tear eyed
Abhi (gently)-Ishu r u fine
Ishita-hmmmm yes abhi my head is aching
Abhi massages her head Ishita is still not in complete senses n has pain

Raman wakes up with heavy head, He is shocked to see shagun
shagun-u were drunk so I got u here
Raman-hmmmm yahhh thanks I will take leave
shagun-Raman u can………
Raman-shagun please I would prefer being alone, please for some time
shagun-yes sure but please take care
shagun sees him going tear drops from her eyes she hugs pillow n weeps

Amma makes Ishita have soup Ishita is lost in deep thoughts
Abhi looks on,

Raman is walking on streets he recollects all that he told Ishita
He sits under a tree n keeps his hands on head

Mihika-ishu see I got u favorite novel u read this n relax
Ishita takes novel she starts reading suddenly keeps aside n gets thinking
Abhi notices
Abhi (softly)-Ishu please dnt think so much please dnt take stress u should be calm n relax please
Ishita-Abhi Iam lucky to have u all to take care of me, Abhi am really worried for Raman he might be all alone, I …..
she sobs
Abhi makes helpless face

Raman enters Bhalla house
Toshi is relieved she rushes n hugs him
Toshi-putaar where were u I got so worried u werenot answering my calls also

Raman hugs her n cries Toshi is shocked

mr Bhalla-First dancing n now crying ur son Toshi does all that woman do, he is most irresponsible person I have seen

Mr Bhalla leaves
Raman goes to his room
locks himself throws pillows, bed sheet, he breaks vase n sits on floor n cries

practice hall

Romi, simmi n Mihir r sitting
Raman enters
Raman-Romi y did u call me
Romi-Raman pl be calm sit down we need to talk

Raman see I know our steps have been copied but y should we quit
Romi-simmi, I n Mihir have decided to participate 2 days r left each one of us can do steps we like atleast perform something see if we quit we will never we allowed to participate but if we perform we will lose but atleast we can participate next year one whole year we can work hard n compose something
Raman-I dnt think I will be able to Mihir-Bhai itsnot only about ur dream u cannot be so self centred we were one team one dream its our dream also n we want to participate
Raman-Mihir …
Simmi-yes bhai think as a group
Raman-Fine what about Ishita? n Rinki? in our final registration we have their names too
Romi-Ishita will come n Rinki am her bro I will submit application that Rinki is medically unfit

Iyer house
mihika welcomes Simmi n takes her to Ishita’ s room
Ishita is resting
Ishita gets glad to see simmi
they hug each other
simmi-how r u, what have u done to urself u look so weak
Ishita-am fine simmi dnt wry Simmi ….how is…….how
simmi-raman is fine

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  2. Lisa

    Loved it…….excited for next epi…….. I think Ishita will go and then raman will see her weak…. And might be he will blame himself…but today’s episode was short as compared to others

  3. Jasminerahul

    still ishita is thinking so much abt raman.romi is right.they shud’nt quit.they shud participate

  4. Simply superb part…

  5. Adejoke

    Too short but interesting

  6. intresting yaar but too short. give it long update.

  7. Kumud


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