YHM Dil toh Pagal hain part 25


Hiii my lovely friends
so today am posting 25th part of this ff when I started it I never thought I would be able to write so much
so all thanks to ur support n encouraging comments this ff has completed silver jubliee
🙂 🙂 🙂

Recap-Flashback shows shagun instigating abhi against Raman by claiming that Raman was dating her n is flirt who is playing with Ishita’ s emotions she asks abhi’s help to expose Raman’s real face in front of Ishita
shagun asks ashok to send Rinki to rsim n tells abhi that once Raman blames Ishita abhi should take Ishita away from Raman n save her life

Ishita is hugging Abhi n crying
Abhi caresses her hair
Abhi-ishu ishu enough
Abhi’s pov-I never wanted to see a single tear in her eyes n today oh god did I do correct by helping shagun? ?
Abhi(with lump in throat)-ishu what happened??
Ishita-Abhi because of me Raman’s dream broke, he is hurt he is upset all because of me am so bad
abhi-ishu no no dnt say that u cannot (he feels guilty)

Shagun makes drunk Raman lay on bed Raman holds her hand (he sees Ishita in her)
Raman-u r so beautiful, u care so much for me am sorry
Shagun blushes
Raman-I I am stupid na I scolded u so much but u know what I love u the most really
shagun smiles they hug
Raman-I love u Ishita I love u alot Ishita please Dnt leave me I will die without u Ishita

Tears drop from shagun’s eyes she feels suffocated in his arms

Morning time
Iyer house
Mihika-ishu wake up its 10 am dear

Ishita is sleeping she touches her n is shocked

mihika (shouts)-Amma, appa bhai look what happened to Ishita she is so hot,

Doc is checking Ishita
Amma, Appa, Abhi, mihika look on in tension

Doc-she has high fever, her bp is also very low I have given her injection she should gain conscious ness in sometime
Abhi-Do we need to take her to hospital
Doc-No mr Abhishek just monitor her fever it should cure orelse we may have to admit her

Amma (with tears in eyes)-What happened to ishu suddenly
Doc-This isn’t viral her bp is also low main reason could be depression n tension

Raman is still in inebriated state he is sleeping n shagun is sitting besides his bed
she looks at him tear eyed

Abhi sits besides Ishita’ s bed he folds keeps damp cloth on her forehead, tears well up in his eyes
Abhi-ishu I never wanted to harm u this way am sorry sorry because of me today all this happened
he holds her hand n sobs
Abhi-ishu u can punish me but not urself ishu open ur eyes

shagun is looking at Raman
Raman-Ishita, Ishita, Ishita (utters in sleep)

Abhi is holding her hand and Ishita moves
Ishita-Raman, Raman, Raman

Bol na song plays Ishita n Raman utter each other’s name n Abhi shagun look on tear eyed

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  1. Minniee

    So lovely…. raman and ishu both love each other unconditionally…and utter each other’s name!!

  2. So sweet. How much they love each other.

  3. Very lovely ishra….

  4. So beautiful story. Abhi realised that helping Shagun is not right to break Raman and Ishu relationship. Ishu become much weak. Simmi will be wondering where is Raman and Ishu. Simmi will phone Mihika and ask where is Ishu. Mihika informed Simmi that Ishu is much sick and had admitted to the hospital that shocked her. Simmi informed RISM team without Raman and Shagun about Ishu condition. Romi worried! Romi goes searching Raman and find Shagun with Raman. Romi get angry on Shagun and Raman get confused and surprised to see Shagun with him. Raman search Ishu here and there and ask Shagun and Romi where is Ishu. Romi give Raman bad news and Raman get shattered and rushed to Iyer house. Raman cried and say sorry many times and hold Ishu hand then ask for forgive. Abhi get angry to see Raman touch Ishu then Abhi warn Raman to stay away from Ishu and Raman confused. Abhi tells Raman about Shagun as Raman gf and you ruin Shagun life. Raman get shocked by Abhi and get angry then tells Abhi that Raman doesn’t love Shagun. Raman loves Ishu and Ishu is my life. Abhi get shocked then get confused then Shagun plan all this. Abhi quickly tell Raman about Shagun plan to get Ashok to take Ishu to his team like she send Rinky. Raman get shocked and fumed. Raman take care of Ishu and tell his feeling. Iyer family get shocked by Raman confession his love for Ishu. Iyer family think about to get ishu married to Raman.

  5. Jasminerahul

    ishita is in a bad condition.abhi is feeling sad as indirectly he too is responsible 4 it.he doubts whether he did right by supporting shagun.thats nice.shagun thought raman was saying sweet words 2 her.but actually it was 4 ishita.ha ha.both r uttering each others name in unconscious state.shagun also seems 2 b upset.will shagun change n unite ishra or will become more adamant abt separating them?

  6. So gud wow ishra luv is unbeatable

  7. Kumud

    awww love their chemistry

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