YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 22


Recap-Raman makes Ishita jealous by praising Rinki indirectly they express their feelings. Toshi understands Raman’s feelings towards Ishita n praises his choice she calls Ishita ideal daughter in law
remo tells rsim that finals r spread across 5 days Rsim will perform on 5 th day n eagles on 1 st day

Epi starts Raman has tied a cloth around his eyes
He collides with romi
Romi (surprised seeing Raman blindfolded)-Raman whats wrong with u
Raman-from today our finals will start
Romi (confused)-soooooo
Raman-This is my mannat (fcor winning finals
Romi-Rubbish dnt lie I know u dnt believe in all this now tell truth
Raman (blushes)-I actually wanted to see Ishita’ s face first today so that my day….
Romi (smiles)-good good I understood she is ur lucky charm

Raman smiles shagun over hears them n smirks

Ishita enters hall in hurry she collides with Raman
Ishita-What Raman see n walk
(she notices his blind fold)
what is this Raman
Raman (excitedly opens his blind fold n admires confused Ishita)-Ishita I had pain in eyes so had tied wet cloth for relief
Ishita (concerned)-Raman show me what happened to your eyes how many times I have told u not to study in dim light it gives strain come here
(she blows air in his eyes)
Raman’s pov-Ishita sorry I lied but just wanted to see u first now my day will go good

Raman, Ishita, Simmi, Romi, Mihir, shagun r sitting in huge auditorium
Host (Rithvik Dhanjani) comes on stage
Host-Hello ppl welcome to dance championship grand finale
today four teams will perform put ur hands together for dance ke ustaad eagles from India

Raman is sweating Ishita places her hand over his hand there is faint smile on his face

Dance starts Ashok comes on stage
Dhol bhaje dadak dadak fadak fadak chatak patak saali dushmaan chi vaat lavli plays in bg his team performs

Rsim is dumbstruck
Raman’s eyes get moist

Practice hall
Raman is angry he pushes furniture n bangs his hand on table, Ishita, Mihir, Romi, Simmi come behind him, Romi tries to stop him he gets letter
Romi reads it
”Hello Rsim fools, shocked to see eagles perform all ur steps today? u taught me with love I taught them so guys only 4 days left how will u come up with new steps better quit
n bhai Ashok is best I can do anything for him
with love n pity urs Rinki”

Romi throws letter Raman breaks down
Raman-All is over, years of effort got ruined in few days

He is crying Ishita places her hand over his shoulder he removes it in anger Ishita is shocked
Raman (shouts)-Stay away Ishita stay away u got Rinki here see what she did u insisted we should give her one chance see the outcome, maybe u also r involved with them

Ishita (hurt)-Raman u r suspecting me?

Raman-its impossible to trust anybody if a sister can betray bro who r u? fact is outsider to this group

Tears well up in her eyes
Romi tries to stop Raman
Romi-Raman r u mad y r u blaming Ishita Raman calm down u have lost ur senses, we all decided to make rinki part of Rsim so y blame Ishita?
Raman-Because she joined us 1 month ago doesn’t know much pain we took to make steps my fault I should have never got her

Ishita is sobbing simmi pacifies her

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  1. Next episode put fast

  2. Jasminerahul

    raman wants 2 c ishita 1st.So romantic.But why did Shagun smirk?Ashok’s gang copied their steps.Rinky cheated them n she taught them d steps they composed.so raman blamed ishita.poor Ishita.how cud raman b so rude 2 her?Did Rinky really cheat them or is it shagun behind it as she smirked when raman considered ishita as the lucky charm?

  3. Lisa

    Nice…..but feeling sad for both…raman nd ishu

  4. Ishu will leave the group and team will get upset and blame Raman for losing Ishu.
    Raman will realised that he can’t live without Isu and goes to find her but goes vain.
    Shagun will be happy to dance with Raman and Raman sit back and refused to dance without Ishu. Simmi phone Mihika and ask where is Ishu. Ishu will meet Rinki and warn her for cheating RSIM group dance. Ashok trap Ishu. RSIM get worry and goes out in search for Ishu. Raman feel guilty for shouting at her and then get to know about Ashok trapped Ishu. RSIM groups goes to save Ishu from Ashok. Romi warn Rinki for such a cheap game. Rinki get heartbroken by Romi and friends words. Raman take Ishu back and Ishu refused. Raman beg with apology to Ishu and tell her that he love her so much.

  5. Kumud

    one thing I hate about raman he blames ishu for everything anyway nice ff

  6. Very sad part but really rinki did all this.. I don’t believe it..
    This behind shagun evil plans…

  7. gud epi…..

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