YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 21

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recap-Ishita n Raman r locked in practice hall by mistake by Mihir
ishra spend some romantic moments
simmi n Mihir tease them

Romi, mihir n.Raman r u talking
Romi (laughs) -ohhhhmggg Ishita is scared of cockroach but Raman yaar u had such awesome opportunity to tell her ur feelings y didn’t u
Raman-Romi let right time come, but I must say it was difficult to control my feelings I guess she might have sensed it
Mihir-But bhai girls r sensitive they like it when we express she might be waiting for that
Romi (teasing ly)-Raman Mihir has done phd in girl psychology

they all laugh
Rinki comes Romi’s smile turns to frown n he leaves
Rinki-Hello Raman, Mihir
they dnt respond
Ishita notices
Ishita-Good morning Rinki chalo come with me I will show u some signature steps u practice these first

Ishita shows Rinki, n Rinki practices
Raman looks on at Ishita
Ishita’ s hair fly while dancing
Raman’s pov-How can somebody be so beautiful, is she a human or angel, she has lovely heart too can she ever see anybody sad?? she is too good

Ishita comes n sits besides Raman
Raman is lost in his thoughts n doesn’t realize Ishita is besides him he keeps looking straight Ishita notices him starring Rinki Ishita(jealous)-Raman y r u looking at Rinki like this

Raman realizes
Raman (with naughty smile)-Dnt u think she is beautiful
Ishita is shocked
Raman enjoys Ishita’ s insecurity
Raman-she is so graceful

Ishita (angry)-hmmmmm bt remember she is romi’s sis
Raman-so what? will he mind making me his jiju
Ishita is hurt she leaves
Raman realizes his mistake
Raman’s pov-Thoda jyada ho gaya
Ishita is packing her things
Raman comes there
Raman-where r u going
Ishita-I want to go
Ishita-y shd I tell
Raman- am asking
Ishita-Amnot well, I need rest no leave my way n u go watch ur rinki
Ishita is red with anger
Raman’s pov-she looks beautiful in anger too she is getting possessive woooowww

Ishita is leaving
Raman holds her hand
Ishita smirks
Raman looks in her eyes
Raman-Ishita I was joking n the one who is most beautiful doesn’t need praise, she is beautiful at heart too
(He goes close to her n whispers in her ears)
just like u my icecream so dnt be jealous btw Romi has another sister also

Raman leaves
Ishita blushes
she hugs her bag
Ishita’ s pov-He loves me he loves me he loves me am so happy
she kisses mirror

Raman’s pov-she loves me she loves me so happy

both dance with joy arre re arre yeh kya hua plays

Raman-Guys u all r coming home today for lunch ma has invited u all Rinki u too come

Bhalla house
mrs Bhalla welcomes everybody Ishita touches her feet
she blesses her
Ishita-Aunty its amazing to meet u thanks for inviting
Toshi (lovingly)-most welcome putaar

Raman’s pov-Ishita welcome in my house next time u wd enter as mrs Ishita Raman Bhalla

Ishita goes in kitchen Ishita-Aunty tell me what to do
Toshi-putaar u sit aramse all is done
Ishita-amnot guest I want to help u please
simmi-me too aunty please teach us also I need to keep Mihir impressed
Toshi smiles
Ishita n Toshi r cooking together
Raman adoringly looks on

Everybody has food
Ishita n Toshi talk n giggle

In kitchen
Toshi is cleaning
Raman-Thanks ma my all friends liked food
Toshi-putaar I too enjoyed their company anyways putaar I liked ur choice
Raman is confused
Toshi (smiles)-Ishita she will be great bahu perfect for u
Raman is amused
Toshi-Am ur mother putaar I see love in ur eyes putaar I know Ishita has brought a smile on ur face, I like to see u like this jolly

Raman hugs her

Rsim r practicing, Rinki works hard Ishita helps her, Romi is indifferent towards Rinki, Raman makes Ishita eat food while she practices, Ishita gives him juice while he does push up, rinki tries to talk to Romi bt he ignores

Practice Hall
Remo dcouza (famous choreographer playing himself in this ff )comes
All take his blessings
Remo-Am here to tell u all more about dance champion ship finals .It starts from tom.It is spread for 5 days. we have 2 teams from India Rsim n eagle.Eagle will perform tom n Rsim on fifth day
so guys prepare well, show new steps n perform like round 1.All the best

Remo leaves Rsim place hands over each other
Rsim will win one team one dream

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  1. So beautiful story.

    Wowowowowow, Raman and friend chat and jokes.
    Raman invite friends to his house.
    Ishita help Toshi with some food network and Raman watch with interested.
    Toshi noticed Raman watching Ishita and spending time chatting and giggling.
    Toshi seem to like Ishita and wish to get Ishita as Bahu.
    Raman care for Ishiu and Ishu does the same with Raman.
    Oh god Raman is testing Ishu while he watch Rinki and realised that Ishu is hurting but stop her and tell her how he feel but can’t admitted.

  2. Adejoke

    Really nice. Waiting for the next episode

  3. Lisa

    Like always…..u rock……awesome episode…… I think next episode they will confess their feelings……thanks for mentioning my ff above………loved raman teasing ishu……..u r just awesome writer

  4. No words to say….. As usual superb..especially ishita jealous and I like remo sir..his show dance + very nice …..

  5. Superb really I love each and every episode. Those ft u recommend to read already I’m regularly reading it those ff are amazing like your ff.

  6. Jasminerahul

    raman is lost in ishita’s beauty.but ishita thought raman is staring at rinky n is so jealous.raman added fuel to the fire.ha ha.loved how raman confessed his luv indirectly.1st he said wud he mind making him his BIL,later he said romi has one more sis ie ishita.wow..so sweet.joyful to see them dance on arre..toshi ishita bonding was gud.so its yes from toshi’s side.surprised to see remo here.

    Thanks a lot 4 suggesting my FF to ur friends.I was really surprised

  7. Kumud


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