YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 20


Hello lovely ppl
Thank u so much for all ur love
so this epi especially for all dear readers who wanted ishra scenes I hope u will like it
please let me know ur take
so lets get started

Recap-Rinki is Romi’s sis who joined Ashok’ s group as she fell in love wd him
Romi is hurt n break ties with her now she is removed from Ashok’ s team n request Rsim members to give her one chance.on Ishita’ s insistence Raman agrees n Rinki joins Rsim

Raman n Ishita r eating icecream, Raman with his fingers removes icecream from Ishita’ s lips Ishita shivers
They have intense eye contact
icecream wala-sir icecream will melt
Raman n Ishita give each other awkward smile
Ishita touches her handbag
Ishita panic
Raman (surprised)-what happened?

Ishita(tensed)-my phone I left it in practice hall
Raman (calmly)-Dnt wry I will call Mihir n ask him to keep safely
Ishita-Raman can we please go back please
she makes puppy face
Ishita-I cannot sleep without it please
Raman-okay but we must reach there quickly otherwise Mihir will lock it n leave n his phone is unreachable

They sit on bike
Raman drives rash Ishita holds him tight out of fear
wind blows
Raman-close ur eyes dnt wry u will be safe u r with me

Ishita closes her eyes
she is holding Raman firmly
Ishita’ s pov-I feel so secured when he is around

Mihir is about to lock hall
He sees no network on phone n goes in side n tries calling Simmi
meanwhile ishra reach
Raman-Ishita wait here I will get it

Raman’s pov-Hall is open but dark maybe Mihir might be in I will get her phone, let me switch on light

ohhh gosh I guess power failure
chalo let it be I will find in dark itself let me call

Ishita’ s pov-I must help Raman in locating my cell,

Ishita enters practice hall

Mihir locks hall while talking on phone n leaves

ishra locked in practice hall 😉

Raman gets her cell
power comes
Raman suddenly sees Ishita n screams Ishita also screams
Raman-what r u doing here? u scared me y did u scream
Ishita-becoz u screamed
I can to help u
Raman-I dnt need help am smart Ishita-whatever
they get going
Raman tries to open door
Raman-I guess Mihir locked it
Ishita-what??? call him
Raman-no network u call
Ishita-no network in mine also
Raman (with naughty smile)-Hum tum ek kamre mein band ho aur chabi kho jaye
Ishita-shut up ur voice is annoying Ishita (screams bangs door)-Help help we r locked
Raman-dnt waste energy nobody will listen sit aramse rather sleep now only mihir will open that too tom

Ishita sits Raman looks at her lovingly
Raman’s pov-she looks more lovely when tensed
Ishita’ s pov-ohhh god whats this he n me alone I mean I feel safe but I I I I dnt want to admit or show my feelings n what if he proposes me god strange situation

Ishita is playing game on cell
Raman is studing

suddenly power goes offf
Ishita (panics)-Raman Raman Raman
Raman-Ishita relax am here wait I will come to u
Ishita-I hate darkness I feel suffocated
Raman is going near Ishita suddenly Ishita’ s cell light also goes
Raman-what happened
Ishita-low battery cell got switched off
Ishita get up n walks towards
he walks towards her its completely dark
they collide Ishita screams
Raman holds her firm

they r in eachothers arms n can hear n feel eachothers breath

Arre re arre yeh kya hua meine na yeh jana arre re arre banta hain toh ban jaye afsana

light comes
they get away n feel awkward
suddenly Ishita sees cockroach n hugs Raman again
Raman whispers in her ears-Ishita dnt wry chance nai marunga
Ishita shyly smiles

Raman-Ishita lets sit here
(He makes her sit)
u r tired, sleep am here Dnt worry
Ishita keeps her head on wall
she is about to close her eyes n power goes again
Raman-I will light candle u sit here dnt come behind me

Raman lights candle n gets it
Ishita is looking at him n he is looking at her in candle light
they get lost
wax drops on his hand
Ishita rushes to him holds his hand n blows air she caresses it Raman eyes her adoringly
Ishita (angryly)-useless dnt know how to hold candle
Raman (innocently)-not my fault u were looking beautiful in candle light

Ishita smiles

Raman-Dnt wry its little injury I didn’t burn myself
Ishita places her hand over his mouth
Ishita-dare say such things
they have intense eye contact

Ishita is sleeping keeping her head against wall
Raman adores her
she places her head on his shoulder n he caresses her

They r holding hands n sleeping on eachothers shoulders

Mihir n simmi r dumbstruck to see them
they wake up
Raman (faking anger)-careless u locked us in
Mihir whispers-say thanks bhai

simmi whispers to Ishita-did he confess

Ishita n Raman look at each other

I hope I did justice? ?silent readers please today u too let me know ur take please

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  1. Love this ff I wait everyday for this ff loved it

  2. Lisa

    Suberbbbbbbbbb……loved it……u rocked today….. I know u will think it too much but I want more ishra scenes….coz u bring ishra scenes which bring smile on my face….. Loved the scene when raman said hum tum ek kmre…….u nailed it

  3. Toooooooooooooooooooooooo much happy super duper super episode nice next episodes plzz put fast

  4. Veronica


  5. nice yaar.

    Mihir lock LRaman and Ishu in the practice hall.
    Raman and Ishu romance is so cute but stupid power play with Raman and Ishu feeling.
    Mihir and Simmi tease Raman and Ishu.

  6. Jasminerahul

    icecream scene was romantic.ishra locked in d room.eye lock,candle light scene,hug everything was so romantic.arre song on bg was too nice.why does ishita hesitating 2 admit her feelings?all of them see ishra sleeping in each others arms.so cute

  7. Jasminerahul

    when u get time plz read n comment on my SS Laal Ishq

  8. Reshma_Pradeep


  9. Shalu

    Today’s episode was just following gooood after a long time seeing Ishra scene in ur ff………and good to see that………??

  10. superb u r ro cking…………..

  11. Nivedha

    Wow I think u r angry on me Rushi but u know wat u r rocking daily… Amazing… Rock it as usual

  12. Neethu

    Aww this one was just too romantic! Ishra getting locked in a room and sharing an awesome time together..U r very talented Toshi!

    1. Neethu

      Sorry Rushi!!

  13. This whole part kept very neatly love scenes… After reading this part every readers bring lovely smile on their face…superb part…

  14. RUSHI

    Dear guru am so touched thanks
    Dear Nivedha Amnot angry dear no way I cannot be but what made u feel so anyways sorry u felt it n thanks a tonne
    Dear neethu Tysm am deeply touched
    dear jasmine thanks alot amazing to know u write ff woooowww I will surely read sorry I didn’t notice ur ff
    sowmy thanks Dear
    shalu tysm dear

  15. RUSHI

    Elinor thanks alot dear
    reshma thanks alot dear
    veronica thanks Dear
    dear lisa thanks alot am so touched
    dear nisa thanks alot am so touched

  16. RUSHI

    parichary thanks alot dear

  17. Kumud

    wow yaar it’s awesome

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