YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 2


In last epi we saw Raman has formed a dance group RSM(Raman, romi, shagun, simmi, n mihir all have one common dream to win dance championship) n fills form to participate in dance championship.
mihir n simmi r newly wed much in love couple but keep fighting
shagun has soft corner for Raman but on being confronted by Mihir Raman discloses that shagun isn’t his types n he just considers her good friend

Epi starts with Ishita entering mihika’s room
mihika is in deep sleep
Ishita tries to wake her up

Ishita-sleeping beauty get up u will get late for college ohhh sleeping beauty

mihika (half sleepy)-ishuu u shooo shoooo shooo let me sleep shooo

Ishita spills water on her face

Ishita-get up uppppppppppp

mihika-dnt shout re babaaa u shd have made me bath am feeling so lazyyy

Ishita-mihika gooo get ready I will prepare break fast for u

Ishita is busy setting bedsheet

mihika hugs her
mihika-good morning ishuuuuuuuu

Ishita hugs her

(so friends mihika n Ishita are of same age for this ff n r best

mihika-ishu u r going to perform right for tom’s event ??

Ishita-Do u really think I should participate in

mihika interrupts

mihika-Ofcourse u should u know the cause is so noble all the funds that will be raised will be donated for treatment of cancer patients

Ishita-yes but will I be able to perform in front of so many ppl

mihika-ishu dance as if nobody is watching u n u r the best dancer soo please please

Ishita smiles

Bhalla house
A small flat is shown
mr Bhalla is eating n Toshi is serving him food

Raman enters
Raman (enthusiastically)-mummy am soooooooooooooooo happy

Toshi rushes to him
Toshi-what happened putaar
Raman-our groups form is accepted for dance championship

Toshi hugs him

mr Bhalla (angry tune)-useless, god knows what great deeds I did to be blessed with useless son like u boys of ur age shape up their careers n u dance like girls

Toshi tries to stop him but Raman is hurt n leaves

Raman’s room

He is looking at form with tear filled eyes
Raman’s pov-I wish papa could understand what this champion ship means to me dance is my life line .
like other boys I too want to make u proud but my dream is to make u proud by winning this trophy

RSM are shown rehearsing

shagun-Raman yesterday I thought of new step
Romi-kuch bakwaas hi hoga
shagun-am not talking to u
Raman please come here

listen u hold me by my waist n lift me I will flip around hold me I will show

Mihir to simmi-dance pe chance maar rahi hain

Raman hesitates shagun makes him hold her bare waist
she enjoys his touch while Raman is uncomfortable

shagun-hold firm Raman I will take flip

she turns around Raman’s grip becomes lose n shagun


falls down

romi laughs loudly
Mihir-Ho gaya siyappa

Doc checks shagun Raman feels guilty
Doc-Her leg has got fractured n she needs minimum three weaks bed rest n no dancing for atleast 3 months

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  1. Hehehehehe, poor Shagun.

    Knew it that Raman get uncomfortable around with shagun.
    Mihika love Ishita and want her to join the dancing.
    Maybe Raman will fall in love with how Ishita do the dance.
    Shagun will get annoyed to see Raman for not saving her.
    Romi will traunt Shagun.
    If Raman touch Ishita and he get comfortable but will Ishita get comfortable by Raman touch.

    Oh God Mr Bhalla (Raman father) still the same who hate Raman career vover his love and Mrs Bhalla (Raman mother) defeated her son over her husband. Raman get hurt by father harsh words but didn’t understand father’s love for him. Mr Bhalla will changed in heart slowly when Raman get married or get best career. So cute!!!!

    Love it to read this, Rushi.

  2. Really superb yaar.

  3. Purna

    Hi Rushi!! I am sorry for late comment………..you posted it yesterday……..But i read it today……….
    The episode was awesome……..waiting for the next one

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