YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 19

Hello dear friends sorry for not updating yesterday wasnt feeling well so sorry for making u all wait
Thanks for guessing
so here I reveal mystery of Rinki

Recap-Ashok is leader of Raman’s rival dance team.Ashok challenges Raman n asks him to quit.Ishita meets Rinki who is removed from Ashok’s team n is very disheartened, Ishita promises to make her member of Rsim, Everybody is shocked to see Ishita with Rinki, Romi gets upset n leaves

Rinki goes behind him,
Rinki-Bhai listen to me bhai
Ishita is confused
Ishita-Raman what is this y is Rinki calling Romi bhai n what happened to Romi?
Raman-Rinki is Romi’s sister
Ishita (surprised)-what but Romi said his sister is in abroad
Raman-He lied Ishita, Rinki, Romi n I had formed dance troupe 3 years ago with aim to find two more members n participate in dance championship, we used to participate in local competitions, Rinki met Ashok, she fell in love with him, Romi hated Ashok, He felt Ashok is using Rinki, but Rinki decided to be a part of Ashok’ s team Since past 3 years Romi hasn’t met or spoke with Rinki, He broke all ties with her bt at same time broke himself too,anyways Rinki with u how come?
Ishita (still shocked)-am sorry Raman I was clueless abt this
(she narrates everything to Raman)
Romi will be hurt because of me

Raman places his hand over hers
Raman-Ishita u didn’t do it intentionally so relax

They have emotional eye contact
scene shifts to Romi, Rinki
Rinki-Bhai please listen to me once
Romi (yells)-Amnot ur bhai get lost get lost

Rinki leaves with tears
Ishita notices
Ishita signals her to wait she goes to Romi
Romi is trying to hide his tears
Romi-Ishita pl leave me alone
Ishita (softly)-Romi u treat me as sis just once for me pl atleast listen to Rinki, pl Romi at times due to our ego anger we make wrong decisions n regret latter so please at least listen to her once then final decision is urs I willnot intervene

Romi gets thoughtful

Ishita, Raman, Romi, Simmi, Mihir r sitting
Rinki(weeping)-Bhai was always right Ashok is flirt n he has used me now that he has 7 members he has dropped me
my dream has been crashed by him now how will I participate in finals
Ishita-pl lets make Rinki part of our group
simmi-Ishita only 10 days r left how will she learn steps
Rinki-if u give me chance trust me I will practice for 24 hours n master everything
Mihir-I guess we should take her
Raman-Romi wat is ur opinion
Romi-Raman u decide bt I willnot be her partner if Mihir wants let him
Mihir-Bhai its ok u be simmi’s partner
simmi gives mihir angry look
mihir whispers to simmi-jaanu its abt her dream please understand dnt get me wrong even romi bhai wants Rinki to be part of our group please am doing this for his sake please

simmi nods

Raman is in deep thoughts Ishita goes to him
Ishita-What happened?
Raman-Ishita only 10 days r left n Rinki came like this I mean I just hope Ashok isn’t behind all this
Ishita-Raman rnt u over thinking
Raman-Ishita u r too good to understand all this.Ashok is very cheap n to win he can fall to any extent
Ishita-Raman I trust Rinki n Romi he too wants this but he has left decision to u he doesn’t wish to dominate Raman everybody does mistake few realize we should give her one chance, please maybe it can improve Romi n her relationship
Raman (looks in her eyes)-If u say I will make her our team’s part
Ishita gets excited n hugs Raman Raman smiles

Rinki thanks everybody, Romi acts indifferent

Raman-Ishita I will drop u home

Raman stops bike
Ishita-What happened?
Raman-lets have ice cream
Raman-icecreams taste better during cold nights

Ishita n Raman r eating icecream
Raman-Ishita u r like this icecream soft n sweet n ur company can make anybody’s day

Ishita blushes Raman wipes icecream from her lips she shivers as he touches her lips with his fingers

Dil toh pagal hain dil deewana hain plays

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  1. Neethu

    A very beautiful episode! Now what is this Ashok up to?

  2. Ice cream wala love… Nice one

  3. Jasminerahul

    oh..never expected rinky to be romi’s sister.so rinky is taken back.but i doubt whether ashok sent rinky 2 them 2 win d competition.i’m scared abt that tho i know they will overcome all probs n win.ishra icecream scene was romantic

  4. Lisa

    Loved it…….but today there were less ishra scenes ….loved ice cream romance…… Nice episode… I wish to see more ishra scenes in next episode plzzzzz

  5. Kumud

    nice never knew rinki is romi sis

  6. Reshma_Pradeep


  7. Radhikaji

    I am a regular fan of your ff since dil ka rishta. ….nowadays I am not able to comment. …but ad always. ..I keep waiting for the next episode. ….keep going …take care. …

  8. RUSHI

    Radhikaji am so touched thanks
    alot Truely means alot
    thanks reshma dear
    thanks guru dear
    jasmine dear thanks
    lisa next episode designed for u hope u like it 😉 anyways thanks dear
    neethu thanks dear
    kumud thanks alot dear

  9. Oh god, my guess was right.
    Romi pretend tol hate Rinki but inside he loves his sis.
    Ishu explain with all the loves to all group as family.
    Ishu and Raman are secretly in love.
    Aww Romi refused to dance with Rinki so he put Mihir to dance with Rinki and Romi to Simmi.
    Simmi hate Romi but accepted because of Romi don’t want to dance with Rinki.
    Raman take Ishu out and start to romance with her and Raman did not noticed Ishu shivered when eating ice cream. Hope that Raman will cuddle Ishu to keep her warm.

    Nice story Rushi!!

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