YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 17


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RECAP-Ishita breaks down seeing Raman shattered Simmi explains her to understand her love for Raman n listen to her heart
Ishita takes ganpati bappa’s help she is abt to tell something to abhi

Epi starts with abhi n Ishita talking
Ishita-Abhi, from 20 yrs am staying with u all, I have developed strong bond with u all I never felt orphan I was fortunate to get one more family Rsim Abhi am sorry but but

Abhi encourages her to say
Ishita-I dnt know when this happened but Raman I have
Abhi-u love Raman
Ishita is amused
Abhi-ishu I felt that today the way u rushed to Raman when he got hurt n left practice hall

Abhi (trying to fake smile)-Good u admitted dnt be sorry ishu am happy for u dnt worry I will talk to Amma appa

Ishita smiles
Abhi leaves
Tear drops from his eyes

Appa-what r u saying abhi r u mad?
Amma-All preparations r done now u say u dnt want to marry
Abhi-Amma pl understand I need to make career I cannot compromise
Appa(shouts)-Abhiiiiii Ishita is like a daughter y did u do this if u weren’t ready for marriage u shdnt have proposed her
Amma-u will not get life partner like her dnt do this mistake
Abhi-Amma Amnot refusing but not now
Appa slaps him
Appa-am ashamed of u
Amma n appa leave
Mihika is stunned
Mihika-whats matter bhai
Abhi (trying to avoid eye contact)-I have said
Mihika holds him
Mihika-bhai u cannot lie to me I know u very well, u love Ishita alot she is ur priority
Tell truth
Abhi-This is truth to believe or not is ur choice Amnot ready to marry now please mind ur business now

Abhi leaves
Mihika is unconvinced

Abhi is in garden
Ishita goes to him
Ishita-Abhi I dnt know how to thank ….
Abhi-ishu please, I did all this as ur friend u too have done alot for us so
N ishu one advice please tell Raman soon before its too late

Ishita-abhi uncle aunty they r angry with u coz of me

Abhi-ishu give them some time promise u will never tell them truth I cannot see them blaming u
Ishita nods with smile

Practice Hall
simmi hugs Ishita
Ishita-Thanks Simmi for making me realize
simmi-Dnt be formal, now tell Raman quickly

Ishita(naughty smile)-He is boy he should initiative

simmi-This is going to be fun

Raman n Ishita practice Raman is embarrassed feels awkward to dance, Ishita tries to draw his attention to her finger, Raman notices ring missing
Raman’s pov-where is ring? engagement? how to ask?

Raman-Ishita maintain distance n dance u r getting married in month Abhi will not like
Ishita-Relax amnot getting married
Raman (excited)-What??
[Maan mein ladoo fhuta] Ishita-I mean not nxt month, abhi wants to make career
Raman-He left u?
Ishita-its break not break up
Raman-Good He got saved
Ishita-How mean
Ishita’ s pov-But mr bhalla u will not get saved
Raman’s pov-Good let abhi get saved from u Ishita I will get trapped in ur love let him make his career in Canada n here I will make u mine forever

Both smile with spark in eyes

so love is again in air n happy times r back I hope readers u liked it??

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  1. Nice episode put fast next episode plzz fast

  2. Am very happy after reading this dear…..
    Really superb???

  3. Wow awesome super episode

  4. Poor abhi he is such a nice soul

  5. Radhikaji

    Wow superb

  6. Shalu

    Wow Rushi……very nice one……but really felt bad for Abhi……??

  7. Know this will happen. Abhi know how Ishu feel for Raman.
    Simmi is right to ask Ishu to follow her heart.
    Abhi understand and will not force Ishu. And tell Ishu to go and tell Raman before too late.
    Raman then dance but forget that Ishu did not wear ring. Ishu then play on Raman that Raman get confused then noticed ring missing on Ishu hand. Raman is waiting for this to happen.
    Ishu is not leaving RISM group so Raman stay in the group to be with Ishita. Shagun will not be happy to see Raman and Ishita together.
    Raman will be exicted to marry Ishu. Iyer family will not be happy that Abhi broke off the engagement with Ishu. Iyer family did not understand Ishu love for someone else not Abhi. Raman get happy to get Ishu back in his life. Raman will plan to trapped Ishu in his life forever and so is Ishu will trapped Raman in her life also.

  8. Lisa

    Wow …..its just awesome… The way ishita tries to show her finger to raman its so …..cute u rock…..Rushi

  9. Reshma_Pradeep


  10. Very nice part

  11. Kumud

    wow love this really

  12. soo gud…..waiting for next episode

  13. Jasminerahul

    wow ishita said d truth to abhi n he left her.but he luvs her so much that he lied to iyers that he is leaving her 4 career.sad 4 abhi as all misunderstanding him.raman is so happy abt abhi ishita not 2gether.ishra scene was cute n funny

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