YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 13


Hii friends
Sorry for not posting in morning
Am little involved with ganesh ustav sorry for delay
Recap-In drunk state Ishita expresses her feelings to Raman. He is confused whether it was real
Ishita feels awkward to face Raman, Raman assures her that he didn’t take anything seriously, this relieves Ishita she admires him
Mihika informs her about arrival of mihika’s bro

Epi starts with Ishita sitting on bench in garden with ganpati idol in her hand
Ishita(To ganpati)-Gannu bappa what is this happening to me I have never felt like this for anybody .y do I keep thinking about Raman the whole day? Y am I so comfortable in his presence? Y I feel like being with him whole day? Y do I feel he is mine
Ishita blushes
Arre re arre re yeh kya hua (female version plays)
She gets lost in his thoughts n plays with flowers she dances n kisses plants
She plays with butterflies n pretends to fly

Ishita is getting ready
Ishita’ s pov-
Am so late today I need to hurry I just cannot wait more to meet Raman yesterday I was not behaving properly with him like an idiot I was ignoring him alot but today I will spend lot of time with him

Ishita is about to leave
She hears amma calling her
Amma-ishuuuuuuu beta pl come in kitchen n help me please
Ishita goes in kitchen
Ishita helps amma
She keeps looking at watch again n again
In practice hall
Raman’s full concentration is on door he keeps looking at door
Mihir-Bhai chill she will come
Romi-Raman call her
Simmi-I hope aunty n uncle might have…..
Mihir-simmi be positive re he is already worried dnt make him more worried

simmi gives angry look to mihir

Amma admires Ishita cooking
Amma-Thank u ishu for helping me ishu beta if u dnt mind dnt go today for practice, Abhi is coming we would like u to spend time with us today, as it is u r already late

Ishita turns her face towards wall her eyes r moist
Ishita-yes sure aunty

Ishita looks at her cell
13 misscalls, 22 msgs from Raman she makes helpless face
Ishita’ s pov-I guess I willnot be able to spk to Raman,but am missing him I can atleast hear his voice but let me not

practice hall
simmi-Guys Ishita isnot coming today, mihika’s bro Abhishek is coming from Canada , Aunty n uncle. …
Raman-she isn’t coming because of me
simmi-no Raman nothing like that
Raman-she cd have msgd /call me also but she doesn’t want to talk….
romi-Raman relax, dnt speculate I will talk to her tom n sort out everything

Iyer House
A dapper gentleman dressed in black blazer enters
Amma with tears in eyes hugs him
Appa-welcome welcome abhi we missed u alot
He takes Amma, appa’s blessings
Mihika hugs him they have family hug
Ishita looks on n smiles
(Abhi is my favorite Vivek Dahiya my ffs cannot exist without him awww I like him soooooooooooooooo much I am also hard core divek fan)
Abhi notices Ishita
Abhi-Ishita u didn’t miss me?
They have side hug
Ishita-Ofcourse I did

Iyer s r talking n giggling
Ishita serves food
Abhi-yummmmmmmyyy Ishita I missed u I mean ur cooked food
mihika blinks to Abhi n Abhi signals her to remain quite

Ishita gets Raman’s call she disconnects Raman gets tensed

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  1. Super they both r missing each other very cutely

  2. Kumud


  3. superbbbb epi,i didn’t expect this twist!!!

  4. Oh no, Ishu!!!!
    Why did Ishu disconnect Raman call?
    Oh god Abhi is with family.
    Ishu should tell amma that she need to go for a practice and will return.
    Amma want only family together.
    Raman get tensed and upset.
    Raman have the feeling that Ishu will be leaving the RSIM because of family.
    Simmi get Mihika message and informed the group but Raman think negative that Ishu is upset and dissatified with something.
    Raman did not know that Ishu is thinking about him and missing him.

  5. Jasminerahul

    bcz of abhishek’s arrival ishita cud’nt meet raman.ishra missing each other.abhi loves ishu n mihika is aware of it i guess.i’m an abhika fan.so abhi as mihika’s bro broke my heart.so at the end will Shagun be Abhi’s girl n Mihika 4 Romi?that is also fine

  6. Jasminerahul

    Bcz of Abhishek’s arrival Ishita cud’nt visit raman.Ishra missing each other.Abhi luvs Ishita n mihika Is aware of it I guess.I am an abhika fan so Abhi as Mihika’s brother broke my heart.at d end is it going 2 b Abhi Shagun n Romi Mihika?That is also fine 4 me

  7. RUSHI

    Dear jasmine sorry to break ur heart but am hardcore divek fan keep guessing dear thanks
    dear Kumud thanks
    parichary thanks I hope u r enjoying the twists
    janani thanks dear thanks hansi dear

    1. Yes, I will enjoy many twist.
      Hope that Shagun will never take Raman.

    2. Yes, I will enjoy many twist.
      Hope that Shagun will never take Raman.
      If Ishu leave the group so Raman will leave group also.

  8. S rushi I’m also divek fan..but this is our favourite ishra story…when I see ur cover photo just I think…
    Surely u bring abi character (vivek) in this part so….I loved it today part also…

  9. RUSHI

    yes guru dear thanks he is my lucky charm (vivek)

  10. Shalu

    Nice one dear, now v shall have somesome more angles in the love triangle………??

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