YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 12


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Recap-Rsim is shortlisted for final round of dance championship .All go to celebrate in resort, some boys flirt with Ishita, Raman beats them Ishita drinks Mihir’s drink by mistake n in inebriated state kisses Raman

On Beach
Raman is dumbstruck after kiss

Ishita makes puppy face
Ishita(innocently)-Raman can we please sit on mud please n make castle please
Ishita makes him sit
They make castle out of mud Ishita claps
Ishita-This is our house ur n my house Raman we will name it Raish no no wait my name first Ishra what say

Raman is totally confused
Ishita-Raman u know u r too good u care alot for me uncle n aunty n mihika also care but

she places her head on his shoulder

Ishita-They have never treated me as outsider but family is family

she places her over her heart
Ishita (with tears welled up in eyes)-Actually problem is with this heart it feels bad sometimes but after I met u I felt Rsim is like a family n I felt somebody who is actually mine

Raman’s eyes her moist
he hugs her
Raman-Ishita am all urs n I will never leave u
Ishita-Raman I feel like flying
Ishita gets up n starts jumping

zara sa jhum lun mein zara sa ghum lun mein plays in bg
she keeps giving flying kisses to Raman n acting weird

Ishita is in Raman’s arms
He rings doorbell
simmi opens door
Raman-sorry simmi to disturb u actually Ishita. …
simmi-Raman get in first

Raman makes Ishita lie on bed

Mihir-Now I get it I didn’t feel anything today after drink anyways bhai stay assured we will manage

Raman smiles

Raman is recollecting all that Ishita said
Raman’s pov-was I dreaming she likes me, yuppppppppppiee but she was drunk but person speaks truth when drunk offffffffooo

Its morning
Ishita wakes up with heavy head
simmi brings lemon water
simmi-good morning Ishita have this u will feel better
Ishita (confused)-simmi …

simmi-Ishita yesterday by mistake u had Mihir’s drink n u went to beach Raman got u here as u were in inebriated state, I informed mihika that u were not well so u wd stay at here, Ishita I will get breakfast

Ishita recollects going to beach, kissing Raman, talking to him
she turns pink
Ishita’s pov-siyappa hogaya what Raman might me thinking what have I done how could I???ohh goshhh

Practice hall
Ishita ignores Raman
Ishita tries to do some steps she is defocused n cannot concentrate
Raman-Ishita r u ok
Ishita-Raman yesterday. .
Raman-Ishita u were drunk so relax I have n’t taken anything seriously
Ishita feels relieved
Ishita’ s pov-He understand s me so nicely,

She sees raman practicing,
Aree re aree yeh kya hua (female version plays) She admires Raman

Iyer house
Ishita enters
mihika hugs her
mihika-ishu r u fine?
Ishita-Dnt worry am fine
mihika-ishu guess wat bhai is coming tom n we have surprise for u

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  1. Nice ishra scenes

  2. Today uploading so early na Frnd…. Ishu innocent talk so cute and lovely…. Ishra scene also

  3. Jasminerahul

    ishita making castles n saying that she feels raman is hers n raman says he is hers n the hug…so pure n innocent.zara sa jhum lun mein zara suited d situation

  4. I think vivek will be entering as mihika bro n they planned ishu to get engaged with him…its just my guess.ur ff is damn gud.

  5. So sweet Ishita!

    building castle with mud sand with Raman.
    Raman confused and Ishita explain like small kid in drunk state.
    RMS (Romi, Mihir and Simmi) get worry of where is Ishita and notice Raman missing. Raman then bring Ishu to Simmi and let Ishu sleep and Raman sleep in other room.
    Simmi inform Mihika about Ishu sick but not in drunk state. ayo murgan!
    Ishu get confused and who brought her to the room.
    Simmi then tell Ishu that Raman did it.
    Ishu think about her conversation with Raman and her face turn pink. How cute!
    Ishu tried to ignore Raman but lost her focus while think about Raman.
    Raman noticed then ask with concern then understand.
    He just understand because of drunk make you say something that wasn’t in anyone mind that make Ishu relieved.
    Mihika wait for Ishu to return home and give surprised message that her brother is coming home.
    What surprise will Ishu get from Mihika bro?

    Can’t wait to read more further. Love it.

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  7. nice,eagerly waiting 4 nxt epi

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    kumud thanks dear
    reshma thanks dear
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