YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 10 Spl Epi

Friends I hope to make this epi full of romance n treat to every ishra fans plz let me know ur opinion after reading this …
In last epi we saw that Raman n Ishita dance n share good co- ordination so they are made centre couple by group members
shagun is jealous to see Raman n Ishita together
Romi taunts her n she leaves

Ishita(worried)-Romi u shouldn’t have been so harsh with shagun she got hurt
she was so spl part of this group I want her to be present tom for our round 1 performance

Romi smirks
Raman is amused
Raman to Mihir-u said Ishita felt jealous but here case seems different she wants shagun to be present to cheer us
Mihir-Bhai its impossible to understand girls

Shagun’s room

Shagun is throwing everything in anger
ishra’s dancing together is flashing before her eyes again n again
she is crying inconsolably
shagun(shouts in pain)-Raman u r mine only mine only mine

Ishita n simmi ring doorbell
shagun opens door
she is stunned to see Ishita
Ishita (politely )-Hey shagun how r u?
simmi-will u not ask us to come in
shagun (faking a smile)-please come in

Ishita-shagun I apologize on behalf of Romi please dnt mind it u are always a spl part of this group, shagun if u can please come tom to jasodham hall we have our first round performance for dance championship
we will feel motivated
please please come
simmi-yes shagun ur presence will encourage us
Ishita-n shagun as I said u r part of RSIM

shagun gets thinking
shagun’s pov-Ishita is damn clever this might be her plan to impress Raman
These sugar coated girls like Ishita r experts to trap innocent boys like my Raman

Next day
Bhalla house
Toshi n Raman are praying to Wahe guru
Toshi-wahe guru please please bless my putar n his team may they perform well n get selected for final round

Raman touches her feet
Toshi-Jeet kar ana putar

Raman touches Mr Bhalla’s feet
mr Bhalla-Raman dnt need my blessings for this crap

RSIM practice Hall

All r praying to ganpati idol
Ishita makes everybody eat dahi sakar
Ishita-Its auspicious
Shagun comes there Romi is about to say something but Ishita stops him
Ishita-Thanks shagun for coming
Shagun-All the best guys

Romi-Thanks shagun we will definitely get selected
Raman-Afterall Ishita. …….I mean made us eat dahi sakar

Shagun’s pov-Ishita u can never replace me sorry guys u will never get selected I will never let u get selected
wait n watch

.simmi n Ishita get ready
shagun-Ishita ur sari isn’t proper come here I would make it proper

Shagun does something
Ishita-Thanks shagun
shagun gives wicked smile

Raman is lost to see Ishita in red sari
Romi-wowww Ishita u look stunning
Ishita-hmmm thanks
Mihir-Ishita relax dnt wry dance naturally
All keep hands over each other”Rsim will win ONE TEAM ONE DREAM”

Ishita goes on stage
All gesture her good luck she starts dancing solo n does awesome kathak Raman joins her they do salsa
Ek duje ke vaste plays in bg
suddenly Ishita’ s sari becomes loose she panics Raman notices he holds her close to him n folds her sari tactfully while dancing he puts his hand makes it firm Ishita shivers
kitne hi dur dur ho rastien mil jaate woh joh bane ek duje ke vaste plays n they continue dancing ssuddenly Ishita’s sandal’s heel breaks Ishita is about to fall but Raman lifts her in his arms n flips her
ek duje ke vaste plays in bg
Raman tactfully walks off from stage with Ishita in arms
Raman whispers Romi-continue

romi, simmi n mihir continue dancing

Raman makes Ishita sit on chair he removes her sandal
Raman-Ishita we need to go back on stage please dance as u were dancing ok relax Dnt panic
He holds her hands
They r back on stage
they dance ek duje ke vaste n
they share perfect synch n hug tightly
all clap
n the performance ends

Back stage
Ishita is sobbing
Ishita-Am useless I have ruined it all ruined all ur efforts of 1month
Mihir-no Ishita nothing ….
Ishita-am not professional dancer I told I cannot
Romi-u danced perfect but
Ishita-no no no no I am good for nothing cannot manage sari n sandal I should

Raman is getting annoyed
Ishita-I should never dance all because of me all

Raman goes in anger he holds Ishita n
closes her mouth with his lips
(yes it is a lip lock intense wala continued for 20 seconds 😉 )
he releases Ishita she is dumbstruck
Raman-shut up Ishita shut up its not ur fault n results r not yet out so stop blaming urself n stop crying

so guys how was it??

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  1. Superb you are amazing

  2. Nice last ishra scene was super

  3. Tooooooo god rushiiii……simply super

    Shagun always ding cheap things……last part awesome baby….

  4. Lasya Priya K

    hi rushi…nice ff… today itself i ve read all ur 10 episodes… it’s gud. loved it to the core. but one thing is pl make the size of epi a bit longer. it’s jst a request frm everyone who love ur ff. all the best for nxt parts.

  5. Reshma_Pradeep


  6. ooooooooooooooohhhhh
    Raman lock his lip on Ishita lip. wow, not bad yah!
    Shagun get jealous but RSIM will be on top and Shagun planned fail to lose the team.
    Wow, Raman get annoy with Ishita for blaming herself for bad dance.

  7. Kumud

    wowwwwww nice

  8. jasmine Rahul

    SHAGUN is so jealous of ishita that she stooped very low..she went 2 d extent of planning her malfunction n luckily while dancing raman adjusted her saree n took care of her.very romantic.poor ishita blamed herself but raman kissed her lips.ong..never expected it so soon.it was so romantic

  9. As usual shagun evil plan turns to ishra best think….yes I also feel this part so small…but very nice part..

  10. Omg. ..ishra liplock. …loved it

  11. RUSHI

    Guru thanks dear
    jasmine thanks alot dear more to come 😉
    kumud thanks alot dear
    reshma thanks dear
    parichary thanks dear
    lasya thanks dear will try to make it longer
    paru thanks dear
    nisa thanks dear
    janani thanks dear

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