YHM Dil toh Pagal hain (part 1)


Hii friends
thanks for ur comments
I hope I will be able to do justice to this ff n also all ishra fans

so here I am presenting 1st epi
do let me know ur valuable opinion

In promo we
saw that Raman has a dream to win dance championship
he has a dance troupe
it includes shagun n romi
n we will meet other members in today’s epi
shagun n romi keep arguing with each other

southindian couple madhvi, n vishwa have adopted Ishita as when Ishita was five year old she lost her parents
madhvi n vishwa are proud of Ishita
they have a daughter mihika

so lets see what happens next

Epi starts with some wonderful instrumental music being played
Raman is shown performing some intense freestyle dance steps

shagun n romi look on
shagun is admiring Raman
while romi Isn’t much impressed

Romi (arrogantly)-Raman, Raman yaar whats new in these steps?? same steps almost every dancer does these we need to think something out of box something different buddy

shagun is annoyed

Shagun-Romi even u r part of this troupe cannot u suggest something u just know how to belittle other person’ s efforts

Romi is enraged

Romi-Raman I dnt want to work with this shagun either she or I will be part of this troupe now u decide

shagun-As if am dying to work with this sadooooo

Raman gets annoyed

Raman-shut up guys please please we all have one common dream to win dance championship
we are just 5 ppl n each one is imp to win this championship we need to support each other we need to be United atleast for our dream please please :'(

Romi-Raman dnt get senti now Amnot going chill
btw where r love birds

A boy n girl enter the hall hand in hand

Boy-Romi bhai here we come
Raman-come love birds come so why u both r late today?
Boy-Raman bhai sorry this simmi she was taking time to get ready
girl-mihir dnt lie u took so much time in toilet today u always suffer from constipation because of ur silly eating habits

Boy is embarrassed
they start arguing

romi, shagun, n Raman look on

Romi-marriage ke side effects jeet chuke hum trophy

(Boy is Mihir n girl simmi for this ff Mihir n simmi are playing role of newly wed couple much in love but they do fight alot )

Shagun-Romi atleast sometime utter something good
Raman-Guys enough enough Mihir simmi please enough now we need to fill form for participating in dance champion ship

Raman is shown filling form
He writes group name as
RSM Group
n members as
Raman,Romi, shagun, simmi, Mihir

Raman-RSM will win come on guys RSM will win

they place hand over each other


Raman is doing push ups shagun comes there
shagun-Raman please eat something since morning u r just doing all this I have got sandwiches for u please have them

simmi calls shagun
shagun leaves asking Raman to eat

mihir-Raman bhai shagun is so concerned for u dnt u think she will be a perfect bhabhi

Raman places his hand on mihir’s shoulder he takes bite of sandwich

Raman-mihir bhabhi should prepare roti not sandwich n buddy shagun is my good friend but not my types

Mihir-so bhai aapko kaisi ladki chaiye?

Raman smiles n enters imagination

Raman-A girl with innocent face, naughty eyes

He sings
Bhoole see surat ankho mein masti haaye haaye dur khadi sharmaye
ladki nai juda hain bin dekhe yeh haal hua dekhu toh kya ho jaye bhoole see surat

he keeps singing n Ishita’ s smiling face n sparkling eyes are shown

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  1. Superb

    1. RUSHI

      thanks dear

  2. Nivedha

    Wowwww cute yaar

  3. Nicr yrr

  4. Oh what a love triangle among Shagun, Raman and Ishita.
    Oh My God!!!!

    Shagun is in love with Raman but Raman does not in love with Shagun.
    Raman is in love with Ishita but who does Ishita in love with whom.

    Love this story and can’t stop laughing with Shagun quarrel with Romi and Simmi complaint about Mihir. Raman still in middle between them.

    Raman gave nice song for naughty girl Ishita. WOOOOOOOOOOOOW loving it.

    Please continue with this story.

  5. Purna

    Nice yaar……….I can really imagine the scenes…….Keep it up!!

  6. Veronica

    Awesome dude

  7. Superb dear…Continue this, Love it

  8. Raman imagine girl is our ishu….so nice of starting…. I’m already say this your intro ( this is completely different )

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    kv thanks dear pl keep reading
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    parichaya thanks dear love triangle just started lots n lots more to come pl keep reading

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    paricharya thanks dear love triangle just started lots n lots more to come pl keep reading

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