YHM Dil ki Nazar Se Dekho Part 5

Dear jasmine, nivedha, shalu, gayu, kumud, reshma, Lucky, lisa n all my lovely silent readers tysm
The mystery behind ishu’s blindness will be revealed after some episodes with major twist
yes friends shagun bhi jaldi hi entry maregii

Recap-Ishra Abhika go for shopping for marriage Raman beats up show owner who teases blind Ishita

Ishita is sitting near window she feels breeze
she recollects Raman yelling at shopkeeper
A smile appears on her face
Abhi comes there
Ishita-Abhi u were so right Raman bahut ache hain but…..
Abhi sits next to Ishita
Ishita-I feel bad for him he deserves some one much better n complete
Abhi holds her hand
with pain in eyes
Abhi-Di dare say that my sis is best Di u have heart of gold Raman is luckiest guy
He hugs Ishita
Tere Dil ka mere Dilse rishta purna hain plays

Mihika is looking at necklace
she smiles
Mihika-Bhai look at this Abhi got it for me mast hain na
Raman nods he looks at her
Raman-u r happy princess?
Mihika climbs on bed pretends to hold mike
mihika-Princess Mihika has got her prince charming Abhi n she is happy very very happy
Raman hugs her

Mihika-Bhai but this isn’t fair I told u about Abhi but u never told me about Ishita bhabhi

Raman is confused
He is unable to answer
mihika-say something when did all this happen y did u hide?
I always felt u do have some one espl in life but never thought it could be Ishita bhabhi
Raman-mihika its late sleep now please tom we need to reach gurudwara on time
Raman leaves
mihika’s pov-He got shy haha ha ha

Ishita is ready like a bride, Amma looks at her emotionally
n friends has usual she looks like a pari
Amma applies kaala tikka
Tears of happiness get welled up in Amma’s eyes
Ishita-Amma u r crying today also
Amma-ile ile how did u know
Ishita (smiles)-esp talent dil ki nazar amma
Amma hugs Ishita, Abhi n Appa look on emotionally

Raman is ready is sharwani he looks cool
Toshi eyes him lovingly
Toshi-Mera Hero putar, mujhe nazar uttar ne de teri

Bhalla s n iyers arrive at gurudwara
Amma holds Ishita n they climb stairs
Raman is besides Ishita
Ishita finds it difficult to walk with lenga she is about to trip
Raman holds her
n a shiver runs through her body she blushes
Raman holds her other hand n they climb
ppl stare
Raman tries to ignore

Ishra pray, Abhika also pray
Ishita to God-Am feeling blessed thanks please please bless me may I be able to give all happiness to Raman n his family, may I never disappoint them, please keep Raman happy
Raman to god-Waheguru I dnt want anything please keep my mihika always happy

Ishra arrive in mandap
They sit near fire
Panditjii reads mantras
mihika goes n stands near abhi she holds his hand
Raman makes Ishita wear garland Ishita tries to make Raman wear but she cannot understand where to put garland
Toshi gets upset
Abhi is about to go to Ishita
but Raman holds her hand n makes puts around his neck all smile except Toshi
Raman makes Ishita wear mangal sutara
he applies Kumkum to her forehead
They get ready for pheras
Amma comes to support Ishita
pandit-This is inauspicious a person walking along with bride while pheras,
Amma-But ishu will not be able to manage
Toshi-Waheguru no ritual is happening properly
Ishita gets upset Raman notices
Raman lifts Ishita
Ishita is dumbstruck
Raman takes her in arms takes pheras

Pal pal bade yeh hain mohabatien plays

Ishra r married they seek blessings of elders
Toshi blessses half heartedly
Abhi hugs Raman n mihika hugs Ishita

Ishita hugs Amma Appa n cries, she hugs Abhi his eyes completely red Mihika pacifies him
Emotional wali bidaii is shown

Raman n Ishita sit in car Ishita is sobbing Raman gives her handkerchief

Bhallas welcome Ishita
Toshi does arti of newly wed
Toshi-Will she be able to make kalash fall n enter
Ishita gets teareyed
Raman bends down holds her feet places it near kalash n ask her to kick n enter
Toshi makes poker face
Ishita enters making red footprints

Mihika-bhai bhabhi welcome n come to ur room I have set it
Ishita blushes Raman is nervous
Abhi looks at Ishita’ s photo emotionally

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  1. Shalu

    Nice episode dear………..very nice that Raman supports Ishu at each step……….hoping that Toshi ll also understand her kind heart………….. But y was Abhi forced to compel Raman………….he could have done something else right…………?????????

  2. Jasminerahul

    trip scene was romantic.Ishra got married.but will raman rly acceot ishita as her wife?Will ishu have 2 shed tears knowing y raman married her?

  3. Very emotional dear..
    Raman’s character is well said?
    Simply loved it??
    Keep going dr?

  4. Kumud

    Really nice and lovely

  5. wow….superb one….ishra marriage finally….loved the way Raman supporting ishu…..

  6. Wow very nice and ur revelation made relax and emotional.raman is very supportive may he knows ishitha before and his support made me to think like this.sorry for my wrong assumption.

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