YHM Dil ki Nazar Se Dekho Last epi

Hiii dear readers

with heavy heart

This is last epi

My core story will come to end with today’s epi thats y as usual no prolonging

Friends to be really among my 4 ffs on yhm
Dil ka rishta, Dtph, undying love n this ff, this one has been most spl to me as I felt u all have enjoyed this more
I would like to know which one of this has been ur favorite ff

This time ty list is big, n am very sorry if I skip somebody’s name
Anu, adejoke, ishan, jasmine, kumud, radhikaji, lisa lisa baby, parichary, shalu, nivedha, prapti, zaira, kv (am missing u), lucky (I wish today u write something more than just nice anyways just kidding thanks alot), gayu, mahi thanks alot dear all
A very big thank u to all my silent readers
sorry if I have disappointed anyone of u in anyway

Recap-pooja is going on shagun enters with a veil on face she follows Ishita n covers her mouth n takes her to terrace she is about to push Ishita n abhi n Raman open terrace door

5 years latter

Two cute lil baby girls (around 3 years ) are shown playing in room
photo of shagun is shown hanging on wall
Toshi walks towards babies
she feeds babies food
both cutely chew food, suddenly one baby starts to cough
Toshi-Bhalla ji please get glass of water pihu is coughing
mr Bhalla brings water
Toshi makes baby pihu drink water
another baby starts crying
Toshi makes her eat now baby pihu cries

mr Bhalla laughs seeing Toshi struggle

Toshi-Its so difficult to manage them without their mum

(so where is Ishita? is she mum of these two or shagun continue reading)

Raman walks in
babies rush towards him
he happily hugs both n lifts them
Raman-my ruhii my pihu
he kisses them
(so Raman father toh hain then who is mother?)
baby pihu-mum mum.mmmma
Raman-mummy is coming beta,
Ishita enters with shopping bags ruhi n pihu hug her
(dnt wry as u all rightly guessed I will not kill Ishita πŸ™‚ )

Ishita (euphorically)-mummyji, papaji all preparations done tom finally we will inaugrate shagun boutique
Ishita walks without stick
Toshi hugs her
Abhi comes with some papers
Abhi-Di please sign these pprs
Ishita signs (yes she got her eyesight back but how read on)

ishra room

Raman is looking at shagun’s photo
Ishita places her hand over his shoulder
Raman-Ishita today shagun might be so happy her dream is fulfilled she always wanted a boutique should be opened with her name thanks for everything
Ishita (emotionally )-I can atleast do this much for her today I can see its only because of her

Shagun drags Ishita to extreme end of terrace, Ishita resist Abhi n Raman break open door n see shagun loosing balance n falling down from terrace
Raman rushes to Ishita
Abhi unties her
both hug Ishita
Ishita points down

shagun is bleeding iyers n bhallas r shocked
Ishita-Raman lets take her to hospital
Abhi get car please please

shagun is alive but lots of blood is around her

Raman lifts her n puts her on backseat abhi drives Ishita makes shagun lie on her lap

Ishita-dnt wry u will be fine, abhi drive fast please

shagun is in lot of pain

Raman makes confused face


Doc-Lot of blood has been lost her condition is very critical who r Raman n Ishita patient is taking ur name again n again please come in

shagun looks at Ishita
shagun-Ishita I wanted to kill u but u wanted to still save me am sorry u r perfect for my Raman
Ishita I will not be able to recover am pledging my eyes to u I love Raman please accept my eyes n help them see Raman forever

ishra get tear eyed
shagun breaths heavily
shagun closes her eyes

Cover over Ishita’s eyes is been removed slowly iyers n bhallas look on Ishita opens her eyes she sees Raman n identifies him,
he hugs her
she identifies everybody all r happy
Raman brings mirror
Ishita looks in mirror with smile
Raman (whispers in her ear’s)-is n’t my wife beautiful Ishita blushes

*((********Fb ends************&&

Ribbon of shagun boutique is cut by four kids Ruhi, pihu, somya (Simmi Mihir’s daughter) n mishek (Abhika’s son)
All elders clap
Ishita gathers kids n starts singing
Aaati rahengi bhaarein dil ki Nazar se duniya ko Dekho duniya sadhaa hi sahi hain oooo aaatiii rahengi bhaarein
Raman hugs her Mihika n Abhi hold kids n dance together

Needless to say they lived happily everafter

Any suggestions? Anything u want to say?

Love u All will miss u all alot
with heavy heart
Rushi signs out
tata bye bye take care


  1. Radhikaji

    |Registered Member

    No….This is not done…..why do you do this ???? Ok my all time favourite is ….actually I cannot choose between dil ki nazar se dekho and dil ka rishta. …I love both…..

  2. Lisa

    |Registered Member

    Oooo noooo…Rushi….u can’t end it ….u might think why baby Lisa didn’t comment yesterday…actually baby Lisa didn’t saw ur ff….today she read both the parts…..plzzzzzzz come with another ff of ishra….ur ffs r so nice that how it comes to end is like …..plzzzzzz come with another ff…nd yes ur all ffs r awesome….I can’t compare ….baby Lisa nd Lisa both r sad….

  3. Nivedha

    |Registered Member

    I am really sad that you have ended this beautiful FF… But this is sooo cute.. Shagun’s character is awesome…
    Ishra cute… Abhika awesome… Cool FF… I loved it to the core

  4. ishan

    I have only one question…. why you end this ff soo hurry….It’s really sad….your every ff r really amazing….your dilka rishta and this ff both r very close to my heart…plz try another ff base on ishra….

  5. Jasminerahul

    |Registered Member

    Never thought that this will be the last episode.shagun only fell down.still ishra wanted to save her.it was surprising that shagun realized her mistake and donated her eyes to ishita.loved this twist.ishra having ruhi n pihu was also sweet.they started boutique in shagun’s name n fulfilled her wish.so sweet. Really loved this ff.I read only 3 des of hours and I loved all the 3.naksh Tara one..dil to n this one.

    Please write a ff on kuch kuch hota Hai and ajay mahima amisha starred movie zameer

  6. anu

    I am a little sad that ur beatiful ff ended so soon .i wanted more .u r a fabulous writer and my fav ff was this itself .i am so happy that u mentioned my name .that too first itself.this is the only ff that i had commented regularly.and u deserve a loud round of applause
    Please write another ff .and all the best dear i wish u win the one shot competition .shagun donating her eyes to ishu was so nice.anyway ur ff was additive annd i would surely miss it

  7. RidaHusn

    |Registered Member

    I’m a silent reader of this story, and I have to say that I really enjoyed reading it. Just disappointed that you ended it in a hurry but, as a fellow writer, I can understand why. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  8. Zaira

    |Registered Member

    Why yaar why did u end this ff so fast ???I really loved it to the core…… I know ur most of the ffs will end so soon even dil toh pagal hai but….just for a change u can increase its episodes na???even for me this ff was a great touch of emotions ….I want an epilogue πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†πŸ˜…plz plz plz
    After that a new ff on ishra with only 30 episodes OK?? Plz I want a reply n I want u to repl

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