YHM Dil ki nazar se Dekho Episode 3

First of all sorry for making u all wait extremely sorry
Nivedha dear thank u so very much
Prapti dear ur comment made my day I will try to make it long
Jasmine dear thanks I hope not to break ur heart, n I will try to include more n more abhika scenes
Lucky, gayu, reshma, somwy, lisa, kumud, mahi dear thanks alot
shalu yes dear right guesses,n thanks
Kv dear thank u I was waiting for u

So today’s epi will have one more twist main crux of this ff I hope u all will like it

Precap-Abhi n Ishita are siblings n mihika n Raman r siblings
Abhi expresses his love to unconscious mihika n mihika recovers
Ishita is shocked to know that Raman wishes to marry her
Raman convinces her that its his wish to marry her n no force

Raman, Mihika, mr n mrs Bhalla are sitting
Mr Bhalla(concerned)-Raman putaar are u sure about ur decision?
Mrs Bhalla-Putaar its decision that will have impact on ur whole life
putaar Ishita I mean
she is good but…….

Raman faces wall tear drops from his eyes

Raman-Mummma am sure please support me

Iyer house
Bhallas are sitting with iyers
Amma (emotionally)-After that day I lost all hopes for ishu’ s marriage I just cannot believe today we r here planning about her alliance thanks Raman.
Raman-Aunty please dnt embarrass me n Ishita is is is is a good person so please

Abhi smiles Amma n appa r happy

Raman-please I want this marriage to happen before Abhi n Mihika’s marriage
Appa (worried)-But they r getting married next week how can we make preparations so soon?
Raman-I want it to be simple n I dnt need anything just want to marry Ishita

Ishita is overhearing them from top she blushes
tears get welled up in her eyes
she holds her stick n walks towards room she feels the door n opens it she feels bed n carefully sits

Ishita’ s pov-I never thought someday this will happen I mean Raman he wants to marry me inspite knowing am blind
she cries

(Ishita is blind, yes friends my ff is based on this I hope u all will support me I wanted to make something totally different)

Bhalla house

mihika is standing in gallery she is giggling smiling n talking on phone to a friend she happily tells about her marriage Raman looks on he smiles
Raman’s pov-I can do anything absolutely anything for her smile for her happiness

Ishita is in garden she caresses a flower
Ishita (smiling)-u know Raman wants to marry me, even I will become bride I too will become a daughter in law, a bhabhi a wife

Abhi adores her

Abhi’s pov-Di ur smile means world to me can do anything for it
Tere Dil ka mere Dil se Rishta purna hain plays on one side mihika n Raman r shown n on other Ishita n Abhi

sorry friends I know this update is small promise will update longer one soon sorry

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  1. Jasminerahul

    ishita being blind was shocking.i had a doubt if she is not sterile then she mayb lame footed.but u brought an unexpected twist.but it seems that raman is marrying ishita 4 mihika.but why?amma says after that day..means ishita lost her eye sight in an accident?
    luv this ff

  2. Nice….
    Keep writing..
    Best of luck…..?☝?

  3. Kumud

    Really unique and different nice

  4. Lisa

    Hey!!!hey!!Rushi did u still remember me…oh god u r finally back I just now saw ur ff nd now I will be a regular commentor …like alwats it was a brilliant episode….why will it not be ….coz u r writing …..rushi….really i love u nd ur ffs …u r such a brilliant writer

  5. Nivedha

    I have never expected this Rushi… I thought some other reasons… But Ishu blind…. Wow… I m getting crazy to know what s gonna happen… And why Raman is forced to marry Ishu…. Is he in love with Someone???? Oh no I can’t wait yaar… But I have to wait… Extraordinary

  6. here why ishitha is blind??? i did not expect this rushi pls dont get things complicated bcz both the broothers of ishitha and mihika are thinking alike……………………………….

  7. Dear…The twist was really shocking… I thought that Raman had a some flash back,..
    But ur twist was awesome?
    Its hard to accept Ishu as blind…But its different dr
    Go ahead?

  8. Shalu

    Wow Rushi……….unexpected twist……….and Raman marrying Ishu for Mihika and Abhi marrying Mihika for Ishu……..grt………but for the story I get to know that Ishu lost her eyesight recently nly………but how waiting to know that……..does Mihika know Raman marrying Ishu cause from her behaviour it is not evident………and waiting for the reason for Raman refusing thus much…….!!!!!

    1. Shalu

      I was thinking y Rushi kept this title…….but now I understand y u kept this title………have to admit it good thinking haan……….dil ki nazar se dekho……..????

  9. wow…nice

  10. Nice one

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