YHM Dil ki nazar se Dekho Episode 2

Hii friends,
Dear prapti am so so touched thanks alot ur support means alot
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Anyways lets get back to ff

In promo we saw
Mihika was in hospital Raman is upset to see her that way he assures that he would not let her remain unconscious for more time
He goes to Abhi n says he has agreed his condition
Abhi is happy hugs Ishita

Ishita is in garden, she is holding a flower, she bends n takes its fragrance, a smile appears on her face
Abhi is looking at her with broad smile
Ishita-so Abhi whats it that makes u so happy tell me
Abhi goes near her ears n says something
Ishita is dumbstruck
Ishita-Abhi, He really said that to u? He really, I mean he …
Abhi (excited)-Yes Di yes Raman said it he told me he loves u Di n wants to marry u
Ishita (unconvinced)-Abhi is he doing this because of some pressure?
Abhi is nervous
Abhi-No y do u feel so
Ishita-Abhi I need to meet him

(so friends yes Abhi n Ishita r bro n sis n yes Raman wants to get married to Ishita, good guess)

Raman is sitting with his hand on his head
Nurse-Mr Bhalla who is Abhi please call him patient is repeatedly taking his name

Raman is unable to react
Abhi comes there
Abhi-Yes sister am here I will come in n talk to her
Abhi enters Mihika’s room
He holds her hand
Abhi (gently)-Mihika I love u yes I do, Am sorry I have hurt u alot, mihika please open ur eyes, I want to marry u please mihika mihika mihika
I love u I love u

Raman looks on with moist eyes
mihika moves slightly
Raman gets hopeful
He calls doctor,

Doctor checks Mihika
Doctor-Patient is responding its good, Mr Abhishek please be here patient needs u
Abhi nods

Toshi n Mr Bhalla come rushing to hospital
Raman is buying medicines
Toshi (tear eyed)-putaar mihika where is she what happened where is she
Raman-Ma I will take u to her please calm down

Toshi n Mr Bhalla see mihika from outside n r getting emotional to see her
Raman pacifies them

All r in lobby of hospital
Doctor-Mr Bhalla, mihika has gained consciousness u can meet her
Raman takes sigh of relief
Toshi-Rab da sukar Hai

Mihika is looking in Abhi’s eyes he is holding her hand
mihika-Abhi promise me u will never me I cannot leave without u
Abhi-Promise jaan

Raman, Toshi n mr Bhalla enter

Raman-mihika mihika how r u
mihika-bhai am perfectly fine, ma papa u came from Delhi for me am fine relax

Toshi hugs her n cries
mihika-ma no tears now please, now only happiness ma now u make marriage preparations Abhi n I r getting married

Toshi smiles
Abhi takes Mr Bhalla n Toshi’ s blessings, They hug him
Raman looks on with smile


Ishita is sitting Raman comes
Ishita-Hi how is mihika?
Raman-Fine n Very happy Ishita actually I called u here because actually
Ishita-yes say Raman

Raman crosses his fingers
Raman-I want to marry u Ishita n lets get married n that too before mihika’s marriage

Ishita is stunned
Ishita-Raman Raman u want to marry me I mean Am….Raman y do u want to spoil ur life by marrying me?

Raman-Ishita we r great friend s we know eachother n n n I want to marry u

Ishita-Raman please think once more
Raman-Ishita do u have problem with this marriage
Ishita-No I mean I feel r u getting married to me because of any pressure
Raman is confused
Raman-No Ishita, its my decision I will come home tom with ma papa n talk about our Alliance

Ishita smiles

(Yes my friends Raman n mihika also bro n sis again good guess
Nivedha dear all right answers Bingo
Friends y do u think Ishita is saying Raman that his life will spoil if he marries her?? Guesses

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  1. Reshma_Pradeep


  2. wow…nice one…may be ishita kabhi ma nahi ban sakhti shayad…..

  3. Kumud


  4. Love it to the core

  5. Shalu

    Hii Rushi………nice episode and grt my guess was right and I think that as Ishu cannot become maa or maybe Raman had an ex love or something like that………its just my guess…………

  6. Hello dr…U r back
    I am happy for that…Jus read ur first episode..
    A good start dr
    Nice episode dr??
    Keep going

  7. May be ishu can’t bear a child in her womb……I guess ur off is superrbbbbb yaar I loved it please continue

  8. Jasminerahul

    here abhi Ishita r siblings.OMG!But i’m happy that here abhika is a pair.in DTPH my heart had broken seeing Abhika as cousins.Y did Abhi say that he hurt mihika?how did he hurt her?abhi weeping her was very emotional.The next abhika scene after mihika gained consciousness was emotional b beautiful.loved abhika scenes a lot.Is raman marrying ishita 4 a reason?Ishita can’t b a mother or what?Is raman aware of Ishu’s defect?

  9. loved it yaar

  10. Nivedha

    Yeah Yeah I won it… You know what… You are awesome… Really your writings are Simple and awesome… Hope Ishra ll be united soon…

  11. Well u know what I am i going to say. I mean what can i say to an amazing writer. AMAZING AND FABULOUS piece of writing. You are my model. Really, you are. Beautifully portrayed. Please update the next one soon and please make it long. Cant wait for the next one.

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